Postage stamps of French Guinea

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1892 Navigation & Commerce issue (no wmk info) (no perf info) (17 stamps)
X 1c blk, gray
X 2c brn, buff
- 4c cl, lav
- 5c grn, grn
- 10c blk, lav
- 10c red (1900)
- 15c bl
- 15c gray (1900)
- 20c red, grn
- 25c blk, rose
- 25c bl (1900)
- 30c brn, bis
- 40c red, straw
- 50c car, rose
- 50c brn, bl (1900)
- 75c dpvio, org
- 1fr brnzgrn, straw

1904 1904 issue (15 stamps)
X 1c blk, yelgrn Fulah shepherd
X 2c viobrn, buff Fulah shepherd
- 4c car, bl Fulah shepherd
X 5c grn, grn Fulah shepherd
- 10c car Fulah shepherd
- 15c vio, rose Fulah shepherd
- 20c , grn read
- 25c bl Fulah shepherd
- 30c brn Fulah shepherd
- 40c red, straw Fulah shepherd
X 50c brn, bl Fulah shepherd
- 75c grn, org Fulah shepherd
- 1fr brnzgrn, straw Fulah shepherd
- 2fr red Fulah shepherd
- 5fr grn Fulah shepherd

1906 1906 issue (15 stamps)
X 1c sl Louis Faidherbe
X 2c choc Louis Faidherbe
X 4c choc Louis Faidherbe
X 5c grn Louis Faidherbe
X 10c car Louis Faidherbe
X 20c blk, az oil palm
X 25c bl oil palm
X 30c choc oil palm
X 35c blk, yel oil palm
X 45c choc oil palm
X 50c dpvio oil palm
X 75c bl, org oil palm
X 1fr blk, az Eugene Ballay
X 2fr bl, pink Eugene Ballay
X 5fr car, straw Eugene Ballay

1912, Nov 1912 provisional issue ovpted (15 stamps)
X 5c on 2c brn, buff
X 5c on 4c cl, lav
X 5c on 15c bl
X 5c on 20c red, grn
X 5c on 30c brn, bis
X 5c on 2c viobrn, buff Fulah shepherd
X 5c on 4c car, bl Fulah shepherd
X 5c on 15c vio, rose Fulah shepherd
X 5c on 20c , grn read
X 5c on 25c bl Fulah shepherd
X 5c on 30c brn Fulah shepherd
X 10c on 40c red, straw
X 10c on 75c dpvio, org
X 10c on 40c red, straw Fulah shepherd
- 10c on 50c brn, bl Fulah shepherd

1913 1913 issue ford at Kitim (42 stamps)
X 1c vio & ultra ford at Kitim
X 2c brn & viobrn ford at Kitim
X 4c gray & blk ford at Kitim
X 5c yelgrn & blgrn ford at Kitim
X 5c brnvio & grn ford at Kitim (1922)
X 10c redorg & rose ford at Kitim
X 10c yelgrn & blgrn ford at Kitim (1922)
X 10c vio & ver ford at Kitim (1925)
X 15c viobrn & rose ford at Kitim
X 15c graygrn & yelgrn ford at Kitim (1925)
X 15c redbrn & roselil ford at Kitim (1927)
X 20c brn & vio ford at Kitim
X 20c grn & blgrn ford at Kitim (1926)
X 20c brnred & brn ford at Kitim (1927)
X 25c ultra & bl ford at Kitim
X 25c blk & vio ford at Kitim (1922)
X 30c viobrn & grn ford at Kitim
X 30c redorg & rose ford at Kitim (1922)
X 30c rosered & grn ford at Kitim (1925)
X 30c dlgrn & blgrn ford at Kitim (1928)
X 35c bl & redvio ford at Kitim
X 40c grn & gray ford at Kitim
X 45c choc & orgred ford at Kitim
- 50c ultra & blk ford at Kitim
X 50c ultra & bl ford at Kitim (1922)
X 50c yelbrn & ol ford at Kitim (1925)
X 60c lil ford at Kitim (1925)
X 65c yelbrn, bl ford at Kitim (1926)
X 75c red & ultra ford at Kitim
X 75c ind & bl ford at Kitim (1925)
X 75c mag & yelgrn ford at Kitim (1927)
- 85c olgrn & redbrn ford at Kitim (1926)
X 90c brnred & rose ford at Kitim (1930)
X 1fr lil & dkgray ford at Kitim
X 1.10fr redvio & olbrn ford at Kitim (1928)
- 1.25fr ford at Kitim (1933)
X 1.50fr ford at Kitim (1930)
- 1.75fr ford at Kitim (1933)
X 2fr org & dkbrn ford at Kitim
X 3fr redvio ford at Kitim (1930)
X 5fr blk & vio ford at Kitim
X 5fr bl & blk ford at Kitim (1922)

