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1858, Oct 28 1858b issue unwmk p. 12.5
X 10k brn & bl arms of Russia
- 20k bl & org arms of Russia
X 30k car & grn arms of Russia

- 5k blk & bl arms of Russia 10.–100 10.–100

1864, Jul 10 1858bx issue
- 1k blk & yel arms of Russia
- 3k blk & grn arms of Russia
- 5k blk & lil arms of Russia

1865, Jun 2 p. 14.5-15
- 1k blk & yel arms of Russia
- 3k blk & grn arms of Russia
- 5k blk & lil arms of Russia

1865, Jun 2
- 10k brn & bl arms of Russia
- 20k bl & org arms of Russia
- 30k car & grn arms of Russia

1913, Jan 2 Romanov 300th issue typo print p. 13.5 (5 stamps)
X 1k brnorg Peter I
X 2k yelgrn Alexander II
X 3k rosered Alexander III
X 7k brn Nicholas II
X 14k blgrn Catherine II

1916 1916 provisional b issue thin cardboard paper typo print
- 1k brnorg Peter I

1916 1916 provisional a issue ovpted typo print
X 10k on 7k brn Nicholas II
X 20k on 14k blgrn Catherine II

1917 ovpted thin cardboard paper typo print
- 1k brnorg ovpt, Peter I
- 1k brnorg ovpt, Peter I

1922 1922c issue imperf
- 10000r bl workers of the world unite
X 22500r blkvio, buff workers of the world unite

1922, Nov 7 October Revolution 5th b issue revolution 5th (5 stamps)
X 5r blk & och revolution 5th
X 10r blk & brn revolution 5th
X 25r blk & dkvio revolution 5th
- 27r blk & rose revolution 5th
- 45r blk & bl revolution 5th

1927, Jan 1 Child Welfare 1926 issue p. 13.5
- 10k brn
- 20k bl

1927, May 1 Esperanto 40th issue p. 12
- 14k green star & L. Zamenhof

1927, Jun ovpted numeral (7 stamps)
- 8k on 1k red numeral
- 8k on 2k vio numeral
- 8k on 3k numeral
- 8k on 7k numeral
- 8k yelgrn ovpt, numeral
- 8k on 10k numeral
- 8k on 14k numeral

1927, Nov 7 October Revolution 10th issue (7 stamps)
- 3k brtrosecar Worker soldier & peasant
- 5k dpbrn Triumphant Procession of the Revolution
- 7k Smolny Institute
- 8k worker & sailor
- 14k dpbl & red map of USSR
X 18k bl men from republics
- 28k olbrn people from east

1927, Dec 1927 issue - heads large (15 stamps)
X 1k org worker
X 2k apgrn peasant
X 4k bl worker
X 5k peasant
X 7k peasant
X 8k grn worker
X 10k ltbrn worker
X 14k dkgrn Lenin (1928)
X 18k olgrn Lenin
- 18k dkbl Lenin (1928)
X 20k peasant
- 40k car worker
X 50k ltbl peasant
X 70k worker
X 80k org peasant

1928, Feb 6 Red Army 10th issue
X 8k ltbrn soldier
- 14k sailor
- 18k cavalryman
- 28k pilot

1929, Aug 1929 issue p. 12x12.5 (14 stamps)
X 1k org worker
X 2k ltgrn woman factory worker
X 3k ltbl peasant
X 4k vio peasant woman
X 5k orgbrn soldier
X 7k red worker, soldier, peasant
X 10k worker
X 14k bl Lenin
X 15k dkolgrn worker, soldier, peasant (1930)
X 20k grn peasant
X 30k woman factory worker b
X 50k sep peasant woman
- 70k rosecar soldier (1930)
X 80k peasant (1931)

1929, Aug 18 USSR Pioneers issue p. 12
- 10k dpbrn pioneer with bugle
X 14k grnbl pioneer with bugle

1929, Oct industrialization issue
- 5k Industrial worker at lathe
- 10k tractors
X 20k grn iron furnace
- 28k blkvio blast furnace

- 3r grn & dkbrn Lenin hydroelectric station

1930, Feb Red Cavalry 10th issue
X 2k grn Cavalrymen
X 5k chntbrn Cavalry attack
X 10k ol Cavalrymen
X 14k dkbl & red Combat way of the First Cavalry Army

1930, Aug 15
X 10k olgrn students preparing poster newspaper

1930, Dec 10 revolution 1905 25th issue (9 stamps)
X 3k Potemkin, p. 12.5x12
- 3k red Potemkin, p. 12x12.5
- 3k red Potemkin, imperf
- 5k bl street battle, p. 12.5x12
- 5k bl street battle, p. 12x12.5
- 5k street battle, imperf
X 10k red & grn manning the barricades, p. 12.5x12
- 10k manning the barricades, p. 12x12.5
- 10k manning the barricades, imperf

X 1r telegraph office

1931 1931 issue (9 stamps)
X 1k org worker
X 2k woman factory worker
X 3k peasant
- 4k peasant woman
X 5k orgbrn soldier
- 10k worker, soldier, peasant
- 15k worker, soldier, peasant
- 30k woman factory worker
- 1r telegraph office

