Stamps of Poland, 11.75x11.5 perf

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1975, Jun 23 20th Congress, European Zootechnical Federation issue - domestic animals (1975) unwmk p. 11.75x11.5 (8 stamps)
X 50g multi cock & hen
X 1z multi geese
X 1.50z multi cattle
X 2z multi cow
X 3z multi Arabian stallion
X 4z multi Wielkopolska horses
X 4.50z multi pigs
X 5z multi sheep

1975, Jul 25 UN 30th issue
X 4z bl & multi UN emblem in sunburst

1975, Jul 30 security & cooperation conference issue
X 4z

1975, Oct 7
X 1.50z Frederic Chopin 1975

1976, Feb 13 historic locomotives (1976) (8 stamps)
X 50g multi Richard Trevithick 1803
X 1z multi MMurray & JBlenkinsop 1810
X 1.50z multi Rocket, 1829
X 1.50z multi electric locomotive, 1969
X 2.70z multi R Stephenson 1837
X 3z multi Joseph Harrison & 1840 locomotive
X 4.50z multi Thomas Rogers 1855
X 4.90z multi Chrznow Polish 1922

1976, May 22 national parks (1976) (6 stamps)
X 90g multi Wielkopolski Park & owl
X 1z multi Wolinski National Park & White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus al
X 1.50z multi Slowinski National Park & European Herring Gull Larus arg
X 4.50z multi Biszczadzki Park & Eurasian Lynx lynx lynx
- 5z multi Ojcowski Park & Bat Order Chiroptera
- 6z multi Kampinowski National Park & Moose Alces alces

1977, Sep 3 Slupsk Piano Festival issue
X 1.50z multi arms of Slupsk & piano keyboard

1978, Feb 28 locomotives in Poland (8 stamps)
X 50g multi electric locomotive at Katowice, 1957
X 1z multi Narrowgauge engine & gothic Tower Znin
X 1z multi Pm36 & Cegielski factory Poznan 1936
X 1.50z multi Electric train & Otwock Station 1936
X 1.50z multi Marki Train & Warsaw Stalow Station 1907
X 4.50z multi Ty51 coal train & Gdynia Station 1933
X 5z multi Tr21 & Chrznow factory 1920
X 6z multi Cockerill & Vienna Station 1848

1978, Jun 1 7th International Poster Biennale issue
X 1.50z multi abstract poster

1978, Jul 12 11th Youth Festival issue
X 1.50z multi Youth Festival Emblem .20 .20

1978, Oct 6 Polish People's Army 35th issue
X 1.50z multi
X 1.50z multi Color Guard Kosciuszko Division
X 1.50z multi Color Guard field training .20 .20

1979, Mar 5 modern Polish graphic arts
X 1z multi Artists wife by Karol Mondral
X 1.50z multi Musicians by Tadeusz Kulisiewicz
X 4.50z multi Portrait of a Brave Man by Wladyslaw Skoczylas

1979, Mar 12 Royal Tribunal in Piotrkow Trybunalski, 400th anniv. issue
X 1.50z multi Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski Stefan Batory Jan Zamoyski .20 .20

1979, Mar 26 60 years Polish Olympic Committee issue
X 1z multi pole vault .20 .20
X 1.50z multi high jump
X 6z multi cross-country skiing
X 8.40z multi Modern Pentathlon

1979, Apr 26 Fish and Environmental Protection issue
X 50g multi Flounder .20 .20
X 90gr multi Perca fluviatilis
X 1z multi grayling
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