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Stamps of Hungary, 1938

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1938, Jan 1 wmk. double cross on pyramid p. 12.5x12
X 1p pckgrn Horthy
X 2p brn Horthy
X 5p saphbl Horthy

1938, Jan 1 St Stephen death 900th issue (14 stamps)
X 1f dpvio Archbishop Asztrik receives the crown from the pope
X 2f olbrn Stephen the Church builder, p. 12
X 4f brtbl St Stephen enthroned, p. 12
X 5f mag St Gellért St Imre & St Stephen, p. 12
X 6f dpyelgrn Stephen offering Holy Crown to Vigin Mary, p. 12
X 10f redorg Archbishop Asztrik receives the crown from the pope, p. 12
X 16f grayvio Stephen the Church builder, p. 12
X 20f carlake St Stephen enthroned, p. 12
X 25f dkgrn St Gellért St Imre & St Stephen, p. 12
X 30f olbis Stephen offering Holy Crown to Vigin Mary, p. 12
- 32f dpcl Portrait of St Stephen, p. 12
X 40f prusgrn Madonna & child, p. 12
X 50f rosevio Portrait of St Stephen, p. 12
X 70f olgrn Holy Crown of Hungary, p. 12

1938, May 22 (no perf info)
- 20f sheet

1938, Sep 24 Debrecen University 400th issue (6 stamps)
X 6f dpgrn college of Debrecen
X 10f brn view of college 1700s
X 16f brncar students
X 20f crim view of college 1800s
X 32f slgrn George Marothy
X 40f dpbl Stephen Hatvani

1938, Dec 1 ovpted (no wmk info)
X 70f brn on 70f-brn-unissued (0)


1938, May 16 34th International Eucharistic Congress issue (7 stamps)
- 6+6f grn King Saint Stephen
- 10+10f St Imre
- 16+16f St Ladislaus
- 20+20f Eucharistic Congress Budapest
- 32+32f St Elizabeth
- 40+40f St Maurus
- 50+50f Margaret of Hungary (saint)

1938, Aug 12 900th anniversary of King Stephen death issue p. 12x12.25 (7 stamps)
- 6+6f dkgrn
- 10+10f King Stephen
- 16+16f olbrn
- 20+20f Madonna Patroness of Hungary
- 32+32f blblk
- 40+40f graybl
- 50+50f dkvio

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