Stamps of Hungary, 12 perf

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1919, Jun 14 revolutionary leaders issue wmk. double cross horiz p. 12 (5 stamps)
X 20f rose & brn Karl Marx
X 45f brnorg & dkgrn Sándor Petőfi
X 60f blgray & brn Ignác Martinovics
X 75f cl & viobrn György Dózsa
X 80f oldb & blkbrn Friedrich Engels

1921 1921 issue
X 50k multi Madonna & child
X 100k multi Madonna & child

1938, Jan 1 St Stephen death 900th issue wmk. double cross on pyramid (13 stamps)
X 2f olbrn Stephen the Church builder
X 4f brtbl St Stephen enthroned
X 5f mag St Gellért St Imre & St Stephen
X 6f dpyelgrn Stephen offering Holy Crown to Vigin Mary
X 10f redorg Archbishop Asztrik receives the crown from the pope
X 16f grayvio Stephen the Church builder
X 20f carlake St Stephen enthroned
X 25f dkgrn St Gellért St Imre & St Stephen
X 30f olbis Stephen offering Holy Crown to Vigin Mary
- 32f dpcl Portrait of St Stephen
X 40f prusgrn Madonna & child
X 50f rosevio Portrait of St Stephen
X 70f olgrn Holy Crown of Hungary

1945, Sep 11 Trade Union Conference issue wmk. cross&wreath&crown (6 stamps)
- 2p dkgrn
- 3p dkvio
- 5p dkrd
- 8p dkbrn
- 10p redpur
- 20p graybl

1948, Oct 17 17th Trade Union Congress Budapest issue
X 30f dkcarrose

1949, Mar 19 1919 govt 30th issue
X 40f brn & red Stamp MiNr 261
X 60f dkol & red Stamp MiNr 262

1949, Oct
X 20f grn & multi Arms of Peoples Republic of Hungary
X 60f car & multi Arms of Peoples Republic of Hungary
X 1fo bl & multi Arms of Peoples Republic of Hungary

1949, Nov 1 UPU 75th issue
X 60f red
X 1fo bl
- 2Ft brn

1951, Nov 4 flowers (1951) wmk. stars (5 stamps)
- 30f multi cornflower
- 40f blkol & ltgrn lily
- 60f multi tulip
- 1fo multi poppy
- 1.70fo multi cowslip

1952, May 1 May Day 1952 issue
- 40f grn & red girl drummer
X 60f redbrn & red workers in factory
X 1fo brnblk & red worker&flags&globe&dove

1953, Mar 5
X 60f vioblk Stalin memorial

1955, Jun 15 labor issue (20 stamps)
X 8f brn truck farmer
X 10f dkblgrn fisherman
X 12f sal bricklayer
X 20f dkyelgrn Radio assembler
X 30f dkbrnred Woman Potter
X 40f dkbrn Railwayman
X 50f Clerk & scales
X 60f brnred postman emptying Mail Box
X 70f brnol herdsman
X 80f textile worker
X 1fo dkbl Riveter
X 1.20fo carpenter
X 1.40fo dkgrn Streetcar Conductor
X 1.70fo vio herdsman
X 2Ft dkbrncar welder
X 2.60fo orgred woman tractor driver
X 3fo dkgrn herdsman
X 4fo Bus driver
X 5fo dkorgbrn Lineman
X 10fo dpvio miner

1955, Jun 15 Second Congress of Working Youth issue
X 1fo carbrn Boy & girl flag & factory

1956, Mar 21 dogs (1956 Hungary)
X 50f multi puli & Steer
X 80f multi Vizsla Hungarian Pointer
X 1fo multi Retriever with fowl
X 1.50fo multi Komondor & cottage

1959, Jun 14 birds (1959 Hungary) (8 stamps)
X 10f dkgrn & grnblk Phalacrocorax carbo
X 20f grnbl & grayol Little Egret
X 30f multi purple heron
X 40f dkgrn & gray great egret
X 60f white spoonbill
X 1fo blgrn & blk gray heron
X 2Ft squacco heron
- 3fo olbrn & carbrn glossy ibis

1959, Jul 1 fencing (8 stamps)
X 10f ltbl & sep warrior,10th c
X 20f warrior,15th c
X 30f soldier,18th c
X 40f soldier,19th c
X 60f
X 1fo
X 1.40fo
- 3fo

1959, Sep 20 Haydn
- 40f Joseph Haydns monogram

1959, Sep 20 Schiller
- 40f Shillers monogram

1959, Sep 20 Haydn
- 60f Eszterházy Palace Fertőd
- 1fo Joseph Haydn

1959, Sep 20 Schiller
- 1fo Friedrich von Schiller

1959, Oct 4
X 60f multi hands with national colors holding letter

1959, Nov 14 Russian philatelic exhibition issue
X 20f carbrn & brn Szamuely & Lenin
X 40f multi Aleksander Pushkin
X 60f prusbl & och Mayakovsky
- 1fo multi hands holding Peace flag

1959, Nov 20 butterflies (1959)
X 20f multi Papilio machaon
X 30f multi Arctia hebe
X 40f multi Lysandra hylas
X 60f multi Apatura ilia

1959, Dec 15 fairy tales (1959) (8 stamps)
X 20f ltbrn & multi teacher reading fairy tales
X 30f cer & blk Sleeping Beauty
X 40f blgrn & blk Matt the Goose Boy
X 60f ltbl & blk The Cricket & the Ant
X 1fo ltyelgrn & blk Mashenka & the Three Bears
X 2Ft grn & blk Hansel & Gretel
X 2.50fo redorg & blk Pied Piper
X 3fo red & blk Little Red Riding Hood & the wolf in disguise

