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Stamps of Austria, 1949

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1948, Jun 1 1948 issue - costumes (1948) unwmk (12 stamps)
X 5g dkgrn woman of Salzburg Pinzgau
X 25g brn woman of Vienna 1850
X 40g grn woman of Vienna 1840
X 50g orgbrn woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald
- 50g orgbrn woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald
X 70g emer woman of Niederosterreich Wachau
X 80g car woman of Ennstal
X 90g dkpur Styria Mittelsteier
X 1s rosered woman of Tyrol Pustertal, p. 14
X 1.20s vio woman of Niederosterreich Wienerwald
X 1.60s brnorg woman of Vienna, 1830
X 3s brnred woman of Burgenland

1949 ovptedcostumes (1948)
- 50g orgbrn ovpt, woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald

1949, May 14 UNICEF issue
X 1s dkbl School child peace dove UNO-badge

1949, Jun 3 composers 1949 issue
X 1s dkbl Strauss younger
X 1s dkbl Karl Millocker

1949, Jun 25 Esperanto issue
X 20g emer Esperanto Star between branches

1949, Aug 6 1000th Anniversary of St. Gebhard issue
X 30g dkvio St. Gebhard

1949, Sep 3 Bruckner 125th issue
X 40g grn Anton Bruckner

1949, Sep 20 100th Anniversary of the Death of Johann Strauss the Elder issue
X 30g dkredbrn Strauss elder

1949, Oct 8 UPU 75th issue
X 40g dkgrn letter posthorn
X 60g car Jubilee tablet
X 1s dkbl Austria & wings

postage due

1949, Nov 17 1949 due issue numeral in square p. 14 (22 stamps)
- 1g rose numeral in square
- 2g rose numeral in square
- 4g rose numeral in square
- 5g rose numeral in square
- 8g rose numeral in square
- 10g rose numeral in square
- 20g rose numeral in square
- 30g rose numeral in square
- 40g rose numeral in square
- 50g rose numeral in square
- 60g rose numeral in square
- 63g rose numeral in square
- 70g rose numeral in square
- 80g rose numeral in square
- 90g rose numeral in square
- 1s vio numeral in square
- 1.20s vio numeral in square
- 1.35s vio numeral in square
- 1.40s vio numeral in square
- 1.50s vio numeral in square
- 1.65s vio numeral in square
- 1.70s vio numeral in square


1949, Apr 13 Happy Childhood - Easter Bunny issue (no perf info)
- 40+10g dkpur
- 60+20g brnred
- 1s+25g dkbl
- 1.40s+35g dkgrn

1949, Aug 17 Repatriates and Prisoners of War Charity 1949 issue
- 40+10g yelbrn & yel Austria's Seal Around 1230
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