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Stamps of Netherlands, 1969

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1969 1969 issue unwmk (18 stamps)
X 25c orgred Queen Juliana
X 30c brn Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 35c grnbl Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 40c Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 45c Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 50c vio Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 60c dkgraybl Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 70c olyel Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 75c dkblgrn Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 80c Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 90c dkgray Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 1g olgrn Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 1.25g dkcarbrn Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 1.50g Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 2g redvio Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 2.50g grnbl Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 5g dkgray Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14 1.00–10. .20–.30
X 10g dpultra Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14

1969, Feb 25 ILO 50th issue p. 14x12.75
X 25c blk & orgred
- 45c blk & ultra

1969, Apr 28 Europa 1969 issue
X 25c bl
- 45c red

1969, Sep 8 customs union 25th issue p. 12.75x14
X 25c multi Flag ribbon

1969, Sep 30 Erasmus 500th issue
X 25c grn & brnvio Erasmus

1969, Dec 15 Charter of the Kingdom 15th issue p. 14x12.75
X 25c multi Queen Juliana & rising sun


1969, Apr 15 social 1969 issue (5 stamps)
- 12+8c multi Huis ter heide 1915
- 15+10c multi Schröderhuis Utrecht 1924
- 20+10c multi Open air school Amsterdam 1930
- 25+10c multi Civic orphanage Amsterdam 1960
- 45+20c multi Congress building The Hague 1969

1969, Aug 12 20th Anniversary of the Wilhelmina Foundation issue p. 12.75x14
- 12+8c vio
- 25+10c org
- 45+20c grn

1969, Nov 11 child welfare 1969 issue (no perf info) (5 stamps)
- 12+8c multi child with flute
- 15+10c multi child with violin
- 20+10c multi child with drum
- 25+10c multi children singing
- 45+20c multi children dancing

1 to 38 of 38