Stamps of Netherlands, unwmk watermark

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1864, May 12 unwmk p. 12.5x12
X 5c bl King William III
X 10c lake King William III
- 15c org King William III

1933, Apr 1 1933 issue p. 12.5
X 1 1/2c blk arms
X 5c grn William the Silent
X 6c brnvio William the Silent
- 12 1/2c bl William the Silent

1934, Jul 2 Curacao 300th issue (no perf info)
X 6c blk Willemstad harbor ships
X 12 1/2c bl Van Walbeecks ship ships

1939, Jun 15 St Willibrord death 1200th issue
X 5c graygrn St Willibrord
X 12 1/2c dkbl St Willibrord older

1944, Jun 15 independence regained issue p. 12.5 (15 stamps)
X 1 1/2c blk soldier advancing with bayonet fixed
X 2 1/2c grn Nieuw Amsterdam
X 3c brn airplane pilot in cockpit
X 5c dkbl cruiser De Ruyter
X 7 1/2c ver Queen Wilhelmina
X 10c yelorg Queen Wilhelmina
X 12 1/2c ultra Queen Wilhelmina
X 15c redbrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 17 1/2c graygrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c vio Queen Wilhelmina
X 22 1/2c rosered Queen Wilhelmina
X 25c brnorg Queen Wilhelmina
X 30c blgrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 40c dkviobrn Queen Wilhelmina
X 50c redvio Queen Wilhelmina

1945, Jul 15 p. 12.5x14
X 7 1/2c redorg Dutch lion fighting the dragon

1946 (no perf info)
- 1g graybl Queen Wilhelmina
- 2 1/2g redbrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 5g dkgrn Queen Wilhelmina
- 10g dkgrayvio Queen Wilhelmina

1948, Aug 30 Queen Wilhelmina reign 50th issue
X 10c ver Queen Wilhelmina
X 20c bl Queen Wilhelmina

1949 1949 issue p. 12.5x12
X 1g red Queen Juliana
- 2 1/2g sep Queen Juliana
- 5g redbrn Queen Juliana
- 10g dklilbrn Queen Juliana

1952, Apr 16 p. 12x12.5
X 10c dkbl miner

1952, Jun 28 post & telegraph 100th issue p. 13.5x14.5
X 2c dkvio Telegraph lines & railways 1852
X 6c ver Broadcast pylons 1952
X 10c grn Mail delivery 1852
X 20c dkultra Mail delivery 1952

1952, Jun 28 post&telegraph 100th philatelic exhibition issue
X 2c brn Telegraph lines & railways 1852
X 6c dkblgrn Broadcast pylons 1952
X 10c redbrn Mail delivery 1852
X 20c dkbl Mail delivery 1952

1953, Jul 1 1953 issue (no perf info)
X 8c vio numeral

1954 p. 12.5x12
X 1g ver Queen Juliana 1954
X 2 1/2g dkgrn Queen Juliana 1954
X 5g blk Queen Juliana 1954
X 10g viobl Queen Juliana 1954 1.00–10. .30–1.00

1954, Jun 16 St. Boniface 1200th issue (no perf info)
X 10c bl St. Boniface

1955, May 4
X 10c crimson flaming sword

1956, Sep 15 Europa 1956 issue
X 10c rosebrn & blk Europa scaffolding
X 25c brtbl & blk Europa scaffolding

1957, Jul 2 p. 12.5x12
X 10c org Admiral M. A. de Ruyter

1957, Jul 2
X 30c dkbl flagship De Zeven Provincien

1957, Sep 16 p. 12.75x14
X 10c Europa 1957
- 30c Europa 1957

1958, Sep 13 Europa 1958 issue (no perf info)
X 12c orgred & ltbl dove over E
X 30c dove over E

1959, Apr 3 p. 12.5x12
X 12c yelorg & bl NATO emblem
X 30c red & bl NATO emblem

1959, Sep 19 Europa 1959 issue (no perf info)
X 12c red Europa six links
X 30c grn Europa six links

1959, Oct 5 KLM 40th issue
X 12c car & ultra Douglas DC-8 & world map
X 30c dkbl & dkgrn Douglas DC-8

1960, Jul 18 Mental Health Year issue p. 12.5x12
X 12c red van der Kolk
- 30c dkbl Johannes Wier

1960, Sep 19 Europa 1960 issue p. 12x12.5
X 12c car & yel Europa wheel
- 30c prusbl & yel Europa wheel

