Stamps of Hungary, 6 Jul 1963

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1963, Jul 6 transportation issue unwmk (no perf info) (16 stamps)
X 10f brtbl Ship at Chain Bridge Budapest
X 20f dkgrn Tram
X 30f blvio Sightseeing bus
X 40f redorg Bus in front of Western Railway Station
X 50f brn Railroad tank car
X 60f red bus
X 70f blkol railroad mail car
X 1fo pur Bus & Parliament
X 1.20fo orgbrn mail plane
X 1.40fo dkyelgrn mobile post office
X 1.70fo carbrn diesel locomotive
X 2Ft grnbl Mobile Radio Transmitter & Stadium
X 2.50fo vio Tourist bus
X 2.60fo dkolyel passenger train
X 4fo Pecs
X 10fo grn delivering mail

1 to 16 of 16