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1858, Nov 1 1858 issue Franz Josef left (no wmk info) (no perf info) (6 stamps)
- 2kr yel Franz Josef left 14.75
- 3kr blk Franz Josef left 14.75
- 3kr grn Franz Josef left (1859) 14.75 14.75
X 5kr red Franz Josef left 14.75
X 10kr brn Franz Josef left 14.75
X 15kr bl Franz Josef left 14.75

1918, Dec 1918 issue ovpted
X 4kr on issue=1916-4kr-perf=11.5-unissued (0)

1919, Jul 1919 issue unwmk (6 stamps)
X 5h yelgrn arms of Austria 12.5
X 30h dkbrn allegory 12.5
X 60h olgrn posthorn 12.5
X 3kr dkbl & brn Austrian Parliament Building 12.5 11.5
X 7 1/2kr redlil Austrian Parliament Building 12.5
X 50kr dkvio, yel Austrian Parliament Building (1921)

1936, Jul 25 Dolfuss memorial issue
- 10s dkbl Dolfuss 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000

1937, Dec 12
X 12g dkgrn rose & zodiac signs 13
X 24g dkcar rose & zodiac signs 13

1945, May 22 Styria overprints issue ovpted on stamps of Germany (no wmk info) (8 stamps)
- 1m on 1m (22) 14 12.5
- 1m on 1m (22) 14
- 2m on 2m (23) 14 14
- 2m on 2m (23)
- 3m on 3m (16) 12.5 12.5
- 3m on 3m (16)
- 5m on 5m (16) 12.5 12.5
- 5m on 5m (16)

1945, Jun 13 ovpted on stamps of Germany
X 5pf on 5pf (51) 14
X 6pf on 6pf (94) 14.25x13.5
X 8pf on 8pf (34) 14
X 12pf on 12pf (89) 13.5x14.5

1945, Jun 21 1945 overprints issue ovpted on stamps of Germany (5 stamps)
X 5pf on 5pf (51)
- 5pf on 5pf (51)
X 6pf on 6pf (94) 14x14.25
X 8pf on 8pf (34) 14x14.25
X 12pf on 12pf (89) 14x14.25

1945, Jul 3 arms of Austria unwmk (18 stamps)
X 3pf brn arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 5pf dkgrn arms of Austria 14.25x13.75
X 6pf dpvio arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 8pf orgbrn arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 10pf dpbrn arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 12pf rosecar arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 15pf orgred arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 16pf dlblgrn arms of Austria .20 14.25x13.75
X 20pf ltbl arms of Austria .20 14.25x13.75
X 24pf org arms of Austria .20 14.25x13.75
X 25pf dkbl arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 30pf dpgraygrn arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75 14.25x13.75
X 38pf ultra arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75 14.25x13.75
X 40pf brtredvio arms of Austria .20 .20 14.25x13.75
X 42pf sagegrn arms of Austria .20 14.25x13.75 14.25x13.75
X 50pf blgrn arms of Austria .20 14.25x13.75
X 60pf maroon arms of Austria .20 14.25x13.75
X 80pf dllil arms of Austria .20 14.25x13.75 14.25x13.75

1945, Oct scenic 1945 issue - scenic (1945) (10 stamps)
X 5g carlake Leopoldsberg 14
X 10g blgrn Neusiedlersee (1946) 14x14.25
X 10g plm Hochosterwitz (1947) 14
X 30g graybl Neusiedlersee (1946)
X 40g sl Mariazell .20 .20 14x14.25
X 42g chnt Traunkirche (1946) .20 .20 14x14.25
X 45g bl Hartenstein castle (1946) 14x14.25
X 70g prusbl Badgastein Salzburg (1946) 14x14.25
X 80g yelbrn Kaisergebirge (1946) 14x14.25
X 90g prusgrn Wayside cross near Trägoss Steiermark (1946) 14x14.25

