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Stamps of Austria, 1964

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1957, Oct 22 buildings issue photo print unwmk p. 15x14
X 50g sl Housing Karl-Marx-Hof Vienna-Heiligenstadt

1964, Apr 17 flowers (1964 Austria) p. 14 (6 stamps)
X 1s multi Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus
X 1.50s multi peony Paeonia officinalis
X 1.80s multi Clematis Clematis Hybrid
X 2.20s multi Dahlia Dahlia hybrida
X 3s multi Japanese Morning Glory Ipomoea nil
X 4s multi Hollyhocks Althaea rosea

1964, May 21 Romanesque Art in Austria issue p. 13.75
X 1.50s blk Apostle bust Stephans Cathedral Magdalena window

1964, May 25 2nd Parliamentary-Scientific Conference Vienna 1964 issue p. 14.5x13.75
X 1.80s blk & ltemer Pallas Athena & council chamber

1964, Jun 5 p. 14
X 3s multi The Kiss, by Klimt

1964, Jun 11 Brothers of Mercy 350th issue p. 14.5x13.75
X 1.50s dkbl Father Gabriel v Ferrara 1543-1627 physician brother of

1964, Jun 15 15th UPU Congress issue p. 14 (8 stamps)
X 1s dkredvio News About the Victory at Kunersdorf by B Bellotto
X 1.20s brn Mail Relay Station by J Hörmann
X 1.50s bl The Honeymoon Trip by M von Schwind
X 1.80s dkvio Riders on Wet Country Lane by J Raffalt
X 2.20s gray Mailcoach in the Mountains by A Klein
X 3s dkredlil Coach at Mail Relay Station by F Gauermann
X 4s prusgrn Halftrack bus in a high mountain region
X 6.40s brn Postoffice Saalbach

1964, Sep 4 labor movement 100th issue p. 14.5x13.75
X 1s blk Working people as a pyramid under a sun

1964, Sep 14 Europa 1964 issue p. 12
X 3s Europa flower

1964, Oct 1 Radio Austria 40th issue p. 13.75
X 1s

1964, Oct 12 p. 14.5x13.75
X 1.50s old printing press


1964, Jul 20 WIPA 1965 in 1964 issue (no perf info) (8 stamps)
- 1.50s+30g multi
- 1.50s+30g multi
- 1.50s+30g multi
- 1.50s+30g multi
- 1.50s+30g multi
- 1.50s+30g multi
- 1.50s+30g multi
- 1.50s+30g multi

1964, Dec 4 Stamp Day 1964 issue
- 3s+70g multi

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