Stamps of Switzerland, 11.5 perf

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1862, Oct Helvetia white wove paper wmk. cross in oval p. 11.5 (9 stamps)
X 2c gray Helvetia
X 3c blk Helvetia
X 5c dkbrn Helvetia
X 10c blue Helvetia
X 20c orange Helvetia
- 30c ver Helvetia
X 40c grn Helvetia
- 60c bronze Helvetia
X 1fr gold Helvetia

1882, Apr 1 1882 granite paper issue cross over numeral granite paper (9 stamps)
X 2c bis cross over numeral
X 3c gray cross over numeral
X 3c graybrn cross over numeral 10.–100 .30–1.00
X 5c mar cross over numeral
X 5c dpgrn cross over numeral (1899)
X 10c red cross over numeral
X 12c ultra cross over numeral
X 15c yel cross over numeral
X 15c vio cross over numeral (1889)

1882, Apr 1 1882 white paper issue cross over numeral white paper (5 stamps)
- 2c bis cross over numeral
- 5c mar cross over numeral
- 10c rose cross over numeral
- 12c bl cross over numeral
- 15c yel cross over numeral

1882, Apr 1 1882c issue (7 stamps)
X 20c org Helvetia
X 25c grn Helvetia
- 40c gray Helvetia
- 40c gray Helvetia (1904)
X 50c bl Helvetia
X 1fr cl Helvetia
- 3fr yelbrn Helvetia (1891)

1905 1905a issue wmk. Swiss cross
- 40c gray Helvetia 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1906 granite paper
- 25c ltbl Helvetia

1907, Nov 11 1907c issue granite paper (20 stamps)
X 2c palebis William Tell's son
X 3c lilbrn William Tell's son
X 5c yelgrn William Tell's son
X 10c rosered Helvetia bust
X 12c och Helvetia bust
X 15c redvio Helvetia bust
X 20c red & yel Helvetia seated (1908)
X 25c dpbl Helvetia seated (1908)
X 30c yelbrn & palegrn Helvetia seated (1908)
X 35c yelgrn & yel Helvetia seated (1908)
X 40c redvio & yel Helvetia seated (1908)
X 40c dpbl Helvetia seated (1922)
- 40c redvio & grn Helvetia seated (1925)
X 50c dpgrn & palegrn Helvetia seated (1908)
X 60c brnorg & buff Helvetia seated (1918)
X 70c dkbrn & buff Helvetia seated (1908)
X 70c vio & buff Helvetia seated (1924)
X 80c sl & buff Helvetia seated (1915)
X 1fr dpcl & palegrn Helvetia seated (1908)
X 3fr bis & yel Helvetia seated (1908)

1909 granite paper
X 2c bis William Tell's son
X 3c dkvio William Tell's son
X 5c grn William Tell's son

1909 granite paper
X 10c car Helvetia
X 12c bisbrn Helvetia
X 15c redvio Helvetia

1910 1910 issue granite paper
- 2c bis William Tell's son
X 3c dkvio William Tell's son
X 3c brnorg William Tell's son (1917)
- 5c grn William Tell's son

1911 1911 issue William Tell's son v. bowstring in front 2 granite paper (11 stamps)
X 2c bis William Tell's son
X 2 1/2c cl William Tell's son (1918)
- 2 1/2c ol William Tell's son (1928)
X 3c ultra William Tell's son (1930)
X 5c grn William Tell's son
X 5c org William Tell's son (1921)
X 5c grayvio William Tell's son (1924)
X 5c redvio William Tell's son (1927)
X 5c dkgrn William Tell's son (1930)
X 7 1/2c gray William Tell's son (1918)
X 7 1/2c dpgrn William Tell's son (1928)

1914 1914 issue William Tell granite paper (16 stamps)
X 10c red William Tell
X 10c grn William Tell (1921)
X 10c blgrn William Tell (1928)
X 10c vio William Tell (1930)
X 12c brn William Tell
X 13c olgrn William Tell (1915)
X 15c dkvio William Tell
X 15c vio William Tell
X 15c brnred William Tell (1928)
X 20c redvio William Tell (1921)
X 20c ver William Tell (1924)
X 20c car William Tell (1925)
X 25c ver William Tell (1921)
X 25c car William Tell (1922)
X 25c brn William Tell (1925)
X 30c dpbl William Tell (1924)

1914, Jul famous mountains issue granite paper (6 stamps)
- 3fr dkgrn the Mythen
X 3fr red the Mythen (1918)
X 5fr dpultra the Ruetli
X 5fr bl the Ruetli (1928)
X 10fr dlvio the Jungfrau
- 10fr graygrn the Jungfrau (1930)

