Stamps of German States - Bavaria, missing perf

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1916, Aug 1 ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 2 1/2pf gray on 2pf-gray-unissued (0) 14x14.5

1919, May 17 1919c issue ovpted on stamps of Germany wmk. lozenges (9 stamps)
X 3pf brn ovpt, Germania 14x14.25
- 5pf grn ovpt, Germania 14x14.25
X 7 1/2pf redorg ovpt, Germania 14x14.25
X 10pf car ovpt, Germania
X 20pf ultra ovpt, Germania
X 25pf org & blk, yel ovpt, Germania
X 40pf lake & blk ovpt, Germania
X 80pf lake & blk, rose ovpt, Germania
- 3m blkvio ovpt, unveiling 14.25

1919, Dec 17 ovpted (no wmk info)
X 1.25m yelgrn on 1m-yelgrn-unissued (0)
- 1.50m orgyel on 1m-orgyel-unissued (0)
- 2.50m slbl on 1m-slbl-unissued (0)

1920, Feb 14 1920 issue wmk. horiz wavy lines close (18 stamps)
X 5pf yelgrn plowing 14x14.5
X 10pf org plowing 14x14.5
X 15pf red plowing 14x14.5
X 20pf vio harnessing power 14x14.5
- 30pf bl harnessing power 14x14.5
X 40pf brn harnessing power 14x14.5
X 50pf ver sowing 14x14.5
X 60pf blgrn sowing 14x14.5
X 75pf lilrose sowing 14x14.5
X 1m car & gray Madonna & Child 1920 11.75x11.25
- 1 1/4m Madonna & Child 1920 11.75x11.25
- 1 1/2m Madonna & Child 1920 11.75x11.25
- 2 1/2m Madonna & Child 1920 11.75x11.25
- 2 1/2m Madonna & Child 1920 11.75x11.25
- 3m genius&arms 11.25x11.75
- 5m genius&arms 11.25x11.75
- 10m genius&arms 11.25x11.75
- 20m genius&arms 11.25x11.75


1912, Oct 8
- 25pf bl gryphon? 14.5


1916 official 1916 issue arms of Bavaria (14 stamps)
X 3pf arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
X 5pf arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
X 7 1/2pf grn, grn arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
X 7 1/2pf grn arms of Bavaria (1917) 11.5x11.75
X 10pf arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
- 15pf , buff arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75 11.5x11.75
X 15pf arms of Bavaria (1917)
X 20pf , bl arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75 11.5x11.75
X 20pf arms of Bavaria (1917)
X 25pf arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
X 30pf arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
X 60pf arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
X 1m , gray arms of Bavaria 11.5x11.75
- 1m arms of Bavaria (1917) 11.5x11.75

1918 official 1918 issue ovpted (14 stamps)
X 3pf ovpt, arms of Bavaria, w. horiz wavy lines close 11.5x11.75
X 5pf ovpt, arms of Bavaria, w. horiz wavy lines close 11.5x11.75
- 7 1/2pf , wht on issue=official 1916-7 1/2pf-pc=wht (0) 11.5x11.75
X 10pf ovpt, arms of Bavaria, w. horiz wavy lines close 11.5x11.75
X 15pf , wht on issue=official 1916-15pf-pc=wht (0) 11.5x11.75
X 20pf , wht on issue=official 1916-20pf-pc=wht (0) 11.5x11.75
- 25pf ovpt, arms of Bavaria, w. horiz wavy lines close 11.5x11.75
X 30pf ovpt, arms of Bavaria, w. horiz wavy lines close 11.5x11.75
X 35pf on issue=official 1916-35pf-unissued (0) 11.5x11.75
X 50pf on issue=official 1916-50pf-unissued (0) 11.5x11.75
- 60pf ovpt, arms of Bavaria, w. horiz wavy lines close 11.5x11.75
X 75pf on issue=official 1916-75pf-unissued (0) 11.5x11.75
- 1m , wht on issue=official 1916-1m-pc=wht (0) 11.5x11.75
X 1m , gray ovpt, arms of Bavaria, w. horiz wavy lines close 11.5x11.75

1920 1920 official a issue (18 stamps)
- 5pf yelgrn lion in oval 14x14.5
- 10pf org lion in oval 14x14.5
- 15pf car lion in oval 14x14.5
- 20pf vio lion in oval 14x14.5
- 30pf dkbl lion in oval 14x14.5
X 40pf bis lion in oval 14x14.5
- 50pf ver numeral over arms of Bavaria 14x14.5
- 60pf blgrn numeral over arms of Bavaria 14x14.5
- 70pf dkvio numeral over arms of Bavaria 14x14.5
- 75pf rose numeral over arms of Bavaria 14x14.5
- 80pf dlbl numeral over arms of Bavaria 14x14.5
- 90pf olgrn numeral over arms of Bavaria 14x14.5
- 1m dkbrn numeral 14x14.5
- 1 1/4m grn numeral 14x14.5
- 1 1/2m ver numeral 14x14.5
- 2 1/2m dpbl numeral 14x14.5
- 3m dkred numeral 14x14.5
- 5m blk numeral 14x14.5

1920, Apr 1 1920 official ovptd issue (18 stamps)
X 5pf
X 10pf
X 15pf
X 20pf
X 30pf
X 40pf
X 50pf
X 60pf
- 70pf
- 75pf
X 80pf
- 90pf
X 1m
X 1 1/4m
X 1 1/2m
X 2 1/2m
X 3m
- 5m

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