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Stamps of Austria, 1926

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1925 1925a air issue unwmk p. 12.5
X 10g redorg plane & pilot
X 15g graylil plane & pilot
X 30g plane & pilot
X 50g gray plane & pilot

1925 1925b air issue
- 3s airplane & crane
X 5s airplane & crane
X 10s airplane & crane


1926, Mar 8 Nibelungen issue (6 stamps)
X 3g+2g brnblk Siegried after the battle with the dragon
X 8g+2g dkbl Gunther on the dragonship to Isenland
X 15g+5g brncar Combat between Kriemhild Brunhild before Worms cathedral
X 20g+5g olgrn Hagen the fate sentence of the Danube Mermaids
X 24g+6g dkvio Rudiger von Bechelaren meets the Nibelungen
X 40g+10g Dietrich von Bern defeats Hagen

1 to 13 of 13