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Stamps of Netherlands, 1944

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1943, May 15 symbols & heroes issue wmk. circles p. 12.5x12
X 17 1/2c ind Wilhelm Joseph van Gent 1626-72 admiral
X 25c orgred de Vries
X 30c bl Cornelis Tromp

1944, Jun 15 independence regained issue unwmk p. 12.5 (15 stamps)
X 1 1/2c blk soldier advancing with bayonet fixed
X 2 1/2c grn Nieuw Amsterdam
X 3c brn airplane pilot in cockpit
X 5c dkbl cruiser De Ruyter
X 7 1/2c ver Queen Wilhelmina
X 10c yelorg Queen Wilhelmina
X 12 1/2c ultra Queen Wilhelmina
X 15c redbrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 17 1/2c graygrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c vio Queen Wilhelmina
X 22 1/2c rosered Queen Wilhelmina
X 25c brnorg Queen Wilhelmina
X 30c blgrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 40c dkviobrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 50c redvio Queen Wilhelmina


1944, Mar 6 Winter Help 1944 issue p. 12.5x12 (5 stamps)
- 1 1/2c+3 1/2c dkgray
- 4c+3 1/2C brnvio
- 5+5c dkgrn
- 7 1/2c+7 1/2C redbrn
- 10+40c bl

1 to 23 of 23