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Stamps of Italy, 1958

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1955, Mar 1 1955b issue wmk. stars p. 14
X 1l gray Italia
X 50l ol Italia
X 90l brn Italia

1958, Feb 1 Flumendosa-Mulargia irrigation system completion issue (no perf info)
X 25l blgrn map of Sardinia & Sardinian woman

1958, Apr 16 Lourdes apparition 100th issue
X 15l car The Immaculate & of Lourdes Shrine
X 60l dkbl The Immaculate & of Lourdes Shrine

1958, May 9 Italian constitution 10th issue
X 25l Italian Constitution & symbols of the work
X 60l oak, p. 14
X 110l Square & Montecitorio Palace, p. 14

1958, Jun 12 Brussels Exposition issue (no perf info)
X 60l bl & yel exposition emblem

1958, Jul 10 Ruggiero Leoncavallo 100th issue p. 14
X 25l Pagliacci prologue

1958, Jul 10 Giacomo Puccini 100th issue p. 14x14.25
X 25l dkbl La Boheme scene

1958, Aug 7 Fattori death 50th issue p. 13.5x14
X 110l redbrn Giovanni Fattori

1958, Aug 7 Giovanni Segantini 100th issue p. 14
X 110l Painting Ave Maria a transhipment of Segantini

1958, Aug 23 Gronchi visit to Brazil issue (no perf info)
- 175l prusgrn Palace of Congress Federal & Arch of Titus

1958, Sep 13 Europa 1958 issue p. 14
X 25l red & bl
X 60l ltbl & red

1958, Oct 4 Naples stamp 100th issue (no perf info)
X 25l Stamp of half a grain of Naples
X 60l Stamp of 1 grain of Naples

1958, Oct 20 Torricelli 350th issue p. 14
- 25l rosecl Evangelista Torricelli

1958, Nov 3 World War I victory 40th issue
X 15l grn Triumphs of Caesar
X 25l gray Coats of arms of Trieste Rome & Trent
X 60l rosecl Bell of the fallen in Rovereto

1958, Nov 27 Shah visit to Italy issue (no perf info)
- 25l brn & gray Marble tile in the cathedral of Sorrento
X 60l Marble tile in the cathedral of Sorrento

1958, Dec 11 Eleonora Duse 100th issue p. 14
X 25l ultra Eleonora Duse

1958, Dec 29 Prix Italia 10th issue
X 25l multi Antenna & dancing figures
X 60l multi Antenna piano & dove

pneumatic post

1958, Jan 13 1958 pneumatic issue (no perf info)
- 10l red Head of Minerva

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