Stamps of Portugal, 14 perf

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1894, Mar 4 Prince Henry 500th issue unwmk p. 14 (13 stamps)
- 5r org Prince Henry on ship
- 10r mag Prince Henry on ship
- 15r redbrn Prince Henry on ship
- 20r dlvio Prince Henry on ship
X 25r graygrn Prince Henry the Navigator directing fleet
- 50r bl Prince Henry the Navigator directing fleet
- 75r carrose Prince Henry the Navigator directing fleet
- 80r yelgrn Prince Henry the Navigator directing fleet
- 100r ltbrn Prince Henry the Navigator directing fleet
- 150r car symbolism
- 300r dkbl, salbuff symbolism
- 500r vio, palelil symbolism
X 1000r grayblk, grysh symbolism

1923, May 30 Portugal-Brazil flight issue
X 75c vio Presidents of Portugal & Brazil Aviators

1924, Nov 11 Camoens 400th issue (31 stamps)
X 2c ltbl & blk Camoens at Ceuta
X 3c org & blk Camoens at Ceuta
X 4c dkgray & blk Camoens at Ceuta
X 5c yelgrn & blk Camoens at Ceuta
X 6c lake & blk Camoens at Ceuta
X 8c orgbrn & blk saving the Lusiads
X 10c grayvio & blk saving the Lusiads
X 15c olgrn & blk saving the Lusiads
X 16c viobrn & blk saving the Lusiads
X 20c dporg & blk saving the Lusiads
X 25c lil & blk portrait
X 30c dkbrn & blk portrait
X 32c dkgrn & blk portrait
X 40c ultra & blk portrait
X 48c redbrn & blk portrait
X 50c redorg & blk first edition
X 64c grn & blk first edition
X 75c vio & blk first edition
X 80c yelbrn & blk first edition
X 96c car & blk first edition
X 1e grnbl & blk death of Camoens
X 1.20e brn & blk death of Camoens
X 1.50e red & blk death of Camoens
X 1.60e bl & blk death of Camoens
X 2e ol & blk death of Camoens
X 2.40e grn & blk tomb
X 3e bl & blk tomb
X 3.20e blk & grn tomb
X 4.50e blk & yel tomb
- 10e brn & blk tomb
X 20e vio & blk monument

1926, Aug 13 First Independence issue (18 stamps)
X 2c org & blk Alfons I 1st King of Portugal
X 3c bl & blk King Joao I Dominican Monastery of Batalha
X 4c yelgrn & blk Alfons I 1st King of Portugal
X 5c dkbrn & blk King Joao I Dominican Monastery of Batalha
X 6c yelbrn & blk Alfons I 1st King of Portugal
X 15c ol & blk King Joao I Dominican Monastery of Batalha
X 16c bl & blk Alfons I 1st King of Portugal
X 20c vio & blk Battle of Aljubarrota 1385
X 25c red & blk Filipa de Vilhena Arms her Sons
X 32c grn & blk Battle of Aljubarrota 1385
X 40c Filipa de Vilhena Arms her Sons
X 46c car & blk King Joao I Dominican Monastery of Batalha
X 50c olbrn & blk Filipa de Vilhena Arms her Sons
X 64c blgrn & blk King Joao IV Duke of Braganza
X 75c brnred & blk Filipa de Vilhena Arms her Sons
- 96c red & blk King Joao IV Monument Lisboa
- 1e vio & blk King Joao IV Duke of Braganza
- 1.60e grnbl & blk Battle of Aljubarrota 1385

1926, Nov 30 ovpted
- 2c on 5c dkbrn & blk King Joao I Dominican Monastery of Batalha
- 2c on 46c car & blk King Joao I Dominican Monastery of Batalha

1926, Nov 30 ovpted
- 2c on 64c blgrn & blk King Joao IV Duke of Braganza

1926, Nov 30 ovpted
- 3c on 75c brnred & blk Filipa de Vilhena Arms her Sons

1926, Nov 30 ovpted
- 3c on 96c red & blk King Joao IV Monument Lisboa

1926, Nov 30 ovpted
- 3c on 1e vio & blk King Joao IV Duke of Braganza

1926, Nov 30 ovpted
- 4c on 1.60e grnbl & blk Battle of Aljubarrota 1385

1927, Nov 29 Second Independence issue
X 4.50e Joao Pinto Ribeiro

1928, Nov 28 Third Independence issue (16 stamps)
X 2c bl & blk Gualdim Paes
X 3c grn & blk siege of Santarem
X 4c lake & blk Battle of Rolica
X 5c olgrn & blk Battle of Atoleiros
X 6c orgbrn & blk Joana de Gouveia
X 15c siege of Santarem
X 16c Battle of Rolica
X 25c Gualdim Paes
X 32c Joana de Gouveia
X 40c Battle of Atoleiros
- 50c Battle of Rolica
- 80c siege of Santarem
- 96c Joana de Gouveia
- 1e Battle of Atoleiros
- 1.60e Gualdim Paes
- 4.50e yel & blk Matias de Albuquerque

1931 Lusiads issue Portugal holding Lusiads (19 stamps)
X 4c yelbrn Portugal holding Lusiads
X 5c olgray Portugal holding Lusiads
X 6c gray Portugal holding Lusiads
X 10c vio Portugal holding Lusiads
X 15c blk Portugal holding Lusiads
X 16c brtbl Portugal holding Lusiads
X 25c grn Portugal holding Lusiads
X 25c bl Portugal holding Lusiads (1933)
X 48c ltredbrn Portugal holding Lusiads
X 50c brn Portugal holding Lusiads
X 75c car Portugal holding Lusiads
X 80c emer Portugal holding Lusiads
X 95c pnk Portugal holding Lusiads (1933)
X 1e cl Portugal holding Lusiads
X 1.20e olgrn Portugal holding Lusiads
X 1.25e bl Portugal holding Lusiads
X 1.60e dkbl Portugal holding Lusiads (1933)
X 2e dlvio Portugal holding Lusiads
X 4.50e org Portugal holding Lusiads

1943 1943 issue caravel (17 stamps)
X 5c blk caravel
X 10c caravel
X 15c caravel
X 20c caravel
X 30c caravel
X 35c caravel
X 50c caravel
X 1e caravel
X 1.75e caravel
X 2e caravel
X 2.50e caravel
X 3.50e caravel
X 5e caravel
X 10e blgray caravel
X 15e blgrn caravel
X 20e caravel
X 50e caravel

1948 1948 issue caravel (9 stamps)
X 80c dkgrn caravel (1949)
X 1e pur caravel
X 1.20e car caravel (1949)
X 1.50e ol caravel (1949)
X 1.80e dporg caravel (1949)
X 2e bl caravel (1949)
X 4e redorg caravel (1949)
X 6e ltgrn caravel (1949)
X 7.50e prusbl caravel (1949)

1952, Jun 28
X 1e field hockey
X 3.50e field hockey

1971, Nov 24 missionary martyrdom 400th issue
X 1e missionaries & ship
- 3.30e missionaries & ship
X 4.80e missionaries & ship

1974, Jun 26 Inauguration of Earth Stations issue
- 1.50e multi
- 4.50e multi
X 5.30e multi

1982, May 13 Visit to Portugal by SS Pope John Paul II issue
- 33.50e multi
- Portugal sheet of 3 types

postage due

1940, Feb 1 1940 due issue numeral (11 stamps)
- 5c bis numeral
- 10c numeral
- 20c numeral
- 30c numeral
- 40c numeral
- 50c numeral
- 60c numeral
- 80c numeral
- 1e numeral
- 2e numeral
- 5e numeral

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