1946, Aug
X 1s dkbrn
X 2s dkbl
X 3s dkslbl
X 5s dkred

1947, Feb 10
X 18g viobrn Grillparzer 14.5x13.75 14.5x13.75

1947, Mar 31
X 12g dkgrn Franz Schubert 1947 14.5x13.75

1947, Nov 5 telegraph 100th issue
X 40g dlpur Morse device globe 14.5x13.75

1947, Dec 10 scenic (1945) (9 stamps)
X 3g ver Lermoos Tyrol 14x13.75
X 5g ver Leopoldsberg 14x13.75
X 10g ver Hochosterwitz 14x13.75
- 15g ver Burg Forchtenstein 14x13.75
X 20g ver Gebhardsberg chapel 14x14.25
X 30g ver Neusiedlersee 14x14.25
X 40g ver Mariazell 14x14.25
X 50g ver Silvretta Alps 14x14.25
- 5s dkvio Schönbrunn palace gardens with gloriette Vienna 13.75x14.5

1948, Jan 26
X 20g grn Carl Michael Ziehrer 14.5x13.75

1948, Jan 26
X 60g brnred Friedrich Amerling 14.5x13.75

1948, Jun 1 1948 issue - costumes (1948) (37 stamps)
X 3g dkgraybl woman of Tirol Inn Valley (1950) 14
X 5g dkgrn woman of Salzburg Pinzgau (1949) 14
X 10g bl woman of Salzkammergut with zither 14
X 15g brn woman of Burgenland Lutzmannsburg 14
X 20g yelgrn woman of Vorarlberg Montafon 14
X 25g brn woman of Vienna 1850 (1949) 14
X 30g carrose woman of Salzburg Pongau 14
X 30g dkvio woman of Salzburg Pongau (1950) 14
X 40g vio woman of Vienna 1840 14
X 40g grn woman of Vienna 1840 (1949) 14
X 45g ultra Carinthia Lesachtal-Provincial Costumes 194858 14
X 50g orgbrn woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald (1949) 14
- 50g orgbrn woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald (1949)
X 60g red woman of Kärnten Lavanttal 14
X 70g emer woman of Niederosterreich Wachau (1949) 14
X 75g dkbl woman of Salzkammergut with hat 14
X 80g car woman of Ennstal (1949) 14
X 90g dkpur Styria Mittelsteier (1949) 14
X 1s ultra woman of Tyrol Pustertal 14
X 1s dkgrn woman of Tyrol Pustertal (1951) 14
X 1.20s vio woman of Niederosterreich Wienerwald (1949) 14
X 1.40s brn woman of Upper Austria Inn quarter 14
X 1.45s car woman of Wilten (1951) 14
X 1.50s bl woman of Vienna, 1853 (1951) 14
X 1.60s brnorg woman of Vienna, 1830 (1949) 14
X 1.70s dkultra woman of East Tirol (1950) 14
X 2s dkgrnbl woman of Upper Austria 14
X 2.20s graybl woman of Ischl 1820 (1952) 14
X 2.40s bl woman of Kitzbuhel (1951) 14
X 2.50s orgbrn woman of Obersteiermark 1850 (1952) 14
X 2.70s brn woman of Kleines Walsertal (1951) 14
X 3s brnred woman of Burgenland (1949) 14
X 3.50s dkgrn woman of Lower Austria 1850 (1951) 14
X 4.50s pur woman of Gailtal (1951) 14
X 5s redvio woman of Zillertal 14
X 7s brnzgrn woman of Steiermark, Sulmtal (1952) 14
X 10s gray woman of Vienna 1850 with big hat (1950) 14.5x13.75

1948, Sep 6 80th Anniversary of the Death of Adalbert Stifter issue
X 40g dkbrn Adalbert Stifter 14.5x13.75

