Stamps of Grenada, St Edwards crown & CA watermark

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1958, Apr 22 West Indies Federation issue wmk. St Edwards crown & CA p. 15clean
X 3c grn map of the Caribbean & Queen Elizabeth II
X 6c bl map of the Caribbean & Queen Elizabeth II
- 12c carrose map of the Caribbean & Queen Elizabeth II

1961, Jun 1 stamp 100th issue
X 3c gray & red Queen Victoria & mail truck & Queen Elizabeth II
X 8c org & bl Victoria Elizabeth II Sailing Ship & Airplane
X 25c bl & redbrn "Solent I" (Paddle-steamer) and Douglas …

1963, Jun 4 Freedom from Hunger issue
X 8c grn sources of protein

1963, Jul 9 1963 issue (7 stamps)
X 2c sep & blk Queen Elizabeth II (1964)
X 3c car & blk Queen Elizabeth II (1964)
X 4c brnorg & blk Queen Elizabeth II (1964)
X 5c dkvio & blk Queen Elizabeth II (1964)
- 6c olgrn & blk Queen Elizabeth II
X 12c dkvio & blk Queen Elizabeth II (1964)
X 25c sep & blk seal of colony 1951 (1964)

1963, Sep 2 Red Cross 100th issue
X 3c blk & red
X 25c viobl & red

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue
X 2c ol & red lightning bolt & globe
X 50c red & yel lightning bolt & globe

1965, Oct 25 ICY issue
X 1c ICY emblem & Queen Elizabeth II
X 25c ICY emblem & Queen Elizabeth II

1966, Jan 24 Churchill Memorial issue
X 1c bl & multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 3c dkgrn & multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 25c Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 35c Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II

1966, Feb 4 Royal Visit to the Caribbean issue
X 3c viobl & blk
X 35c car & blk

1966, Apr 1 1966 issue (15 stamps)
X 1c Hillsborough, Carriacou
X 2c Bougainvillea
X 3c flamboyant plant
X 5c Levera Beach
X 6c Careenage St Georges
X 8c Annandale Falls
- 10c cocoa pods
- 12c Inner Harbour
- 15c nutmeg
X 25c St George's
X 35c Grand Anse Beach
- 50c bananas
- $1 seal of the colony
- $2 multi Queen Elizabeth II
- $3 Map of Grenada

1966, Jul 1 World Cup Soccer issue
X 5c
X 50c

1966, Sep 20
X 25c WHO HQ

1966, Dec 1 UNESCO Anniversary issue
X 2c Education
X 15c
X 50c lyre & columns

1967, Mar 3 statehood a issue ovpted
X 2c ovpt, Bougainvillea
X 3c ovpt, flamboyant plant
X 8c ovpt, Annandale Falls
X 25c ovpt, St George's

1967, Jul 1 EXPO 67 issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 1c on 15c nutmeg
X 2c ovpt, Bougainvillea
X 3c on 10c cocoa pods
X $1 ovpt, seal of the colony
X $2 multi ovpt, Queen Elizabeth II

1967, Oct 19 statehood b issue ovpted (16 stamps)
X 1c ovpt, Hillsborough, Carriacou
X 2c ovpt, Bougainvillea
X 3c ovpt, flamboyant plant
X 5c ovpt, Levera Beach
X 6c ovpt, Careenage St Georges
X 8c ovpt, Annandale Falls
X 10c ovpt, cocoa pods
X 12c ovpt, Inner Harbour
X 15c ovpt, nutmeg
X 25c ovpt, St George's
X 35c ovpt, Grand Anse Beach
X 50c ovpt, bananas
X $1 ovpt, seal of the colony
X $2 multi ovpt, Queen Elizabeth II
X $3 ovpt, Map of Grenada
X $5 on $2 multi Queen Elizabeth II

1968, Jan 13 Kennedy 50th issue (6 stamps)
X 1c multi
X 15c multi
X 25c multi Kennedy and Strelitzia reginae
X 35c multi
X 50c multi Kennedy and Strelitzia reginae
X $1 multi Pres John F Kennedy

1968, Feb 1 12th Jamboree issue (6 stamps)
X 1c multi Boy Scout
X 2c multi Boy Scouts
X 3c multi Lord Baden-Powell
X 35c multi Boy Scout
X 50c multi Boy Scouts
X $1 multi Lord Baden-Powell

1968, Mar 23 Churchill paintings (6 stamps)
X 10c multi Seascape
X 12c multi Pine at the shore
X 15c multi Pine at the shore
X 25c multi Seascape
X 35c multi Houses at the shore
X 50c multi Churchill painting a seascape

1968, Sep 24 Olympics 1968 issue (6 stamps)
X 1c multi Edith McGuire
X 2c multi Arthur Wint
X 3c multi Ferreira da Silva
X 10c multi Edith McGuire
X 50c multi Arthur Wint
X 60c multi Ferreira da Silva

1968, Oct 1968 issue (18 stamps)
X 1c multi hibiscus
X 2c multi Strelitzia reginae
X 3c multi Bougainvillea (1969)
X 5c multi Epinephelus adscensionis (1969)
X 6c multi Istiophorus americanus
X 8c multi Lutjanus campechanus (1969)
X 10c multi giant toad (1969)
X 12c multi Testudo denticulata
X 15c multi Boa enadris
- 15c gray & multi thunbergia (1970)
X 25c multi Marmosa chapmani (1969)
X 35c multi Dasypus (1969)
X 50c multi Cercopithecus mona
- 75c multi yacht in St George Harbour
- $1 multi Coereba flaveola
- $2 multi Pelecanus occidentalis (1969)
- $3 multi Fregata magnificens
- $5 multi Turdus nudigenis (1969)

