Stamps of Poland - German occupation of Poland, 5 Aug 1940

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1940, Aug 5 architecture issue unwmk (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 6g brn Florian Gate, Cracow
X 8g watchtower, Cracow
X 10g emer Cracow Gate
X 12g dkgrn Old University Krakau
X 20g blkbrn Dominican church, Kraków
X 24g brnred Wawel castle, Kraków
X 30g vio Brigitta Church Lublin
X 40g dkprusbl Cloth hall, Kraków
X 50g Town hall tower, Kraków
X 60g Castle court, Kraków
X 80g Saint Mary's church, Kraków
X 1z lake Brühls Palace Warsaw

1 to 12 of 12