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Stamps of Liechtenstein, 1944

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1944 1944 issue unwmk p. 12.5 (14 stamps)
X 3rp brn Planken
X 5rp dkgrn Bendern
X 10rp grayblk Triesen
X 15rp blgrn Ruggell
X 20rp dkcar Vaduz
X 25rp dkvio Triesenberg
X 30rp bl Schaan
X 40rp brn Balzers
X 50rp grayblk Mauren
X 60 grn Schellenberg
X 90rp ol Eschen
- 1fr brnlil Vaduz Castle
X 120rp redbrn Valuena Valley
X 150rp bl Lawena

1944 1944b issue
X 2fr brn Prince
- 3fr grn Princess Georgine

1 to 16 of 16