Stamps of Netherlands, unwmk watermark

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1864, May 12 unwmk p. 12.5x12
X 5c bl King William III
X 10c lake King William III
- 15c org King William III

1867, Oct 1 King William III (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 5c ultra King William III
X 10c lake King William III
- 15c orgbrn King William III
X 20c dkgrn King William III
- 25c dkvio King William III
- 50c gold King William III

1869 arms of the Netherlands (6 stamps)
X 1/2c redbrn arms of the Netherlands, p. 13.25
- 1c blk arms of the Netherlands
X 1c grn arms of the Netherlands, p. 13.25
- 1 1/2c rose arms of the Netherlands, p. 13.25
X 2c buff arms of the Netherlands, p. 14
- 2 1/2c vio arms of the Netherlands, p. 13.25

1872 1872 issue King William III (11 stamps)
X 5c ultra King William III
X 7 1/2c redbrn King William III, p. 12.5x12 (1888)
X 10c rose King William III
X 12 1/2c gray King William III (1875)
X 15c brnorg King William III
X 20c grn King William III
X 22 1/2c dkgrn King William III, p. 12.5x12 (1888) 10.–100 10.–100
X 25c dlvio King William III
X 50c bis King William III
X 1g grayvio King William III
- 2g50c rose & ultra King William III

X 1/2c rose numeral
X 1c emer numeral
X 2c olyel numeral
X 2 1/2c vio numeral

1891 1891 issue Queen Wilhelmina p. 12.5 (11 stamps)
X 3c org Queen Wilhelmina
X 5c dlbl Queen Wilhelmina
X 7 1/2c brn Queen Wilhelmina
X 10c rosecar Queen Wilhelmina
X 12 1/2c blgray Queen Wilhelmina
X 15c yelbrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c grn Queen Wilhelmina
X 22 1/2c dkgrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 25c dlvio Queen Wilhelmina
X 50c yelbrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 1g grayvio Queen Wilhelmina

1896 1896 issue p. 11.5x11
X 50c emer & yelbrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 1g brn & olgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 2g50c brtrose & ultra Queen Wilhelmina
- 5g brnzgrn & redbrn Queen Wilhelmina

1898 1898 issue p. 12.5 (27 stamps)
X 1/2c vio numeral
X 1c red numeral
X 1 1/2c ultra numeral (1908)
X 1 1/2c dpbl numeral (1913)
X 2c yelbrn numeral
X 2 1/2c dpgrn numeral
X 3c org Queen Wilhelmina
X 3c paleolgrn Queen Wilhelmina (1901)
- 4c cl Queen Wilhelmina
- 4 1/2c vio Queen Wilhelmina 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
X 5c carrose Queen Wilhelmina
X 7 1/2c brn Queen Wilhelmina
X 10c gray Queen Wilhelmina
X 12 1/2c bl Queen Wilhelmina
X 15c yelbrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 15c bl & car Queen Wilhelmina (1908)
X 17 1/2c vio Queen Wilhelmina
X 17 1/2c ultra & brn Queen Wilhelmina (1910)
X 20c yelgrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c olgrn & gray Queen Wilhelmina (1908)
X 22 1/2c brn & olgrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 25c car & bl Queen Wilhelmina
X 30c lil & viobrn Queen Wilhelmina (1917)
X 40c grn & org Queen Wilhelmina (1920)
X 50c brnzgrn & redbrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 50c gray & vio Queen Wilhelmina (1914)
X 60c olgrn & grn Queen Wilhelmina (1920)

1898, Sep 6 1898b issue Queen Wilhelmina (5 stamps)
- 1g dkgrn Queen Wilhelmina, v. type1
X 1g dkgrn Queen Wilhelmina, v. type2, p. 11 and 11.5 (1899)
- 2 1/2g brnlil Queen Wilhelmina (1899)
- 5g cl Queen Wilhelmina (1899)
- 10g org Queen Wilhelmina, p. 11 (1905) 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000

1907, Mar 23 de Ruyter 300th issue p. 12x12.5
X 1/2c bl Admiral de Ruyter & fleet
X 1c cl Admiral de Ruyter & fleet
X 2 1/2c ver Admiral de Ruyter & fleet

1913, Nov 29 independence 100th issue (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 2 1/2c grn, grn King William I
- 3c buff King William II
- 5c rosered King William III
X 10c grayblk Queen Wilhelmina
- 12 1/2c dpbl King William I
- 20c orgbrn King William II
- 25c ltbl King William III
- 50c yelgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 1g cl King William I
- 2 1/2g dlvio King William II
- 5g yel King William III
- 10g red Queen Wilhelmina

1919, Dec 1 ovpted p. 12.5
X 40c on 30c lil & viobrn Queen Wilhelmina 10.–100 1.00–10.
X 60c on 30c lil & viobrn Queen Wilhelmina 10.–100 1.00–10.