1948, Nov 12 founding 30th issue
X 1s dkbl Renner 14.5x13.75

1948, Dec 18 hymn 130th issue
X 60g brnred Franz Gruber & Josef Mohr 13.75x14.5

1949 ovptedcostumes (1948)
- 50g orgbrn ovpt, woman of Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald

1949, May 14 UNICEF issue
X 1s dkbl School child peace dove UNO-badge 14.5x13.75

1949, Jun 3 composers 1949 issue
X 1s dkbl Strauss younger 14.5x13.75
X 1s dkbl Karl Millocker 14.5x13.75

1949, Jun 25 Esperanto issue
X 20g emer Esperanto Star between branches 14.5x13.75

1949, Aug 6 1000th Anniversary of St. Gebhard issue
X 30g dkvio St. Gebhard 14.5x13.75

1949, Sep 3 Bruckner 125th issue
X 40g grn Anton Bruckner 14.5x13.75

1949, Sep 20 100th Anniversary of the Death of Johann Strauss the Elder issue
X 30g dkredbrn Strauss elder 14.5x13.75

1949, Oct 8 UPU 75th issue
X 40g dkgrn letter posthorn 13.75x14.5
X 60g car Jubilee tablet 13.75x14.5
X 1s dkbl Austria & wings 13.75x14.5

1950, Jan 25 160th Anniversary of the Birth of Moritz Daffinger, 1790-1849 issue
X 60g redbrn Daffinger 14.5x13.75

1950, Feb 20 portraits 1950 issue
X 60g dkvio Andre Hofer 14.5x13.75
- 60g pur Josef Madersperger 14.5x13.75

1950, May 20 stamp 100th issue
X 1s blk stamp 14.5

1950, Dec 5 100th Anniversary of the Birth Alexander Girardi issue
X 30g dlbl Alexander Girardi 14.5x13.75

1951, Mar 3 Renner memorial issue
X 1s blk Renner 14

1951, Apr 12 Lanner 150th issue
X 60g dkgrn Joseph Lanner 1801-43 waltz composer by J Kriehuber 14.5x13.75

1951, Jun 28 Martin Johann Schmidt death 150th issue
X 1s brnred Martin Johann Schmidt 14.5x13.75

1951, Aug 3
X 1s multi Boy Scout emblem 14.5x13.75

1951, Oct 3 composers 1951 issue
X 1.50s dkbl Wilhelm Kienzl 14.5x13.75

1952, Mar 2 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Karl Ritter von Ghega, 1802-60 issue
X 1s dkgrn von Gheg 14.5x13.75

1952, Mar 3 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Josef Schrammel issue
X 1.50s dkbl Schrammel 14.5x13.75

1952, May 24 Zoo Schonbrunn 200th issue
X 1.50s dkgrn Former Imperial breakfast pavillion build 1759 13.75x14.5

1952, Jul 1 IUSY issue
X 1.50s dkbl 14.5x13.75

1952, Aug 13
X 1s blgrn Lenau 14.5x13.75

1952, Sep 6 International Children's Correspondence issue
X 2.40s dpviobl school girl 14.5x13.75

1953, Feb 21 50th Anniversary of the Death of Hugo Wolf issue
X 1.50s dpbl Hugo Wolf 14.5x13.75

1953, Apr 24 80th Anniversary of the Birth of Dr. Theodor Körner issue
X 1.50s dkviobl Dr. Theodor Körner 14.5x13.75

1953, Oct 17
X 1.50s dkgray State Theater, Linz 13.75x14.5

1953, Nov 30 Christmas 1953 issue
X 1s dkgrn girl with decorated Christmas tree 14.5x13.75

1954, Jan 31 Moritz von Schwind 150th issue
X 1.50s pur Moritz von Schwind 14.5x13.75

1954, Feb 19
X 1.50s pur Karl von Rokitansky 14.5x13.75

1954, Jun 5 Esperanto 50th issue
X 1s dkbrn & emer Esperanto Star surrounded by leaves 13.75x14.5