1961, Sep 18 Europa 1961 issue p. 14x13
X 12c yelbrn Europa doves
- 30c Europa doves

1962, Jan 5 Juliana & Bernhard wedding 25th issue p. 14x12.75
X 12c dkred Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhard
- 30c dkgrn Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhard

1962, May 22 telephone automation issue
X 4c redbrn & blk telephone dial, p. 12.75x14
X 12c brnol & blk map of telephone network, p. 12.75x14
- 30c

1962, Aug 27 1962 issue
- 4c olgrn numeral, p. 12.75x13.5
- 5c numeral, p. 12.75x13.5 (1973)
- 8c lil numeral, p. 12.75x13.5
- 12c numeral

1962, Sep 17 Europa 1962 issue
X 12c multi Europa tree
- 30c multi Europa tree

1963, Mar 21 Freedom from Hunger issue p. 14x12.75
X 12c bl & yel wheat & globe
- 30c red & yel wheat & globe

1963, May 7 Paris Postal Conference 100th issue p. 12.75x14
- 30c multi

1963, Sep 16 Europa 1963 issue p. 14x12.75
X 12c Europa interlock
- 30c Europa interlock

1963, Nov 18 founding 150th issue p. 12x12.5
X 4c multi Landing of the Prince of Orange in Scheveningen 1813
X 5c multi Landing of the Prince of Orange in Scheveningen 1813
X 12c multi Triumvirate Van Hogendorp Limburg Stirum Duyn v Maasdam
- 30c Swearing-in of King William I

1964, Jan 9 States General meeting 500th issue p. 14x12.75
- 12c olgrn & blk Ridderzaal in The Hague

1964, Jun 16 Groningen University 350th issue (no perf info)
- 12c Coat of Arms of Groningen University
- 30c yelbrn Crown monogramm

1964, Jul 28 Netherlands railroads 125th issue p. 14x12.75
- 15c multi Dwarf signal light
- 40c multi Electric train BR TT 1964

1964, Aug 25 Bible Society 150th issue
- 15c redbrn Dove over Christ monogramm

1964, Sep 14 Europa 1964 issue p. 12.75x14
- 15c olgrn Europa flower
- 20c ltbrn Europa flower

1964, Oct 12 Benelux 20th issue (no perf info)
- 15c dkvio King Baudouin Queen Juliana Duchess Charlotte

1964, Dec 15 Charter of the Kingdom 10th issue p. 12.75x14
- 15c dkblgrn

1965, Apr 6 Resistance issue p. 12x12.5
X 7c blk & carbrn Sculptures Fallen & Ravaged City
X 15c blk & brnol Sculptures Dockers & Fallen
- 40c blk & brncar Sculptures Ravaged City & Dockers

1965, Apr 29 Military Order of William 150th issue p. 12.75x14
- 1g gray Military Order of William

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue p. 14x12.75
- 20c ITU emblem
- 40c ITU emblem

1965, Jun 1 Booklet Definitives issue (no perf info) (8 stamps)
- 1234 Queen Juliana
- 1234 Queen Juliana Type van Krimpen
- 1234 Queen Juliana (1966)
- 1234 Dredging in Delta (1966)
- 1234 multi Queen Beatrix Crouwel (1982)
- 1234 multi Crouwel (1982)
- 1234 multi birds (1984)
- 1234 multi Queen Beatrix Crouwel (1985)

1965, Sep 27 Europa 1965 issue p. 14x12.75
X 18c Europa leaves & fruit
- 20c Europa leaves & fruit

1965, Dec 10 Marine Corps 300th issue (no perf info)
X 18c

1966, Sep 26 Europa 1966 issue p. 12.75x14
X 20c Europa sailboat
- 40c Europa sailboat

1967, Jan 25 Delft University 125th issue (no perf info)
X 20c olyel Auditorium of the Polytechnic University Delft

1967, May 2 Europa 1967 issue p. 12.75x14
X 20c bl Europa cogwheels
- 45c Europa cogwheels

1967, May 8 AMPHILEX 67 issue
X 20c gray & bl first stamp
X 25c gray & rose Stamp MiNo NL5
X 75c gray & grn Stamp MiNo NL10
- sheet of 1 type
- sheet of 1 type
- sheet of 1 type

1968, Jan 10 postal checking 50th issue p. 14x12.75
X 20c multi Symbolic depiction of postal cheque & giro service

