Stamps of Madagascar, unwmk watermark

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1891 1891a issue ovpted on stamps of French Colonies unwmk p. 14x13.5
- 5c on 40c ver, straw Commerce
- 5c on 10c blk, lav Commerce
- 5c on 25c blk, rose Commerce
- 15c on 25c blk, rose Commerce

1891 1891b issue (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 5c blk
- 10c blk
- 15c ultra
- 25c brn
- 1fr blk
- 5fr vio & blk

1895 1895a issue ovpted on stamps of France Peace & Commerce p. 14x13.5 (8 stamps)
- 10c blk, lav ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under U
- 15c bl ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under U, plain paper
- 25c blk, sal ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under U
- 40c red, straw ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under U
- 50c rose, palerose ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under U
- 75c dpvio, org ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under U
- 1fr brnzgrn ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under B
- 5fr vio ovpt, Peace & Commerce, v. N under U

1895 Majunga issue ovpted on stamps of France
- 15c on 1fr brnzgrn Peace & Commerce, v. N under B 1,000 – 10,000 1,000 – 10,000
- 15c on 1fr brnzgrn Peace & Commerce, v. N under B 1,000 – 10,000 1,000 – 10,000
- 15c on 25c blk, sal Peace & Commerce, v. N under U 1,000 – 10,000 1,000 – 10,000
- 15c on 25c blk, sal Peace & Commerce, v. N under U 1,000 – 10,000 1,000 – 10,000

1896 1896a issue ovpted on stamps of France
- 15c on 2c brn, straw Peace & Commerce
- 25c on 3c gray, gray Peace & Commerce
- 25c on 4c cl, lav Peace & Commerce 1,000 – 10,000 1,000 – 10,000
- 25c on 40c red, straw Peace & Commerce 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000

1896 Navigation & Commerce issue (no perf info) (20 stamps)
X 1c blk, gray
X 2c brn, buff
X 4c cl, lav
X 5c grn, grn
X 5c yelgrn (1901) .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 10c blk, lav
X 10c red (1900)
X 15c bl
X 15c gray (1900)
X 20c red, grn
X 25c blk, rose
- 25c bl (1900)
X 30c brn, bis
X 35c blk, yel (1906)
X 40c red, straw
X 50c car, rose
- 50c brn, bl (1900)
X 75c dpvio, org
X 1fr brnzgrn, straw
X 5fr redlil, lav (1899)

1902 1902a issue ovpted
X 5c on 50c car, rose
- 10c on 5fr redlil, lav
- 15c on 1fr brnzgrn, straw

1902 1902b issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 1c on 2c brn, buff
X 5c on 30c brn, bis
- 10c on 50c car, rose
X 15c on 1fr brnzgrn, straw
- 15c on 75c dpvio, org 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1903 travellers tree, zebu, & lemur (15 stamps)
X 1c dkvio travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 2c olbrn travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 4c dkbrn travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 5c yelgrn travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 10c ver travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 15c red travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 20c org travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 25c bl travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
- 30c ltred travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 40c grayvio travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
- 50c brnorg travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
- 75c orgyel travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
- 1fr dpgrn travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
- 2fr sl travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
- 5fr grayblk travellers tree, zebu, & lemur

1908 sedan chair issue sedan chair (35 stamps)
X 1c vio & ol sedan chair
X 2c red & ol sedan chair
X 4c olbrn & ltbrn sedan chair
X 5c blgrn & ol sedan chair
X 5c blk & rose sedan chair (1922) .20 .20
X 10c rose & brn sedan chair
X 10c blgrn & olgrn sedan chair (1922) .20 .20
X 10c orgbrn & vio sedan chair (1925)
X 15c dlvio & rose sedan chair (1916)
X 15c dlgrn & ltgrn sedan chair (1927)
- 15c dkbl & red sedan chair (1928)
X 20c org & brn sedan chair
X 25c bl & blk sedan chair
X 25c vio & blk sedan chair (1922)
X 30c brn & blk sedan chair
X 30c red & brn sedan chair (1922)
X 30c grn & redvio sedan chair (1925)
X 35c red & blk sedan chair
X 40c viobrn & blk sedan chair
X 45c blgrn & blk sedan chair
X 45c carrose & ver sedan chair (1925)
X 45c graylil & mag sedan chair (1927)
X 50c vio & blk sedan chair
X 50c bl & blk sedan chair (1922)
X 50c blk & org sedan chair (1925)
X 60c vio sedan chair
- 65c blk & bl sedan chair
X 75c rosered & blk sedan chair
X 85c grn & scar sedan chair
X 1fr brn & ol sedan chair
X 1fr dlbl sedan chair
X 1fr rose & grn sedan chair (1928)
X 1.10fr yelbrn & blgrn sedan chair
X 2fr dkbl & olgrn sedan chair
- 5fr vio & viobrn sedan chair

