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Stamps of Austria, 1965

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1957, Oct 22 buildings issue photo print unwmk p. 15x14
X 1.50s dkcar Housing Rabenhof Vienna-Erdberg

1965, Apr 20 Schaerf memorial issue p. 12
X 1.50s blk Schaerf

1965, Apr 27 reconstruction 20th issue p. 14.5x13.75
X 1.80s dkredvio New construction behind ruins of houses

1965, May 10 University of Vienna 600th issue
X 3s gold & red Oldest big seal of Vienna University

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue
X 3s viobl Morse key Antenna UIT badge

1965, May 17 Danube Art School exhibition issue p. 14
X 1.80s gray Holy George sculpture of Seitenstetten Benedictine Abbey

1965, Jun 1 1965 portraits issue
X 1.50s Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, p. 14.5x13.75
X 1.50s Bertha von Suttner
X 3s dkviobrn Raimund, p. 14.5x13.75
X 3s blk Ferdinand Waldmüller, p. 14.5x13.75

1965, Jul 20 4th Gymnaestrada issue
X 1.50s blk & blgray gymnasts with gym rod
X 3s Gymnasts with tambourine

1965, Sep 23 p. 13.75
- 8s mar City Hall Steyr

1965, Oct 1 Red Cross conference issue p. 14.5x13.75
X 3s blk & red Strip of gauze in front of Red Cross

1965, Oct 7 Union of Austrian Towns 50th issue p. 14.5x13.5
X 1.50s multi Eagle head with mural crown Austrian flag

1965, Oct 25 UN admission 10th issue p. 12
X 3s multi Flags of Austria UNO in front of UNO building New York

1965, Nov 8 Vienna University of Technology 150th issue p. 13.75x14.5
X 1.50s dkblvio Vienna University of Technology


1965, Jun 4 WIPA 1965 issue p. 14.5x13.75 (6 stamps)
- 1.50+0.40s Hieroglyphics mural painting from Thebes
- 1.80+0.50s Cuneiform script on clay tablet winged bull Assyria
- 2.20+0.60s Roman inscription on waxtable Corinthian pillar
- 3+0.80s Gothic letter with seal Gothic church window Münster cath
- 4+1s Gothic letter tabernacle secretary
- 5+1.20s typewriter with letter

1965, Dec 3 Stamp Day 1965 issue p. 13.75x14.5
- 3+0.70s grn postman delivering letters

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