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Stamps of Norway, 1963

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1962, Dec 5 1962 issue unwmk p. 13 (10 stamps)
X 25o dkgrn rock carvings
X 30o olbrn rye & fish
X 35o dkblgrn bosun's knot
X 40o redlil rock carvings
X 55o orgbrn rye & fish
X 60o grngray bosun's knot
X 65o blvio stave church & northern lights
X 80o brnlil stave church & northern lights
X 85o dkbrn rye & fish
X 90o bl rock carvings

1963, Jan 23 (no perf info)
X 50o Camilla Collett
X 90o Camilla Collett

1963, Mar 21 Freedom from Hunger issue
X 25o girl in boat
X 35o dkgrn girl in boat
X 50o brncar
X 90o dkbl

1963, May 20 northern southern postal service 300th issue p. 13
X 50o brnred river boat
X 90o bl sailboat

1963, Aug 5
X 50o red & gray Ivar Aasen
X 90o bl & gray Ivar Aasen

1963, Sep 14 Europa 1963 issue
X 50o multi Europa interlock
X 90o multi Europa interlock

1963, Sep 24 textile industry 150th issue
X 25o multi
X 35o multi
X 50o multi

1963, Dec 12 Munch paintings (no perf info)
X 25o blk self-portrait
X 35o dkgrn
X 50o dkcarbrn
X 90o ind

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