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Stamps of Netherlands, 1953

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1953, Jul 1 1953 issue wmk. circles (15 stamps)
X 3c brn numeral
X 5c org numeral
X 6c gray numeral
X 7c ver numeral
X 10c dkredbrn Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 12c dkprusgrn Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 15c dpcar Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 20c dkgray Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 25c dpbl Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 30c dporg Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 40c dksl Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 45c scar Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 50c dkblgrn Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 60c brnbis Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5
X 75c dpplum Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5


1953, Sep 9 unwmk (no perf info)
- 25c dkbl


1953, Sep 16 1953 Cour international de Justice issue wmk. circles p. 12.5x12 (5 stamps)
- 3c ultra Peace Palace The Hague
- 5c sep Peace Palace The Hague
- 6c
- 7c Peace Palace The Hague
- 15c Queen Juliana

postage due

1947 1947 due issue p. 13.5x12.75
- 14c bl numeral


1953, Feb 10 flood relief 1953 issue ovpted p. 13.5x12.5
- 10+10c on 10c org Queen Juliana

1953, May 1 summer 1953 issue - flowers (1954) p. 12.5x12 (5 stamps)
- 2+2c bl Common Hyacinth Hyacinthus orientalis
- 5+3c org Mexican Marigold Tagetes erecta
- 6+4c grn Wild Daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus
- 10+5c red Spanish Marigold Anemone coronaria
- 20+5c bl Iris germanica

1953, Aug 24 Red Cross 1953 issue (5 stamps)
- 2+3c gray Red Cross in shield
- 6+4c brn & red Red Cross worker holding lantern
- 7+5c ol Red Cross worker aiding at flooding
- 10+5c red Red Cross nurse with blood transfusion
- 25+8c bl Red Cross flags

1953, Nov 16 child welfare 1953 issue p. 12x12.5 (5 stamps)
- 2+3c multi Girls head with toys & flag
- 5+3c multi Boys head with apple
- 7+5c multi Girls head with pigeon
- 10+5c multi Boys head with sailing ship
- 25+8c multi Girls head with tulip

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