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Stamps of Fiume, 1922

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1922 2nd constituent assembly issue ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info) (11 stamps)
X 5c blgrn ovpt, Romulus & Remus statue
- 10c rose ovpt, Romulus & Remus statue
- 15c dkgray ovpt, Romulus & Remus statue
X 20c org ovpt, Romulus & Remus statue
X 45c olgrn ovpt, Venetian galley
X 60c carrose ovpt, Venetian galley
X 80c brtvio ovpt, Venetian galley
X 1l dksl ovpt, Venetian galley
- 2l redbrn ovpt, St. Mark's, Venice
- 3l blkbrn ovpt, St. Mark's, Venice
- 5l yelbrn ovpt, St. Mark's, Venice

1 to 11 of 11