Stamps of Austria, 12.5 perf

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1916, Oct 1 1916 issue unwmk p. 12.5 (19 stamps)
X 3h brtvio Austrian crown
X 5h yelgrn Austrian crown
X 6h dporg Austrian crown
X 10h mag Austrian crown
X 12h ltbl Austrian crown
X 15h mag Franz Josef
X 20h choc Franz Josef
X 25h bl Franz Josef
X 30h sl Franz Josef
X 40h olgrn arms of Austria
X 50h blgrn arms of Austria
X 60h dpbl arms of Austria
X 80h orgbrn arms of Austria
X 90h redvio arms of Austria
X 1kr car, yel arms of Austria (1918)
X 2kr dkbl arms of Austria
X 3kr cl arms of Austria
X 4kr dpgrn arms of Austria
X 10kr dpvio arms of Austria

X 2kr ltbl arms of Austria
X 3kr carrose arms of Austria
X 4kr yelgrn arms of Austria
- 10kr vio arms of Austria

1917, May
X 15h dlred Emperor Karl I
X 20h grn Emperor Karl I
X 25h bl Emperor Karl I
X 30h dlvio Emperor Karl I

- 20h dkgrn Emperor Karl I

1918 granite paper
X 2kr prusbl arms of Austria
X 3kr arms of Austria
- 4kr arms of Austria
- 10kr ltvio arms of Austria

1918, Dec 1918 issue ovpted (19 stamps)
X 3h brtvio ovpt, Austrian crown
X 5h yelgrn ovpt, Austrian crown
X 6h dporg ovpt, Austrian crown
X 10h mag ovpt, Austrian crown
X 12h ltbl ovpt, Austrian crown
X 15h mag ovpt, Franz Josef
X 20h choc ovpt, Franz Josef
X 25h bl ovpt, Franz Josef
X 30h sl ovpt, Franz Josef
X 40h olgrn ovpt, arms of Austria
X 50h blgrn ovpt, arms of Austria
X 60h dpbl ovpt, arms of Austria
X 80h orgbrn ovpt, arms of Austria
X 90h redvio ovpt, arms of Austria
X 1kr car, yel ovpt, arms of Austria
X 2kr dkbl ovpt, arms of Austria
- 3kr cl ovpt, arms of Austria
- 4kr dpgrn ovpt, arms of Austria
- 10kr dpvio ovpt, arms of Austria

1919, Jul 1919 issue (22 stamps)
X 3h gray posthorn
X 5h gray arms of Austria (1920)
X 6h org posthorn
X 10h dprose arms of Austria
X 10h red arms of Austria (1920)
X 12h grnbl posthorn
X 15h bis posthorn (1920)
X 20h grn allegory
X 25h bl arms of Austria
X 25h vio posthorn (1920)
X 40h lake allegory
X 40h vio allegory
X 45h olgrn arms of Austria
X 50h dkbl allegory
X 1kr car, yel arms of Austria
X 1kr ltbl arms of Austria
X 2kr ver & blk Austrian Parliament Building
X 2 1/2kr olbis Austrian Parliament Building (1920)
X 4kr rose & blk Austrian Parliament Building
X 5kr blk Austrian Parliament Building (1920)
X 10kr dkolgrn & blkbrn Austrian Parliament Building
X 20kr Austrian Parliament Building

1920, May 1920 issue
X 80h rose arms of Austria
X 1kr blkbrn arms of Austria
X 1 1/2kr grn arms of Austria (1921)
X 2kr bl arms of Austria

1921, Aug arms of Austria (5 stamps)
X 3kr yelgrn & blk arms of Austria
X 4kr carbrn & ver arms of Austria
X 5kr grayvio & pur arms of Austria
X 7 1/2kr orgyel & brn arms of Austria
X 10kr arms of Austria

1922 1922a issue - symbols (38 stamps)
X 1/2kr olbis agriculture
X 1kr brn symbols of labor & industry
X 2kr bl symbols of labor & industry
X 2 1/2kr orgbrn agriculture
X 4kr dlvio symbols of labor & industry
X 5kr graygrn symbols of labor & industry
X 7 1/2kr grayvio agriculture
X 10kr cl symbols of labor & industry
X 12 1/2kr graygrn agriculture
X 15kr blgrn agriculture
X 20kr dkbl agriculture
X 25kr cl agriculture
X 30kr palegray symbols of labor & industry
X 45kr palered symbols of labor & industry
X 50kr orgbrn symbols of labor & industry
X 60kr yelgrn symbols of labor & industry .20 .20
X 75kr ultra symbols of labor & industry .20 .20
X 80kr yel symbols of labor & industry .20 .20
X 100kr gray agriculture
X 120kr brn agriculture .20
X 150kr org agriculture .20 .20
X 160kr yelgrn agriculture .20 .20
X 180kr red agriculture .20
X 200kr redcar agriculture
X 240kr vio agriculture .20
X 300kr bl agriculture
X 400kr grn agriculture
X 500kr yel agriculture
X 600kr sl agriculture
X 700kr brn agriculture (1924)
X 800kr vio agriculture (1924)
X 1000kr vio symbols of labor & industry (1923)
X 1200kr carrose symbols of labor & industry (1923)
X 1500kr org symbols of labor & industry (1924)
X 1600kr sl symbols of labor & industry (1923)
X 2000kr dpbl symbols of labor & industry (1923)
X 3000kr ltbl symbols of labor & industry (1923)
X 4000kr dkbl, bl symbols of labor & industry (1924)

