Airmail stamps of Poland

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1925, Sep 10 1925 air issue biplane unwmk p. 12.75x12.5 (9 stamps)
X 1g ltbl biplane
X 2g org biplane
X 3g yelbrn biplane
X 5g dkbrn biplane
- 10g dkgrn biplane
- 15g redvio biplane
- 20g olgrn biplane
- 30g dlrose biplane
X 45g dkvio biplane

1933, Apr 15 circuit of Europe win issue (no perf info)
X 30g graygrn Zwirko & airplane & Wigura

1934, Aug 28 ovpted p. 12.75x12.5
X 20g olgrn ovpt, biplane

1934, Aug 28 ovpted (no perf info)
X 30g graygrn ovpt, Zwirko & airplane & Wigura

1946, Mar 5 1946 air issue Airplane over Warsaw (6 stamps)
X 5Zł gray Airplane over Warsaw
X 10Zł vio Airplane over Warsaw
X 15Zł bl Airplane over Warsaw
X 20Zł Airplane over Warsaw
X 25Zł grn Airplane over Warsaw
X 30Zł redorg Airplane over Warsaw

1947, Sep 10 1947 air issue
X 40z dkgrn
X 50z car
- 50z redbrn

1948, Feb 29 1948 air issue centaur (6 stamps)
X 15Zł vio centaur
X 25Zł bl centaur
X 30Zł dkbrn centaur
X 50Zł grn centaur
X 75Zł blk centaur
X 100Zł orgred centaur

1948, Dec 30 160th Anniversary of the US Constitution issue
- 80Zł vioblk
- 100Zł dkvio
- 120Zł bl

1948, Dec 30 160th Anniversary of the US Constitution b issue
- 80Zł ultra
- 100Zł car
- 120Zł grn

1950, Feb 6
X 500Zł brnrose

1952, Apr 10 1952 air issue (8 stamps)
X 55gr bl Ilyushin Il-12 flying over freighters, p. 12.25x12.5
- 55gr bl Ilyushin Il-12 flying over freighters, imperf
X 90gr grn Ilyushin Il-12 flying over plough land, p. 12.25x12.5
- 90gr grn Ilyushin Il-12 flying over plough land, imperf
X 1.40z vio Ilyushin Il-12 flying over Warsaw, p. 12.25x12.5
- 1.40z vio Ilyushin Il-12 flying over Warsaw, imperf
X 5z gray Ilyushin Il-12 flying over Nowa Huta, p. 12.25x12.5
- 5z gray Ilyushin Il-12 flying over Nowa Huta, imperf

1953, Aug 24 3rd World Congress of Students issue
- 55g vio congress emblem
- 75g red congress emblem

1954 3rd Congress of the Polish Philatelic Society issue (no perf info)
- 5Zł dkyelgrn

1954, Jul 9 1954 air issue - plane over historic buildings (6 stamps)
X 60g dkgraygrn Paczkow castle Luban, p. 12.5x12.75
- 80gr red Kazimierz Dolny
- 1.15z blk Wawel Castle Cracaw, p. 12.5x12.75
X 1.50z City hall Wroclaw, p. 12.5x12.75
X 1.55z Lazienki square Warsaw, p. 12.5x12.75
- 1.95z choc plane over Cracow Gate, p. 12.5x12.75

1957, Dec 6 1957 air issue (no perf info) (11 stamps)
X 90gr blk & rose
X 1.50Zł dkbrn & orgbrn
X 3.40Zł viobrn & brn
X 3.90Zł dkbrn & olyel
X 4Zł dkbl & grn
X 5Zł (1958)
X 10Zł blgrn (1958)
X 15Zł
X 20Zł yelol (1958)
X 30Zł sal (1958)
X 50Zł gray (1958)

1959, May 23 65th Anniversary of the Polish Philatelists Union issue
- 10Zł pur & blk

1976 1976 air issue
X 5Zł grnbl
X 10Zł lilbrn
X 20Zł blkol (1977)
X 50Zł brncar (1978)

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