1968, Nov 25 WHO 20th issue
X 5c multi Kidney Transplantation
X 25c multi Heart Transplantation
X 35c multi Lung Transplantation
X 50c multi Cornea Transplantation

1968, Dec 3 Christmas 1968 issue
X 5c multi "The Adoration of the Kings" - Veronese,…
X 15c multi "Madonna and Child with Saints John and …
X 35c multi "The Adoration of the Kings" - Botticell…
X $1 multi "A Warrior Adoring" - Catena, 1480-1531

1969, Feb Carifta Expo 69 a issue ovpted (6 stamps)
X 5c on 1c multi Edith McGuire
X 8c on 2c multi Arthur Wint
X 25c on 3c multi Ferreira da Silva
X 35c on 10c multi Edith McGuire
X $1 on 50c multi Arthur Wint
X $2 on 60c multi Ferreira da Silva

1969, May 1 Carifta Expo 69 b issue
X 5c multi St George's
X 15c multi Premier Eric M. Gairy
X 50c multi Gov Hilda Bynoe & View of St George’s
X 60c multi

1969, Jun 8 Human Rights Year issue
X 5c multi Gov Hilda Bynoe
X 25c multi Dr Martin Luther King
X 35c multi Gov Hilda Bynoe
X $1 multi Belshazzars Feast by Rembrandt

1969, Aug 1 cricket (1969)
X 3c multi off-drive
X 10c multi Batsman playing defensive stroke
X 25c multi Batsman sweeping ball
X 35c multi Batsman playing on-drive

1969, Sep 24 moon landing issue (9 stamps)
X 1/2c multi Gathering of moonstone samples
X 1c multi CSM orbiting Moon
X 2c multi
X 3c multi
X 8c multi
X 25c multi
X 35c multi
X 50c multi
X $1 multi

1969, Oct 8 Gandhi 100th issue
X 6c multi
X 15c multi
X 25c multi
X $1 multi
- Grenada sheet of 4 types

1969, Dec 23 Christmas 1969 issue ovpted
X 2c on 15c multi "Madonna and Child with Saints John and …
X 5c multi ovpt, "The Adoration of the Kings" - Veronese,…
X 35c multi ovpt, "The Adoration of the Kings" - Botticell…
X $1 multi ovpt, "A Warrior Adoring" - Catena, 1480-1531

1970, Feb 2 pirates (1970 Grenada) p. 13.75
- 15c blk Blackbeard
- 25c grn Anne Bonney
- 50c grayvio Jean Lafitte
- $1 redpur Mary Read

1970, Mar 18 1970 surcharge issue p. 13.5
- 5c multi
- 5c multi

1970, Apr 13 Easter 1970 issue p. 15clean (8 stamps)
X 5c multi Last Supper detail
X 5c multi "The Last Supper" - Del Sarto, 1486-1530
X 15c multi "Christ crowned with Thorns" - Van Dyck,…
X 15c multi "Christ crowned with Thorns" - Van Dyck,…
X 25c multi Passion of Christ
X 25c multi Passion of Christ
X 60c multi Christ in the Tomb
X 60c multi Christ in the Tomb
- Grenada 1970 sheet of 4 types

1970, May 27 Wordsworth 200th issue - children&pets
X 5c multi girl pushing kittens in pram
X 15c multi girl playing with puppy and kitten
X 30c multi boy fishing cat
X 60c multi children with Pets
- Grenada 1970 sheet of 2 types
- Grenada 1970 sheet of 2 types

1970, Jun 15 7th regional CPA conference issue
X 5c multi Parliament of India
X 25c multi British Parliament
X 50c multi Canadian Parliament
X 60c multi Parliament of Grenada
- Grenada sheet of 4 types

1970, Aug 8 EXPO 70 issue (7 stamps)
X 1c multi Totem
X 2c multi Livelihood Pavilion
X 3c multi Ikenobo Floral Art
X 10c multi The Temptation of Adam, by Tintoretto
X 25c multi UN pavilion
X 50c multi Peace Statue
- $1 multi sheet
- Grenada empty sheet (#1314)

1970, Sep 3 WWII end 25th issue (6 stamps)
X 1/2c multi Roosevelt and "Raising U.S. Flag on Iwo …
X 5c multi Zhukov and "Fall of Berlin"
X 15c multi Churchill and "Evacuation at Dunkirk"
X 25c multi de Gaulle and "Liberation of Paris"
X 50c multi Eisenhower and "D-Day Landing"
X 60c multi Montgomery and "Battle of Alamein"
- Grenada 1970 sheet of 4 types

1970, Sep 18 Philympia 1970 issue ovpted
X 25c multi ovpt
X 35c multi ovpt
X 50c multi ovpt
X $1 multi ovpt

1970, Oct 17 UPU HQ issue
X 15c multi UPU emblem
X 25c multi
X 50c multi Rowland Hill
- Grenada sheet of 2 types
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