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Stamps of Somalia, 1968

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1968, Mar 20 WHO 20th issue (no wmk info) p. 14.5x14
X 35c multi physician about to inject infant
X 1sh multi Physician examining boy nurse
X 1.80sh multi Physician & nurse treating patient

1968, Apr 25 1968 issue - fruits & animals p. 11.5 (13 stamps)
X 0.05sh multi woman with basket of lemons
X 10c multi oranges
X 25c multi Coconuts
X 35c multi papayas
X 40c multi limes
X 50c multi grapefruit
X 1sh multi Bananas
X 1.30sh multi Cotton bolls
X 1.50sh multi Kobus ellipsiprymnus pallidus
X 1.80sh multi Gazella spekei
X 2sh multi Strepsiceros imberbis
X 5sh multi Damaliscus hunteri
X 10sh multi Clark's gazelle

1968, Oct 12 Olympics 1968 issue p. 14.5x14
X 35c multi javelin thrower .20 .20
X 50c multi .20 .20
X 80c multi
X 1.50sh multi

1968, Dec 1 Statuettes p. 11.5x12
X 25c multi woman grinding grain .20
X 35c multi Woman Potter .20
X 2.80sh multi Woman mat maker


1968, Nov 1 birds (1968 Somalia) p. 11.5
- 0.35sh multi Casmerodius albus
- 1sh multi Merops nubicoides
- 1.30sh multi Treron calva
- 1.80sh multi Vidua paradisaea

1 to 27 of 27