Stamps of Iceland, unwmk watermark

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1931, Dec 15 Gullfoss issue Gullfoss unwmk (6 stamps)
X 5a gray Gullfoss
X 20a red Gullfoss
X 35a ultra Gullfoss
X 60a redlil Gullfoss, p. 14 (1932)
X 65a redbrn Gullfoss, p. 14 (1932)
- 75a grnbl Gullfoss, p. 14 (1932)

1935, Jun 28 p. 13
X 10a bl Dynjandi Falls

1935, Jun 28
X 1k grngray Mount Hekla

1935, Nov 11 (no perf info)
X 3a graygrn Matthias Jochumsson
X 5a gray Matthias Jochumsson
X 7a yelgrn Matthias Jochumsson
X 35a bl Matthias Jochumsson

- 1a yelgrn & ver King Christian X

1937, May 14 King Christian X accession 25th issue King Christian X (6 stamps)
X 10a grn King Christian X
- 15a vio King Christian X, p. 14x14.5
- 25a red King Christian X, p. 14x14.5
X 30a brn King Christian X
X 40a cl King Christian X
- 50a bl King Christian X, p. 14x14.5
- sheet of 3 types

1938, Apr 1 1938 issue Geysir (8 stamps)
X 15a dprosevio Geysir, p. 14
X 20a rosered Geysir, p. 14
X 35a ultra Geysir, p. 14
X 40a dkbrn Geysir, p. 14 (1939)
X 45a brtultra Geysir, p. 14 (1940)
X 50a dkolgrn Geysir, p. 14
X 60a brtultra Geysir (1943)
X 1k ind Geysir (1945)

1938, Dec 1 independence 20th issue p. 13.5
X 25a grn
X 30a brn
X 40a redpur

1939, Mar 17 ovpted (no perf info)
X 5a on 35a bl Matthias Jochumsson

1939, Apr 30 New York World's Fair issue p. 14
X 20a crim trylon & perisphere
X 35a brtultra map & ship
X 45a brtgrn Thorfinn Karlsefni sculpture
- 2k dkgray Thorfinn Karlsefni sculpture 10.–100 100 – 1,000

1939, Oct 10 1939 issue (15 stamps)
X 1a prusbl codfish
X 3a dkvio herring
X 5a dkbrn codfish
X 7a dkgrn herring
X 10a car & ultra flag of Iceland, p. 14
X 10a grn herring (1940)
X 10a dkgray herring, p. 14 (1945)
X 12a grn herring, p. 14 (1943)
X 25a chnt codfish, p. 14
X 25a red codfish (1940)
X 35a car herring, p. 14 (1943)
X 50a dkblgrn codfish, p. 14 (1943)
X 2k dkgray Thorfinn Karlsefni sculpture, p. 14
X 5k sep Thorfinn Karlsefni sculpture, p. 14 (1943)
- 10k orgbrn Thorfinn Karlsefni sculpture, p. 14 (1945)

1940, May 11 1940 issue ovpted
- 20a crim ovpt, trylon & perisphere
- 35a brtultra ovpt, map & ship
- 45a brtgrn ovpt, Thorfinn Karlsefni sculpture
- 2k dkgray ovpt, Thorfinn Karlsefni sculpture

1941, Nov 17 Snorri Sturluson 700th issue
X 25a rosered Snorri Sturluson
X 50a ultra Snorri Sturluson
X 1k olgrn Snorri Sturluson

1944, Jun 17 Jon Sigurdsson (6 stamps)
X 10a dkgray Jon Sigurdsson
X 25a redbrn Jon Sigurdsson
X 50a slgrn Jon Sigurdsson
X 1k blblk Jon Sigurdsson
- 5k redbrn Jon Sigurdsson
- 10k orgbrn Jon Sigurdsson

1948, Dec 3 Hekla (7 stamps)
X 12a blkvio middle
X 25a grn distant view of Hekla
X 35a carrose closeup
X 50a choc middle
X 60a ultra closeup
X 1k orgbrn distant view of Hekla
X 10k vioblk distant view of Hekla

1949, Oct 9 UPU 75th issue
X 25a dkgrn pack train
X 35a car Reykjavik
X 60a dkbl map of Iceland
X 2k orgred Thingvellir road

1950, Oct 12 1950 issue (14 stamps)
X 5a dkbrn Vestmannaeyjar harbor, p. 13x13.5
X 10a gray p. 13x13.5
X 20a brn p. 13x13.5
X 25a car p. 13x13.5
- 60a grn p. 13x13.5
X 75a redorg
X 90a red p. 13x13.5
X 1k brn p. 13x13.5
X 1.25k redvio fishing trawler, p. 13
X 1.50k ultra p. 13x13.5
X 2k blkvio p. 13x13.5
X 2k grn Snafellsjökull, p. 14 (1957)
X 3k dkbl Eiriksjökull, p. 14 (1957)
X 5k dkgrn p. 13x13.5

1950, Nov 7 Bishop Arason death 400th issue p. 14
- 1.80k car
- 3.30k grn

1951, May 13 postal service 175th issue
X 2k dpultra mail delivery 1776
X 3k dkpur airmail 1951

1952, Apr 1 p. 13
- 25k grayblk Alþingishúsið

1952, Sep 1
X 1.25k bl Bjornsson
X 2.20k grn Bjornsson, p. 14
X 5k ind Bjornsson, p. 14
- 10k redbrn Bjornsson, p. 14

1953, Oct 1 manuscripts (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 10a gray
X 70a grn
X 1k car
X 1.75k bl
X 10k orgbrn

1954, Mar 31 ovptedHekla p. 14
X 5a on 35a carrose closeup

1954, Jun 1 Hafstein appointment 50th issue p. 13.5x13
X 1.25k dkbl Hannes Hafstein
X 2.45k dkgrn Hannes Hafstein
X 5k car Hannes Hafstein