1954, Aug 4 Rottmayr 300th issue
X 1s dkblgrn Johann Michael Rottmayr 14.5x13.75

1954, Aug 4 25th Anniversary of the Death of Dr. Carl Auer Baron of Welsbach issue
X 1.50s viobl Carl Auer - Welsbach 14.5x13.75

1954, Oct 2 2nd International Congress of Catholic Church Music issue
X 1s brn Putto in front of Bruckner organ abbey church St Florian 14.5x13.75

1954, Nov 30 Christmas 1954 issue
X 1s dkbl girl looking at Christmas tree 14.5x13.75

1954, Dec 18 state printing plant 150th issue
X 1s salmon & blk 13.75x14.5

1955, Apr 27 liberation 10th issue (5 stamps)
X 70g vio Parliament building Vienna 13.75x14.5
X 1s dkbl West Station Vienna 13.75x14.5
X 1.45s red Flag made of the word Freiheit Freedom 13.75x14.5
X 1.50s brn Residential buildings Per-Albin-Hansson Vienna 13.75x14.5
X 2.40s dkblgrn Limberg river dam Kaprun 13.75x14.5

1955, May 15 ovpted (no wmk info)
X 2s blgray ovpt, arms 14

1955, May 20 unwmk
X 1s indigo workers climbing globe 13.75x14.5

1955, Jul 25 reopening issue
X 1.50s ltsepia Burgtheater 13.75x14.5
X 2.40s dkbl Vienna State Opera 13.75x14.5

1955, Oct 24 UN 10th issue
X 2.40s grn 13.75x14.5

1956, Jan 21 Mozart 200th issue
X 2.40s slbl Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 14.5x13.75

1956, Feb 20 UN admission issue
X 2.40s choc 14.5x13.75

1956, May 4 5th World Energy Conference issue
X 2.40s bl 13.75x14.5

1956, Jun 8 23rd International Congress for Housing and Town Planning issue
X 1.45s ltgrn & red map of Europe & cities 14.5x13.75

1956, Jul 20
X 1.50s brn von Erlach 14.5x13.75

1957, Jan 11 Koerner memorial issue
X 1.50s grayblk Koerner 14.5x13.75

1957, Mar 7 Wagner-Jauregg 100th issue
X 2.40s brnvio Wagner-Jauregg 14.5x13.75

1957, Jun 14
X 1s blk, yel postal bus 13.75x14.5

1957, Jul 27
X 1.50s graybl Gasherbrum II 13.75x14.5

1957, Oct 22 buildings issue (13 stamps)
X 50g blblk Housing Karl-Marx-Hof Vienna-Heiligenstadt (1959) 14x13.75
X 1s choc
X 1s choc Basilica of Mariazell (1960) 15x14
X 1.40s brtgrnbl State parliament house Klagenfurt (1960) 14x13.75 14x13.75
X 1.50s roselake Housing Rabenhof Vienna-Erdberg (1958) 14x13.75
X 1.80s brtultra Coining tower Hall iT (1960) 14x13.75 14x13.75
X 2s dlbl Church of Grace Christkindl (1958) 14x13.75
X 3.40s yelgrn Steiner-Gate Krems ad Danube (1960) 14x13.75 14x13.75
X 4s redvio Vienna-Gate Hainburg ad Danube (1960) 14x13.75 14x13.75
X 5.50s grngray Churer Gate Feldkirch Vorarlberg (1960) 14x13.75
X 6s brtvio State parliament house Graz (1960) 14x13.75
X 6.40s brtbl Golden Roof House Innsbruck (1960) 14x13.75
X 10s dkblgrn Heidenreichstein Castle 14

1958 National Costumes 1958 issue (10 stamps)
- 5g grn
- 10g ltbl
- 20g grn
- 25g brn (1959)
- 30g vio
- 40g vio
- 50g ltbrn
- 60g red
- 70g grn
- 80g red
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