1968, Apr 29 Europa 1968 issue (no perf info)
X 20c prusbl
- 45c brtrd

1968, Aug 27 p. 12.75x14
X 20c multi national anthem 400th

1968, Oct 1 Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Luchtvaart 50th issue - planes (1968) (no perf info)
X 12c red & blk Biplane Wright-A modern private aircraft
X 20c grn & blk Fokker F-2 Fokker F-28 Fellowship
- 45c blgrn & blk Biplane De Havilland DH-9 jetplane Douglas DC-9

1969 1969 issue (19 stamps)
X 25c orgred Queen Juliana
- 25c dlred Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.5 (1973)
X 30c brn Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 35c grnbl Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 40c Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 45c Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 50c vio Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 60c dkgraybl Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 70c olyel Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 75c dkblgrn Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 80c Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 90c dkgray Queen Juliana, p. 13.5x12.75
X 1g olgrn Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 1.25g dkcarbrn Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 1.50g Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 2g redvio Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 2.50g grnbl Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14
X 5g dkgray Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14 1.00–10. .20–.30
X 10g dpultra Queen Juliana, p. 12.75x14

1969, Feb 25 ILO 50th issue p. 14x12.75
X 25c blk & orgred
- 45c blk & ultra

1969, Apr 28 Europa 1969 issue
X 25c bl
- 45c red

1969, Sep 8 customs union 25th issue p. 12.75x14
X 25c multi Flag ribbon

1969, Sep 30 Erasmus 500th issue
X 25c grn & brnvio Erasmus

1969, Dec 15 Charter of the Kingdom 15th issue p. 14x12.75
X 25c multi Queen Juliana & rising sun

1970, Jan 13 new Civil Code issue
X 25c multi Eduard Maurits Meijers, p. 14x12.75
- 80c multi New Civil Law book, p. 13.25x12.75 (1992)

1970, Mar 16 EXPO 70 issue (no perf info)
X 25c multi Netherlands pavillion on EXPO- Osaka

1970, Apr 21 liberation 25th issue p. 12.75x14
X 12c multi Flag ribbon forming the letter V

1970, May 4 Europa 1970 issue p. 14x12.75
X 25c
- 45c

1970, Jun 23 Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference 1970 issue p. 12.75x14
X 25c

1970, Jun 23 UN 25th issue
- 45c

1970, Jul 28 Fight Against Heart Diseases issue (no perf info)
- 12+8c org & red Bleeding heart
- 25+10c vio & red Bleeding heart
- 45+20c ltgrn & red Bleeding heart

1971, Feb 1 p. 12.75x14
- 1.50g olbrn Queen Juliana

1971, Feb 16 census 1971 issue (no perf info)
- 15c redvio Punchcard

1971, May 3 Europa 1971 issue
X 25c multi Europa links
- 45c multi Europa links

1971, Jun 29 Prince Bernhard 60th issue
X 15c multi carnation, p. 14x12.75
- 20c multi giant panda, p. 14x12.75
X 25c multi Prince Bernhard & planes & globe

1972, Feb 15 p. 14x12.75
- 20c multi map of delta

1972, May 2 Europa 1972 issue (no perf info)
X 30c multi
X 45c multi

1972, Jun 2 Thorbecke death 100th issue p. 14x12.75
- 30c bl & blk Quotation of Thorbecke JR

1972, Jul 4 Dutch flag 400th issue
- 20c multi Netherlands national flag, p. 12.75x14
X 25c multi Netherlands national flag

1972, Jul 11 Olympics 1972 issue
- 20c multi hurdles
- 30c multi swimming
- 45c multi cycling

1972, Aug 15 Red Cross issue
- 5c red Red Cross

1972, Sep 1 p. 13.5x12.75
- 35c grnbl Queen Juliana

1973, Mar 20 (no perf info)
X 25c multi tulips

1973, May 1 Europa 1973 issue
X 35c bl Europa posthorn
- 50c blvio Europa posthorn

1973, Jul 31 75th Anniversary of the Royal Hockey Union issue p. 12.75x14
X 25c multi

1973, Jul 31 World Championship in Rhythm Gymnastics issue
- 30c multi gymnast with streamer

1973, Jul 31 Satellite Receiving Station at Burum issue p. 14x12.75
- 35c multi Satellite Receiving Station at Burum

1973, Jul 31 100th Anniversary of the Meteorological World Organization issue
- 50c multi rainbow

1973, Sep 4 Juliana reign 25th issue p. 12.75x12.25
X 40c multi

1973, Oct 16 Development Corporation issue p. 13x14
X 40c grn & blk & gld & sil chain links

1974, Feb 19 nature (1974) p. 12.75x14
- 25c multi raptor in flight
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