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Stamps of Austria, 1935

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1934, Aug 15 1934 issue - costumes of districts unwmk p. 12
X 6g ultra redrawn man Lower Austria
X 2s grn Kaiserschützen from Tyrol

1935, May 1 Mothers Day 1935 issue
X 24g dkbl Mother & Child by Danhauser

1935, Jul 25
X 24g indigo Dolfuss


1935, Aug 16 scenic air issue p. 12.5 (15 stamps)
X 5g vio airplane over Gussing castle
X 10g orgred aircraft over Maria-Wörth Kärnten
X 15g ol aircraft over Dürnstein Lower Austria
X 20g aircraft over Hallstatt Upper Austria
X 25g brncar aircraft over Salzburg
X 30g brnred aircraft over Dachstein Schladming Glacier
X 40g graygrn aircraft over Wettersee in Otztal Tyrol
X 50g aircraft over Stuben am Arlberg
X 60g aircraft over Vienna Stephans Cathedral
X 80g orgbrn aircraft over Vienna Minorites Church
X 1s carred aircraft over Donau Schönbühel Castle Melk Abbey
X 2s dkgrn aircraft over Tauernbahn Viaduct
X 3s brnorg aircraft over Grossglockner road
- 5s dkgrn aircraft over Zugspitz Cable Track
- 10s graybl aircraft over sailing boats on the Attersee

postage due

1935, Jun 1 1935 due issue numeral & arms of Austria (16 stamps)
- 1g red numeral & arms of Austria
- 2g red numeral & arms of Austria
- 3g red numeral & arms of Austria
- 5g red numeral & arms of Austria
- 10g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 12g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 15g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 20g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 24g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 30g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 39g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 60g dkbl numeral & arms of Austria
- 1s grn numeral & arms of Austria
- 2s grn numeral & arms of Austria
- 5s grn numeral & arms of Austria
- 10s grn numeral & arms of Austria


1935, Nov 11 Winterhilfe 1935 issue
X 5g+2g p. 12
X 12g+3g p. 12
X 24g+6g p. 12
- 1s+50g p. 12.5

1935, Dec 1 military leaders (1935) (6 stamps)
- 12+12g orgbrn Prinz Eugen v. Savoyen
- 24+24g grn Laudon by Carl Caspar
- 30+30g carbrn Archduke Carl by Josef Kreutzinger
- 40+40g bl Radetzky 1766-1858 field marshal by Georg Decker
- 60+60g ultra Tegetthoff 1827-71 vice-admiral by Georg Decker
- 64+64g brnvio Conrad von Hötzendorf

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