1922 1922b issue - symbols symbols of art & science (11 stamps)
X 20kr dkbrn symbols of art & science
X 25kr bl symbols of art & science
X 50kr brnred symbols of art & science
X 100kr dkgrn symbols of art & science
X 200kr dkvio symbols of art & science
X 500kr symbols of art & science
X 1000kr symbols of art & science
X 2000kr symbols of art & science
X 3000kr redbrn symbols of art & science
X 5000kr grayblk symbols of art & science (1923)
X 10000kr redbrn symbols of art & science

1925, Jun 1 1925 due issue numeral & rays (16 stamps)
- 6g red numeral & rays
- 8g red numeral & rays
- 10g dkbl numeral & rays
- 12g dkbl numeral & rays
- 14g dkbl numeral & rays
- 15g dkbl numeral & rays
- 16g dkbl numeral & rays
- 18g dkbl numeral & rays
- 20g dkbl numeral & rays
- 23g dkbl numeral & rays
- 24g dkbl numeral & rays
- 28g dkbl numeral & rays
- 30g dkbl numeral & rays
- 31g dkbl numeral & rays
- 35g dkbl numeral & rays
- 39g dkbl numeral & rays

1937, May 5 Mothers Day 1937 issue
X 24g hennabrn Child congratulates his mother

1937, Nov 22 Austrian railways 100th issue
X 12g blkbrn 1-A-n2 tender locomotive Austria 1837
X 25g dkvio 1-D2-h2 express tender locomotive BR 214 1937
X 35g brnred electric train

2010, Jun 14 Austria-Israel Joint Issue issue
- 0.75€ multi Simon Wiesenthal in Star of David


1922 1922 air issue (6 stamps)
X 300kr hawk
X 600kr hawk
X 900kr redorg hawk
X 1200kr dkviobrn Wilhelm Kress
X 2400kr dkgrnbl Wilhelm Kress
X 4800kr Wilhelm Kress (1923)

1925 1925a air issue plane & pilot (11 stamps)
X 2g graybrn plane & pilot
X 5g red plane & pilot
X 6g prusbl plane & pilot
X 8g yelgrn plane & pilot
X 10g redorg plane & pilot (1926)
X 15g graylil plane & pilot (1926)
- 20g brnorg plane & pilot (1930)
- 25g vio plane & pilot (1930)
X 30g plane & pilot (1926)
X 50g gray plane & pilot (1926)
- 80g grn plane & pilot (1930)

1925 1925b air issue airplane & crane (9 stamps)
X 10g redorg airplane & crane
X 15g graylil airplane & crane
X 30g airplane & crane
X 50g airplane & crane
- 1s airplane & crane
X 2s airplane & crane
- 3s airplane & crane (1926)
X 5s airplane & crane (1926)
X 10s airplane & crane (1926)

1935, Aug 16 scenic air issue (15 stamps)
X 5g vio airplane over Gussing castle
X 10g orgred aircraft over Maria-Wörth Kärnten
X 15g ol aircraft over Dürnstein Lower Austria
X 20g aircraft over Hallstatt Upper Austria
X 25g brncar aircraft over Salzburg
X 30g brnred aircraft over Dachstein Schladming Glacier
X 40g graygrn aircraft over Wettersee in Otztal Tyrol
X 50g aircraft over Stuben am Arlberg
X 60g aircraft over Vienna Stephans Cathedral
X 80g orgbrn aircraft over Vienna Minorites Church
X 1s carred aircraft over Donau Schönbühel Castle Melk Abbey
X 2s dkgrn aircraft over Tauernbahn Viaduct
X 3s brnorg aircraft over Grossglockner road
- 5s dkgrn aircraft over Zugspitz Cable Track
- 10s graybl aircraft over sailing boats on the Attersee


1915 1915a military issue ovpted on stamps of Bosnia & Herzegovina Franz Josef (7 stamps)
- 1h olgrn ovpt, Franz Josef
- 2h ltbl ovpt, Franz Josef
- 3h cl ovpt, Franz Josef
- 5h grn ovpt, Franz Josef
- 6h blk ovpt, Franz Josef
- 10h carrose ovpt, Franz Josef
- 12h dkgrn ovpt, Franz Josef
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