Stamps of Austria, REPUBLIK OESTERREICH inscription

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1945, Jul 3 arms of Austria unwmk (19 stamps)
X 3pf brn arms of Austria .20 .20
X 4pf sl arms of Austria, p. 14.25x13.75
X 5pf dkgrn arms of Austria
X 6pf dpvio arms of Austria
X 8pf orgbrn arms of Austria
X 10pf dpbrn arms of Austria
X 12pf rosecar arms of Austria
X 15pf orgred arms of Austria
X 16pf dlblgrn arms of Austria
X 20pf ltbl arms of Austria
X 24pf org arms of Austria
X 25pf dkbl arms of Austria
X 30pf dpgraygrn arms of Austria
X 38pf ultra arms of Austria
X 40pf brtredvio arms of Austria
X 42pf sagegrn arms of Austria
X 50pf blgrn arms of Austria
X 60pf maroon arms of Austria
X 80pf dllil arms of Austria

1945, Jul 3 p. 14.25x13.75
X 1m dkgrn arms of Austria
X 2m dkpur arms of Austria
X 3m dkvio arms of Austria
X 5m brnred arms of Austria

1945, Oct scenic 1945 issue - scenic (1945) (27 stamps)
X 3g sapphire Lermoos Tyrol, p. 14
X 4g dporg Eisenerz mine, p. 14 (1946)
X 5g carlake Leopoldsberg
X 6g slgrn Hohensalzburg, p. 14
X 8g brnbis Praterallee Vienna, p. 14
X 8g plum Rathauspark Vienna, p. 14 (1946)
X 8g olgrn Rathauspark Vienna, p. 14 (1946)
X 10g blgrn Neusiedlersee (1946)
X 10g plm Hochosterwitz (1947)
X 12g sep Schafberg, p. 14
X 15g ind Burg Forchtenstein, p. 14 (1946)
X 16g redbrn Gesausetal, Styria, p. 14 (1946)
X 20g dpultra Gebhardsberg chapel, p. 14x14.25 (1946)
X 24g brtgrn mill, Lower Austria, p. 14x14.25 (1946)
X 25g blblk Oetztal, Tirol, p. 14x14.25 (1946)
X 30g brnred Neusiedlersee, p. 14x14.25
X 30g graybl Neusiedlersee (1946)
X 35g brnred Belvedere Palace, p. 14x14.25 (1946)
X 38g ol Langbathsee, p. 14x14.25 (1946)
X 40g sl Mariazell .20 .20
X 42g chnt Traunkirche (1946) .20 .20
X 45g bl Hartenstein castle (1946)
X 50g dkbl Silvretta Alps, p. 14x13.5 .20 .20
X 50g redpur Silvretta Alps, p. 14x14.25 (1947)
X 60g dklil Semmering Lower Austria, p. 14x13.5 .20 .20
X 60g dkviobl Semmering Lower Austria, p. 14x14.25 (1947)
X 70g prusbl Badgastein Salzburg (1946)
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1 to 50 of 690