1922 ovpted
X 60c on 75c vio ford at Kitim

1924 1924 provisional issue ovpted ford at Kitim (10 stamps)
X 25c on 5fr bl & blk ford at Kitim
X 25c on 2fr org & dkbrn ford at Kitim
X 65c on 75c rose & ultra ford at Kitim (1925)
- 85c on 75c rose & ultra ford at Kitim
X 90c on 75c brnred & cer ford at Kitim
X 1.25fr on 1fr dkbl & ultra ford at Kitim
X 1.50fr on 1fr dpbl & ltbl ford at Kitim
X 3fr on 5fr mag & sl ford at Kitim (1927)
X 10fr on 5fr bl & blgrn ford at Kitim (1927)
- 20fr on 5fr roselil & brnol ford at Kitim (1927)

1931, Apr 13 Colonial Exposition issue
X 40c dpgrn people of French Empire
X 50c redvio women's heads
X 90c redorg France showing way to civilization
X 1.50fr dlbl colonial commerce

1937, Apr 15 Paris International Exposition issue (6 stamps)
X 20c vio colonial products & ship & car & plane
X 30c dkgrn sailing ships & palms
X 40c red colonial peoples & exposition buildings
X 50c dkbrn France & colonies
X 90c red riches of the colonies
X 1.50fr dkbl colonial cultures
- empty sheet (#23812)

1938, Mar 1 1938 issue (33 stamps)
X 2c ver Guinea village
X 3c Guinea village
X 4c Guinea village
X 5c Guinea village
X 10c Guinea village
X 15c Guinea village
X 20c Hausa basket weavers
X 25c Hausa basket weavers
X 30c Hausa basket weavers
X 35c Hausa basket weavers
X 40c Hausa basket weavers (1940)
X 45c Hausa basket weavers (1940)
X 50c Hausa basket weavers
X 55c dkultra forest waterfall
X 60c forest waterfall (1940)
X 65c forest waterfall
X 70c forest waterfall (1940)
X 80c forest waterfall
X 90c forest waterfall (1939)
X 1fr orgred forest waterfall
X 1fr brnblk forest waterfall (1940)
X 1.25fr forest waterfall
X 1.40fr forest waterfall (1940)
X 1.50fr brn forest waterfall
X 1.60fr Guinea women (1940)
X 1.75fr Guinea women
X 2fr Guinea women
X 2.25fr Guinea women
X 2.50fr Guinea women (1940)
X 3fr Guinea women
X 5fr redvio Guinea women
- 10fr Guinea women
X 20fr choc Guinea women

1939, Apr 5 Caillie issue
X 90c dlred map of West Africa & Rene Caillie
X 2fr map of West Africa & Rene Caillie
X 2.25fr map of West Africa & Rene Caillie

1939, May 10 New York World's Fair issue
X 1.25fr people of the colonies
X 2.25fr ultra people of the colonies

X 1fr grn ford at Kitim & Petain
X 2.50fr dkbl ford at Kitim & Petain

1943 1943 no RF issue (7 stamps)
- 10c blgrn
- 20c dkcar
- 30c dkultra
- 40c dkbrn
- 60c ultra
- 1.50fr vio
- 2fr

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