1920, Aug 17 ovpted (no perf info)
- 2.50g on 10g red Queen Wilhelmina

1920, Aug 17 ovpted p. 11
- 2.50g on 10g org Queen Wilhelmina 10.–100 10.–100

1921, Mar 1 ovpted p. 12.5
X 4c on 4 1/2c vio Queen Wilhelmina

1921, Aug 5
X 5c grn numeral
- 12 1/2c ver numeral
X 20c bl numeral

- 5c Queen Wilhelmina redrawn, imperf
- 10c Queen Wilhelmina redrawn, imperf
X 10c gray Queen Wilhelmina redrawn, p. 12

1923 ovpted p. 12.5
- 10c on 3c paleolgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 1g on 17 1/2c ultra & brn Queen Wilhelmina

1923, Mar 1923 issue
X 1c dkvio orange tree & lion
X 2c org orange tree & lion
X 2 1/2c blgrn lion in posthorn
X 4c dpbl numeral in lozenge

1923, Aug ovpted
X 2c on 1 1/2c dpbl numeral
X 2c on 1c red numeral

1923, Aug ovpted Queen Wilhelmina (5 stamps)
- 10c on 12 1/2c bl Queen Wilhelmina
- 10c on 22 1/2c brn & olgrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 10c on 5c carrose Queen Wilhelmina
X 10c on 3c paleolgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 10c on 17 1/2c ultra & brn Queen Wilhelmina

1923, Aug 31 Queen Wilhelmina reign 25th issue (no perf info) (11 stamps)
X 2c myrgrn Queen Wilhelmina profile
X 5c grn Queen Wilhelmina seated
X 7 1/2c car Queen Wilhelmina profile
X 10c ver Queen Wilhelmina profile
X 20c ultra Queen Wilhelmina profile
X 25c yel Queen Wilhelmina profile
- 35c org Queen Wilhelmina profile
X 50c blk Queen Wilhelmina profile
- 1g red Queen Wilhelmina seated
- 2 1/2g blk Queen Wilhelmina seated
- 5g dkbl Queen Wilhelmina seated

1924, Sep 1924 issue p. 12.5 (19 stamps)
- 1c red gull
- 2c redorg gull
X 2 1/2c dpgrn gull
- 3c yelgrn gull (1925)
X 4c dpultra gull
- 5c dkgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 6c orgbrn Queen Wilhelmina (1925)
X 7 1/2c org Queen Wilhelmina (1925)
- 9c orgred & blk Queen Wilhelmina (1926)
X 10c ver Queen Wilhelmina
- 12 1/2c dprose Queen Wilhelmina
X 15c ultra Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c bl Queen Wilhelmina (1925)
- 25c olgrn Queen Wilhelmina (1925)
- 30c vio Queen Wilhelmina
- 35c olbrn Queen Wilhelmina (1925)
- 40c brn Queen Wilhelmina
- 50c blgrn Queen Wilhelmina (1925)
- 60c dkvio Queen Wilhelmina (1925)

1924, Sep 6
- 10c slgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 15c grayblk Queen Wilhelmina
- 35c brnorg Queen Wilhelmina

1924, Sep 15 lifeboat society 100th issue p. 11.5
- 2c blkbrn ship in distress
- 10c orgbrn lifeboat

X 1g dkbl Queen Wilhelmina
X 2 1/2g car Queen Wilhelmina, p. 12.5
X 5g blk Queen Wilhelmina

1925 1924 syncopated issue Queen Wilhelmina p. 12.5 (12 stamps)
- 5c dkgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 6c redbrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 7 1/2c yel Queen Wilhelmina
- 10c ver Queen Wilhelmina
- 12 1/2c dkpnk Queen Wilhelmina
- 15c ultra Queen Wilhelmina
- 20c graybl Queen Wilhelmina
- 25c ltol Queen Wilhelmina
- 30c lil Queen Wilhelmina
- 40c brn Queen Wilhelmina
- 50c emer Queen Wilhelmina
- 60c vio Queen Wilhelmina

1933, Apr 1 1933 issue
X 1 1/2c blk arms
X 5c grn William the Silent
X 6c brnvio William the Silent
- 12 1/2c bl William the Silent

1934, Jul 2 Curacao 300th issue (no perf info)
X 6c blk Willemstad harbor ships
X 12 1/2c bl Van Walbeecks ship ships

1939, Jun 15 St Willibrord death 1200th issue
X 5c graygrn St Willibrord
X 12 1/2c dkbl St Willibrord older

1944, Jun 15 independence regained issue p. 12.5 (15 stamps)
X 1 1/2c blk soldier advancing with bayonet fixed
X 2 1/2c grn Nieuw Amsterdam
X 3c brn airplane pilot in cockpit
X 5c dkbl cruiser De Ruyter
X 7 1/2c ver Queen Wilhelmina
X 10c yelorg Queen Wilhelmina
X 12 1/2c ultra Queen Wilhelmina
X 15c redbrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 17 1/2c graygrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c vio Queen Wilhelmina
X 22 1/2c rosered Queen Wilhelmina
X 25c brnorg Queen Wilhelmina
X 30c blgrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 40c dkviobrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 50c redvio Queen Wilhelmina

1945, Jul 15 p. 12.5x14
X 7 1/2c redorg Dutch lion fighting the dragon

1946 (no perf info)
- 1g graybl Queen Wilhelmina
- 2 1/2g redbrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 5g dkgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 10g dkgrayvio Queen Wilhelmina

1948, Aug 30 Queen Wilhelmina reign 50th issue
X 10c ver Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c bl Queen Wilhelmina

1949 1949 issue p. 12.5x12
X 1g red Queen Juliana
- 2 1/2g sep Queen Juliana
- 5g redbrn Queen Juliana
- 10g dklilbrn Queen Juliana
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