1955, Aug 9 good sport issue p. 14
X 75a brn wrestling
X 1.25k blblk diving
X 1.50k red wrestling (1957)
X 1.75k dkviobl diving

1956, Apr 4 power plants & waterfalls (no perf info) (8 stamps)
X 15a viobl Skógafoss
X 50a dkgrn Ellidaar power plant
X 60a brn Godafoss
X 1.50k dkvio
X 2k sep Dettifoss
X 2.45k dkgray Electricity & waterworks Dettifall
X 3k dkbl Laxar power plant
X 5k dkgrn Gullfoss

1956, Sep 29 telephone&telegraph 50th issue p. 13x13.5
X 2.30k dkbl

1956, Oct 30 Norden 1956 issue p. 12.75
X 1.50k red five whooper swans
X 1.75k bl five whooper swans

1957, May 8 (no perf info)
X 2k grn Snaefellsjokull 1.00–10. .20

1957, May 8
- 3k dkbl Eiriksjokull 1.00–10. .20–.30

1957, May 8 p. 14
X 10k yelbrn Oraefajokull

1957, Aug 1
- 25k grayblk Bessastadir

1957, Sep 4 (no perf info)
X 35a emer reforestation
X 70a blgrn reforestation

1957, Nov 16 p. 13.5x13
X 5k grn & blk Hallgrimsson

1958, Jul 8 flowers (1958 Iceland)
X 1k multi willow herb
X 2.50k multi pansy

1958, Sep 27
X 10a blk Iceland pony
X 1k Iceland pony
X 2.25k brn Iceland pony

1958, Dec 1 flag 40th issue (no perf info)
- 3.50k bl & red
- 50k bl & red

1958, Dec 9 old government building issue p. 11.75
- 1.50k bl (1961)
- 2k dkgrn
X 3k brnred (1961)
- 4k brn

1959, May 5 Jón Thorkelsson death 200th issue p. 13.75x14.25
- 2kr grn Jón Thorkelsson teaching children
- 3kr dlpur Jón Thorkelsson teaching children

1959, Nov 25 fauna (1959) p. 14
X 25a bl salmon
X 90a brn & blk Somateria mollissima
X 2k olgrn & blk eider ducks
- 5k grn Salmo salar

1960, Mar 1 fauna (1960) (no perf info)
X 25k multi Falco rusticolus islandus

1960, Apr 7 World Refugee Year issue
X 2.50k brn
X 4.50k bl

1960, Sep 19 Europa 1960 issue p. 11.75
X 3k grn Europa wheel
X 5.50k bl Europa wheel

1960, Nov 29 flowers 1960 issue - flowers (1962 Iceland)
X 50a multi bellflower (1962)
X 1.20k multi Geranium sylvaticum
X 2.50k multi Taraxacum officinale
X 3.50k multi buttercup (1962)

1961, Jun 17 Jon Sigurdsson 150th issue p. 12.75x14
X 50a red Jon Sigurdsson
- 3k prusbl Jon Sigurdsson
- 5k dkpur Jon Sigurdsson

1961, Aug 18 Reykjavik charter 175th issue p. 11.75
X 2.50k bl & grn
X 4.50k bl & pur

1961, Sep 18 Europa 1961 issue
X 5.50k multi Europa doves
X 6k multi Europa doves

1961, Oct 6 University of Iceland 50th issue (6 stamps)
X 1k redbrn Benedikt Sveinsson - imperforate, imperf
- 1k redbrn Benedikt Sveinsson, p. 11.5
X 1.40k bl Bjorn M. Olsen, p. 11.5
- 1.40k bl Bjorn M. Olsen, imperf
- 10k grn p. 11.5
- 10k imperf
- sheet of 3 types

1962, Jul 6 administration buildings p. 11.75
- 2.50k brtultra
- 4k dkblgrn
- 6k brn

1962, Sep 17 Europa 1962 issue
X 5.50k multi Europa tree
X 6.50k multi Europa tree

1962, Nov 20
X 5k multi submarine cable map
X 7k multi submarine cable map

1963, Feb 22 National Museum of Iceland 100th issue
X 4k multi Sigurdur Gudmundsson
- 5.50k multi

1963, Mar 21 Freedom from Hunger issue
- 5k multi fishing boat
X 7.50k multi fishing boat

1963, Jul 2
X 3k grn view of Akureyri

1963, Sep 16 Europa 1963 issue
- 6k brn & yel Europa interlock
- 7k bl & yel Europa interlock

1964, Jan 17 Iceland Steamship Co 50th issue (no perf info)
X 10k multi S. Gullfoss

1964, Apr 24
X 3.50k multi Icelandic Scout emblem
X 4.50k multi Icelandic Scout emblem

1964, Jun 17 republic 20th issue
X 25k multi

1964, Jul 15 flowers (1964 Iceland)
X 50a ultra & multi Dryas octopetala
X 1k gray & multi Ranunculus glacialis
X 1.50k brn & multi menyantes trifoliata
X 2k ol & multi trifolium repens

1964, Sep 14 Europa 1964 issue
X 4.50k multi Europa flower
X 9k multi Europa flower

1964, Oct 20 Olympics 1964 issue
X 10k

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue
X 4.50k dkblgrn ITU emblem
X 7.50k ITU emblem

1965, Jun 23 Surtsey formation issue p. 11.5
X 1.50k multi eruption cloud
X 2k multi
X 3.50k multi

1965, Sep 27 Europa 1965 issue (no perf info)
- 5k multi Europa leaves & fruit
- 8k multi Europa leaves & fruit

1965, Nov 16 p. 14
- 10k multi Einar Benediktsson
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