1912, Nov 1912 issue ovpted (9 stamps)
X 5c on 15c gray
X 5c on 20c red, grn
X 5c on 30c brn, bis
X 5c on 2c olbrn travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 5c on 20c org travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 5c on 30c ltred travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 10c on 50c brnorg travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 10c on 40c grayvio travellers tree, zebu, & lemur
X 10c on 75c orgyel travellers tree, zebu, & lemur

1921, Apr 16 1921a issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 30c on 40c viobrn & blk sedan chair
- 60c on 75c dpvio, org
X 60c on 75c rosered & blk sedan chair
X 1fr on 5fr redlil, lav
- 1fr on 5fr grayblk travellers tree, zebu, & lemur

1921, Jul 9 1921b issue ovpted
X 1c on 15c dlvio & rose sedan chair
X 25c on 35c red & blk sedan chair
- 25c on 35c red & blk sedan chair
X 25c on 40c viobrn & blk sedan chair

1922 1922 provisional issue ovpted sedan chair (5 stamps)
X 25c on 15c dlvio & rose sedan chair
- 25c on 2fr dkbl & olgrn sedan chair
- 25c on 5fr vio & viobrn sedan chair
- 65c on 75c rosered & blk sedan chair
X 85c on 45c blgrn & blk sedan chair

1930, Dec 8 1930 issue - races (1933) (23 stamps)
X 1c dkbl & blgrn Hova & oxen (1933)
X 2c brnred & dkbrn Sakalava chief
X 4c dkbrn & vio Sakalava chief
X 5c ltgrn & red Hova & oxen
X 10c ver & dpgrn Hova woman
X 15c dpred Betsileo woman
X 20c yelbrn & dkbl Hova & oxen
X 25c vio & dkbrn Hova woman
X 30c Betsileo woman
X 40c Sakalava chief
X 45c Betsileo woman
X 65c brn & lil Hova & oxen
X 65c brn & mag Hova & oxen
X 75c Betsileo woman
X 90c Hova & oxen
X 1fr yelbrn & dkbl Hova woman
X 1fr red & carrose Hova woman (1938)
- 1.25fr dpbl & dkbrn Hova woman
X 1.50fr bl Sakalava chief
X 1.50fr brn & red Sakalava chief
X 1.75fr dkbrn & dkred Sakalava chief
X 5fr redvio & dkbrn Sakalava chief
- 20fr yelbrn & dkbl Sakalava chief

1931 Gallieni (5 stamps)
X 1c ultra Gallieni
X 50c brn Gallieni
X 2fr red Gallieni
X 3fr emer Gallieni
X 10fr redorg Gallieni

1931, Apr 13 Colonial Exposition issue
X 40c dpgrn people of French Empire
X 50c redvio women's heads
X 90c redorg France showing way to civilization
X 1.50fr dlbl colonial commerce

1932 ovpted
X 25c on 2fr dkbl & olgrn sedan chair
X 50c on 1fr brn & ol sedan chair

1936, Feb 3 Gallieni redrawn (11 stamps)
X 3c bl Gallieni redrawn
- 45c grn Gallieni redrawn
X 50c yelbrn Gallieni redrawn
X 60c redlil Gallieni redrawn
X 70c brtrose Gallieni redrawn
X 90c orgbrn Gallieni redrawn
X 1.40fr orgyel Gallieni redrawn
X 1.60fr pur Gallieni redrawn
X 2fr dkcar Gallieni redrawn
X 3fr grn Gallieni redrawn
X 3fr olblk Gallieni redrawn

1937 Paris International Exposition issue (6 stamps)
X 20c dpvio
X 30c dkgrn
X 40c carrose
X 50c dkbrn & blk
X 90c red
X 1.50fr ultra

1938 Jean Laborde issue (11 stamps)
X 35c grn Jean Laborde
X 55c pur
X 65c orgred
X 80c viobrn
X 1fr rosecar Jean Laborde
X 1.25fr rosecar Jean Laborde (1939)
X 1.75fr ultra Jean Laborde
X 2.15fr yelbrn Jean Laborde
X 2.25fr dkultra Jean Laborde (1939)
X 2.50fr blkbrn Jean Laborde (1940)
X 10fr dkgrn Jean Laborde (1940)

1939 New York World's Fair issue
X 1.25fr people of the colonies
X 2.25fr ultra people of the colonies

X 1fr bisbrn sedan chair & Petain
X 2.50fr bl sedan chair & Petain

- 1.50fr Mayotte 100th

1942 Libre b issue ovpted - races (1930) (6 stamps)
X 2c brnred & dkbrn ovpt, Sakalava chief
- 3c bl ovpt, Gallieni redrawn
- 15c dpred ovpt, Betsileo woman
- 65c brn & mag ovpt, Hova & oxen
X 70c brtrose ovpt, Gallieni redrawn
- 80c viobrn ovpt
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