Stamps of Poland, 10 perf

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1919, Jan 27 1919d issue unwmk p. 10 (12 stamps)
X 3h redbrn agriculture
X 5h emer agriculture
X 10h org agriculture
- 15h ver agriculture
X 20h graybrn eagle & fasces
X 25h ltbl eagle & fasces
X 50h orgbrn eagle & fasces
X 1k dkgrn agriculture
X 1.50k redbrn agriculture
X 2k dkbl agriculture
- 2.50k dkvio agriculture
X 5k slbl agriculture

1919, Feb 25 Cracow 4 issue eagle in shield (10 stamps)
X 2h gray eagle in shield
X 3h dlvio eagle in shield
X 5h grn eagle in shield
X 6h org eagle in shield
X 10h lake eagle in shield
X 20h olgrn eagle in shield
X 25h car eagle in shield
X 50h ind eagle in shield
X 70h dpbl eagle in shield
X 1k olgray & car eagle in shield

1919, Jun National Assembly issue (7 stamps)
X 10f redvio eagle
X 15f brnred Paderewski
X 20f dpbrn Trampczynski, v. 21x25
- 20f dpbrn Trampczynski, v. 17x20 (1920)
X 25f olgrn Paderewski
X 50f prusbl eagle & sailing ship
X 1m pur griffin

postage due

1921, Jan 25 1921 due ovpt issue ovpted
- 35m on 70h dpbl eagle in shield

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