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Stamps of Austria, 1947

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1945, Oct scenic 1945 issue - scenic (1945) unwmk
X 10g plm Hochosterwitz
X 50g redpur Silvretta Alps, p. 14x14.25
X 60g dkviobl Semmering Lower Austria, p. 14x14.25

1947, Feb 10
X 18g choc Grillparzer, p. 14.5x13.75
X 18g viobrn Grillparzer

1947, Mar 31
X 12g dkgrn Franz Schubert 1947

1947, Sep 1 ovptedscenic (1945)
X 75g on 38g ol Langbathsee, p. 14x14.25
X 1.40s on 16g redbrn Gesausetal, Styria, p. 14

1947, Nov 5 telegraph 100th issue (no perf info)
X 40g dlpur Morse device globe

1947, Dec 10 scenic (1945) (16 stamps)
X 3g ver Lermoos Tyrol
X 5g ver Leopoldsberg
X 10g ver Hochosterwitz
- 15g ver Burg Forchtenstein
X 20g ver Gebhardsberg chapel
X 30g ver Neusiedlersee
X 40g ver Mariazell
X 50g ver Silvretta Alps
- 60g ver Semmering Lower Austria, p. 14x14.25
X 70g ver Badgastein Salzburg, p. 14x14.25
- 80g ver Kaisergebirge, p. 14x14.25
- 90g ver Wayside cross near Trägoss Steiermark, p. 14x14.25
X 1s dkvio Dürnstein Lower Austria, p. 13.75x14.5
X 2s dkvio St Christoph at Arlberg Tyrol, p. 13.75x14.5
X 3s dkvio Heiligenblut Kärnten, p. 13.75x14.5
- 5s dkvio Schönbrunn palace gardens with gloriette Vienna


1947 1947 air issue (7 stamps)
X 50g plane over windmill
X 1s plane over Roman arch
X 2s plane over Town Hall, Gmund
X 3s plane over Schieder Lake
X 4s plane over Praegraten
X 5s plane over Torsaule
X 10s plane over St Charles Church, Vienna

postage due

1947, Aug 14 1947 due issue numeral in oval p. 14 (18 stamps)
- 1g redbrn numeral in oval
- 2g redbrn numeral in oval
- 3g redbrn numeral in oval
- 5g redbrn numeral in oval
- 8g redbrn numeral in oval
- 10g redbrn numeral in oval
- 12g redbrn numeral in oval
- 15g redbrn numeral in oval
- 16g redbrn numeral in oval
- 17g redbrn numeral in oval
- 18g redbrn numeral in oval
- 20g redbrn numeral in oval
- 24g redbrn numeral in oval
- 30g redbrn numeral in oval
- 36g redbrn numeral in oval
- 40g redbrn numeral in oval
- 42g redbrn numeral in oval
- 48g redbrn numeral in oval
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1 to 50 of 74