1960, Apr 2
- 2Ft multi Adonis vernalis & quill

1961, Nov 4 medicinal plants (1961) (7 stamps)
X 20f multi Monks hood
X 30f grn & multi centaury
X 40f multi Blue iris
X 60f multi Thorn apple
X 1.70fo multi Hop
X 2Ft multi poppy
- 3fo multi Mullein

1962, Aug 12 unwmk
X 1fo Andras Chazar

1962, Sep 16
X 1fo bl Dr Ferenc Hutyra

1962, Sep 16 European Weightlifting Championships 1962 issue
X 1fo copred weightlifter

1962, Sep 18
X 1fo red Gabor Egressy

1962, Oct 8
X 1fo grn oil derrick & early well

1963, Nov 11 Winter Olympics 1964 issue (7 stamps)
X 40f multi Slalom
X 60f multi Downhill race
X 70f multi Ski-jump
X 80f multi Biathlon
X 1fo multi Figure-skate
X 2Ft multi Ice-hockey
- 2.60fo multi speed skating

1965, Feb 20 Olympics 1964 victories issue - Olympic victories (12 stamps)
X 20f multi
X 30f multi
X 50f multi
X 60f multi
X 70f multi
X 80f multi
X 1fo multi
X 1.20fo multi
X 1.40fo multi
X 1.50fo multi
X 1.70fo multi Javelin throw
X 3fo multi 4 gold medals & 2 fencers

1966, Feb 20
X 60f blk & orgred Bela Kun

1966, Feb 24
X 1fo blvio Lal Shastri

1966, Mar 12 Luna 9 issue
X 2Ft multi Luna 9 closing in on the moon

1966, May 3
X 2Ft olbis & brn Miklos Zrinyi

1967, Feb 18 workers militia 10th issue
X 2Ft ind worker with rifle

1967, Jun 1 25th Danube Commission meeting issue - ships & flags (7 stamps)
X 30f multi SS Ferenc Deák, Schönbühel Castle, flag of Austria
X 60f multi diesel hydrobus & Bratislava Castle & flag of Czechoslovakia
X 1fo multi Diesel Ship Hunyadi & Buda Castle & Hungarian Flag
X 1.50fo multi Diesel Tug Szekszárd & Golubac Fortress & Yugoslav Flag
X 1.70fo multi Towboat Miskolc Vidin Fortress Bulgarian flag
X 2Ft multi Cargo ship Tihany Galati Shipyard Romanian flag
- 2.50fo multi Hydrofoil Sirály I Izmail Harbour Russian flag

1967, Jul 7 dogs (1967) (7 stamps)
X 30f multi poodle
X 60f multi Collie
X 1fo multi Vizsla
X 1.40fo multi fox terriers
X 2Ft multi Pumi
X 3fo yelgrn & multi German shepherd
- 4fo yel & multi puli

1967, Sep 26 opera scenes (8 stamps)
X 20f multi Prince Igor by Borodin
X 30f multi Freischütz by Weber
X 40f multi The Magic Flute by Mozart
X 60f multi Prince Bluebeards Castle by Bartók
X 80f redbrn & multi Carmen, by Bizet
X 1fo rose & multi Don Carlos, by Verdi
X 1.70fo multi Tannhäuser by Wagner
- 3fo multi László Hunyadi by Ferenc Erkel

1967, Oct 9 University of Pecs 600th issue
X 2Ft multi

1967, Oct 12 Eotvos School of Political Science & Law 300th issue
X 2Ft sl

1967, Nov 6 Venera 4 landing issue
- 5fo multi Venus 4 landing on Venus

1968, Jun 24 Lake Balaton views issue (5 stamps)
X 20f multi Lake Balaton at Badacsony
X 40f multi Lake Balaton at Badacsony (1969)
X 60f multi Tihanyi Peninsula
X 1fo multi sailboats at Balatonalmádi
X 2Ft multi Szigliget Bay

1968, Aug 3 9th youth festival issue
X 60f multi

1969, Mar 7 Olympics 1968 victories issue (6 stamps)
X 40f multi womens javelin
X 60f multi canoeing
X 1.20fo multi hammer throw
X 2Ft multi fencing
X 3fo multi Greco-Roman wrestling
X 5fo multi equestrian

1969, Apr 15 butterflies & moths (1969) (7 stamps)
X 60f multi Smerinthus ocellatus
X 80f multi Cynthia cardui
X 1fo multi Charaxes jasius
X 1.20fo multi Small fier moth Thersamonia thersamon
X 2Ft multi Glaucopsyche arion
X 3fo multi Mormonia sponsa
X 4fo multi Inachis io

1969, May 28 French paintings (1969) (7 stamps)
X 40f multi Black Pigs by Gauguin
X 60f multi The Women by Toulouse-Lautrec
X 1fo multi Venus in the Clouds by Vouet
X 2Ft multi Lady with Fan by Manet
X 3fo multi La Petra Camara by Théodore Chassériau
X 4fo multi The Crownherd by Constant Troyon
X 5fo multi The Wrestlers by Gustave Courbet

1969, Jun 9 Danube towns
X 40f multi Vac
X 1fo multi Szentendre
X 1.20fo multi Visegrad
X 3fo multi Esztergom

1969, Sep 15
- 1fo sep The Scholar by Rembrandt
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