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Stamps of Norway, 1981

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1978 1978 issue - scenic (1981) unwmk (no perf info)
X 1.50k brnred Stavanger Cathedral
X 1.70k brnol Rosenkrantz Tower
X 2.20k dkbl Church of Tromsdalen

1981, Feb 26 birds (1980 Norway)
X 1.30k multi goose
X 1.30k multi peregrine falcon
X 1.50k multi puffin
X 1.50k multi black guillemot

1981, Mar 24 National Milk Producers Association 100th issue p. 13x13.25
X 1.10k multi cow
X 1.50k multi goat

1981, May 4 Europa 1981 issue
- 1.50k multi mermaid dish
- 2.20k multi

1981, May 4 sailing training issue
- 1.30k dkolgrn sailors hoisting anchor, p. 13x13.25
- 1.50k dkorgred sailors setting sail, p. 13.25x13
X 2.20k brtbl ship Christian Radich, p. 13x13.25

1981, Jun 11 lake transport
X 1.10k brn paddle steamer
X 1.30k dkblgrn Steamer Victoria 1882 Bandak Canal
X 1.50k dkbrnred Motorship Faemund II 1905 Lake Famund
X 2.30k dkbl Motorship Storegut 1956 Tinnsjoen

1981, Aug 25 International Year of the Disabled issue
X 1.50k multi group 1
X 2.20k multi group 2

1981, Oct 9 paintings (1981) (no perf info)
X 1.50k multi Interior in blue
- 1.70k multi by K. Kielland

1981, Nov 25 tapestries (1981)
X 1.10k multi The Three Kings
- 1.30k multi Adoration of the Kings
X 1.50k multi Wedding in Kana

1981, Nov 25 p. 13x13.25
X 5k blk Nobelists Lange & Branting

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