1932 Gorky pseudonym 40th issue p. 12.25x11.75
- 15k brn Maxim Gorky
X 35k dkultra Maxim Gorky

1932, Oct 10 October Revolution 15th issue (7 stamps)
X 3k dkvio Lenin speaking on armoured car in Petrograd April 1917, p. 12.25x11.75
X 5k brn Storming the Winter Palace, p. 12.25x11.75
- 10k ultra Dnieper dam
- 15k grn Combine harvesters in collective farm field
X 20k mar Construction of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works
- 30k graybl Wireless mast in USSR
- 35k brnblk Lenin is bright hope of oppressed nations, p. 12.25x11.75

1932, Nov
X 50k red breaking prison bars

1932, Dec First All-Union Philatelic Exhibition issue
- 15k Fine Arts Museum, Moscow, p. 12.25
- 15k Fine Arts Museum, Moscow, imperf 10.–100 10.–100
X 35k Fine Arts Museum, Moscow, p. 12.25
- 35k Fine Arts Museum, Moscow, imperf 10.–100 10.–100
- sheet of 4, 2 types

1933, Mar ovpted p. 12.25
- 30k on 15k Fine Arts Museum, Moscow
- 70k on 35k Fine Arts Museum, Moscow

1933, Mar Marx death 50th issue
X 3k dlgrn Trier, p. 11.75x12.25
X 10k sep Marx' grave in London
- 35k pur portrait

1933, Apr Peoples issue (21 stamps)
X 1k blkbrn Kazaks
X 2k ultra Lezghians
X 3k graygrn Crimean Tartars
X 4k grayblk Birobidzhanian Jews
X 5k brnvio Tungus
X 6k ind Buryats
X 7k blkbrn Chechens
X 8k rosered Abkhas
X 9k ultra Georgians
- 10k blkbrn Nientzians
X 14k olgrn Yakuts
X 15k dlgrn Byelorussians
X 15k org Great Russians
X 15k ultra Tadzhiks, p. 10.75x12 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
X 15k dkbrn Transcaucasians
X 15k rosered Turkmen
X 15k viobrn Ukrainians, p. 12.25
X 15k grayblk Uzbeks
- 20k dlbl Koryaks
- 30k brnvio Bashkirs
- 35k blk Chuvashes

1933, Oct martyrs 1933 issue p. 11.75x12.25
X 1k dpgrn Vorovsky
X 3k ind V. Volodarsky
X 5k brn Uritzky

1933, Nov 17 (no perf info)
X 20k multi Order of the Red Banner

1933, Dec 1 15th Anniversary of Baku Commissars execution issue p. 14 (5 stamps)
- 4k brn Schaumyan
- 5k grayblk Prokofy Dzhaparidze 1880-1918 Russian revolutionary
- 20k vio The Execution of the 26 Baku Commissars
- 35k ultra 26 Commissars Memorial in Baku
- 40k car Worker peasant & soldier with bowed flags

1934, Feb 7 Lenin death 10th issue Lenin Mausoleum (5 stamps)
X 5k brn Lenin Mausoleum
X 10k slbl Lenin Mausoleum
X 15k dkcar Lenin Mausoleum, p. 13.75
X 20k grn Lenin Mausoleum, p. 13.75
X 35k dkbrn Lenin Mausoleum, p. 13.75

1934, Mar martyrs & leaders
- 10k dkbl Sverdlov
- 15k red Nogin

1934, Mar 5 Fedorov death 350th issue
- 20k carrose Ivan Fedorov
X 40k ind Ivan Fedorov

1934, Sep 15 Mendeleev 100th issue
X 5k blgrn Monument to Dmitry I Mendeleev in Leningrad
- 10k sep Dmitri Mendeleev (1934) (1934)
- 15k orgred Dmitri Mendeleev
- 20k blvio Monument to Dmitry I Mendeleev in Leningrad

1934, Nov 23 Lenin death 10th b issue (6 stamps)
X 1k Lenin as child
X 3k Lenin as youth
X 5k Lenin in middle age
- 10k demonstration
- 20k ultra & org Lenin the orator
- 30k car & org Lenin & Stalin

1935, Jan 1 anti-war issue (5 stamps)
X 5k vioblk bombs falling on city
- 10k ultra War refugees
- 15k grn Disabled veterans against troops marching
- 20k brn Sword is a plough of war
- 35k car Soldiers fraternization at the front

1935, Feb 25 Moscow subway issue
X 5k org subway tunnel
- 10k bl Project of metro station
- 15k car train in tunnel
- 20k Lenin's Library station

1935, Apr 22 World Spartacist Games issue (10 stamps)
X 1k org & ultra running
X 2k blk & ultra diving
X 3k dkgrn & blkbrn rowing
X 4k rosered & ultra soccer
X 5k pur & blkbrn skiing
- 10k lil & red cycling
- 15k Tennis
- 20k blkbrn & ultra skating
- 35k hurdling
- 40k carbrn Parade of athletes

1935, May
- 5k car Engels
- 10k dkgrn Engels
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