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Stamps of Poland, 1979

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1979, Jan 2 LOT 50th issue unwmk p. 11.25x11.5
X 6.90z multi LOT Planes 1929 & 1979

1979, Jan 13 International Year of the Child issue p. 11
X 50g multi train & IYC emblem .20 .20
X 1z multi children with toy
X 1.50z multi Children in meadow
X 6z multi family

1979, Mar 5 modern Polish graphic arts
X 50g multi Lighting by Edmund Bartlomiejczyk, p. 11.5x11.75 .20 .20
X 1z multi Artists wife by Karol Mondral, p. 11.75x11.5
X 1.50z multi Musicians by Tadeusz Kulisiewicz, p. 11.75x11.5
X 4.50z multi Portrait of a Brave Man by Wladyslaw Skoczylas, p. 11.75x11.5

1979, Mar 12 Royal Tribunal in Piotrkow Trybunalski, 400th anniv. issue
X 1.50z multi Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski Stefan Batory Jan Zamoyski .20 .20

1979, Mar 26 60 years Polish Olympic Committee issue
X 1z multi pole vault .20 .20
X 1.50z multi high jump
X 6z multi cross-country skiing
X 8.40z multi Modern Pentathlon

1979, Apr 26 Fish and Environmental Protection issue (8 stamps)
X 50g multi Flounder .20 .20
X 90gr multi Perca fluviatilis
X 1z multi grayling
X 1.50z multi salmon
X 2z multi trout
X 4.50z multi pike
X 5z multi carp
X 6z multi catfish & frog

1979, Apr 28 Art issue p. 12.5
- 1.50z multi Peace by Andre le Brun .20 .20

1979, Apr 30 Council for Mutual Economic Aid of Socialist Countries 30th issue p. 11x11.5
X 1.50z multi .20 .20

1979, May 7 6th Congress of Association of Fighters for Liberty & Democracy issue p. 11
X 1.50z multi .20 .20

1979, May 15 Philaserdica '79 issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z multi Church of Saint George, Sofia .20 .20

1979, Jun 2 Pope John Paul II visit to Poland issue
X 1.50z multi Pope John Paul II & Cracow Cathedral, p. 11x11.5 .20
X 8.40z multi Pope John Paul II & Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, p. 11x11.5
- 50z multi Pope John Paul II, p. 11.5x11.25

1979, Jun 15 Vistula River navigation 150th anniv. issue (no perf info)
X 1z multi Paddle steamer Prince Ksawery & Old Warsaw
X 1.50z multi Steamer Gen. Swierczewski & Gdansk 1914
X 4.50z multi Tug Aurochs & Plock 1960
X 6z multi Motor ship Mermaid & modern Warsaw 1959

1979, Jul 1 p. 11.5x11.75
X 8.40z multi Kosciuszko Monument, Philadelphia

1979, Jul 14 Wieliczka ancient rock-salt mines issue
X 1z multi Mining machinery, p. 14.25x14
- 1z multi Mining machinery, p. 14.25x14
X 1.50z multi Wieliczka Salt Mine, p. 14.25x14
- 1.50z multi salt crystals

1979, Jul 21 35 years of Polish People's Republic issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z multi Man with raised hand & flag
X 1.50z multi Eagle & People-35 years of Polis Peoples Republic

1979, Aug 16 13th national Philatelic Exhibition issue (no perf info)
X 6z multi Poland No 1 & Rowland Hill .20

1979, Aug 20 Europhil '79 issue p. 11.25x11.5
- 10z multi The rape of Europa by Bernardo Strozzi

1979, Aug 27 International Congress of the International Ergonomics Society issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.50z multi Wojciech Jatrzebowski .20 .20

1979, Sep 1 40th anniv. Of Polish postal workers' resistance to nazi inv issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z multi Postal Workers Monument .20 .20

1979, Sep 24 Intl. Radio Consultative Committee of the ITU, 50th anniv. issue p. 11x11.5
X 1.50z multi ITU emblem Radio antenna .20 .20

1979, Sep 25 Henryk Wieniawski Young Violinists' Competition issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1.50z multi violin .20 .20

1979, Oct 1 Casimir Pulawski death 200th issue p. 11.5x11.75
X 8.40z multi Pulawski monument, Buffalo .20

1979, Oct 3 35th anniv. Of Civil and Military Security Service issue p. 11.5x12
X 1.50z multi Franciszek Jozwiak .20 .20

1979, Oct 9 Stamp Day 1979 issue p. 11.75x11.5
X 1z multi Drive-in Post Office .20 .20
X 1.50z multi parcel sorting
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