1915 ovpted granite paper
X 1c on 2c bis William Tell's son

1915 ovpted granite paper
X 13c on 12c bisbrn Helvetia

1915 ovpted granite paper
X 13c on 12c brn William Tell

1915 ovpted granite paper
X 80c on 70c dkbrn & buff Helvetia seated

1919, Aug 1 Peace issue
X 7 1/2c oldb & blk handclasp
X 10c red & yel goddess of peace
X 15c vio & yel wounded soldier

1921 1921 issue ovpted granite paper (7 stamps)
X 2 1/2c on 3c brnorg William Tell's son, v. bowstring in front 1
- 5c on 2c bis William Tell's son, v. bowstring in front 1
X 5c on 7 1/2c gray William Tell's son, v. bowstring in front 2
X 10c on 13c olgrn William Tell
X 20c on 25c dpbl Helvetia seated
X 20c on 15c vio William Tell
X 20c on 15c vio William Tell

1924, Oct 1
X 90c graygrn & ver arms of Switzerland over mountain
X 1.20fr brncar & ver arms of Switzerland over mountain
X 1.50fr dkultra & ver arms of Switzerland over mountain
X 2fr brnblk & ver arms of Switzerland over mountain

1924, Oct 9 UPU 50th issue
X 20c redorg Bern building under arch
X 30c dkbl Bern building

1930, Jun ovpted granite paper
X 3c on 2 1/2c ol William Tell's son
- 5c on 7 1/2c dpgrn William Tell's son

- 3fr orgbrn Mythen

1932, Feb 2 disarmament conference issue (6 stamps)
X 5c pckbl dove & broken sword
X 10c org dove & broken sword
X 20c cer dove & broken sword
X 30c ultra dove & broken sword
X 60c olbrn dove & broken sword
X 1fr olgray & bl Peace carrying olive branch & torch

1932, May 31 St Gotthard 50th issue
X 10c redbrn Louis Favre
X 20c ver Alfred Escher
X 30c dpultra Emil Welti

1934, Jul 2 1934 issue (7 stamps)
X 3c ol Staubbach Falls
X 5c emer Stansstad Pilatus
X 10c brtvio Chillon Castle & Dents du Midi
X 15c org Rhone Glacier
X 20c red Gotthard railroad
- 25c brn Via-Mala-gorge
X 30c ultra Rheinfall at Schaffhausen
- sheet of 4 types

1936, Nov 1936 issue unwmk (13 stamps)
X 3c ol Staubbach Falls
X 5c blgrn Mt Pilatus
X 10c redvio Castle of Chillon
X 10c redvio Castle of Chillon, v. re-engraved
X 10c redbrn Castle of Chillon (1939)
X 10c orgbrn Castle of Chillon (1942)
X 15c org Rhone Glacier
X 20c car railroad,St Gotthard
X 20c red Church of Castagnola (1938)
X 25c brn Via Mala gorge
X 30c ultra Rhine Falls
X 35c yelgrn Balsthal Pass
X 40c gray Seealpsee & Säntis
- sheet of 3, 2 types

1937, Sep 5
X 10c blk & yel mobile post office

1938, May 2 League of Nations building issue
X 20c red International Employment Agency building BIT
X 30c dkbl & ltbl League of Nations palace
X 60c dkbrn & yel Central part of the League of Nations palace
- 1fr dkgray & yel Employment Agency building Thomas monument

1938, Sep 17 republic
X 3fr brncar Pact of 1291
X 5fr slbl Diet of Stans
X 10fr dkgrn voting

1939, Feb 1 National Exposition 1939 issue (9 stamps)
X 10c dkvio & red deputation, v. French
X 10c dkvio & red deputation, v. German
X 10c dkvio & red deputation, v. Italian
X 20c dkcar & red Swiss family, v. French
X 20c dkcar & red Swiss family, v. German
X 20c dkcar & red Swiss family, v. Italian
X 30c multi alpine scene, v. French
X 30c multi alpine scene, v. German
X 30c multi alpine scene, v. Italian

1939, May 6 National Exposition 1939 b issue tree & crossbow (12 stamps)
X 5c grn tree & crossbow, v. French
X 5c grn tree & crossbow, v. German
X 5c grn tree & crossbow, v. Italian
X 10c blkbrn tree & crossbow, v. French
X 10c blkbrn tree & crossbow, v. German
X 10c blkbrn tree & crossbow, v. Italian
X 20c red tree & crossbow, v. French
- 20c red tree & crossbow, v. German
X 20c red tree & crossbow, v. Italian
- 30c viobl tree & crossbow, v. French
X 30c viobl tree & crossbow, v. German
X 30c viobl tree & crossbow, v. Italian

1939, Aug 22 Geneva Convention 75th issue
X 20c multi view of Geneva
X 30c multi view of Geneva

1941, Jan 15 historic figures (1941) (9 stamps)
X 50c Three Swiss
X 60c dkcarbrn William Tell
X 70c pur fighting swordsman
X 80c grnblk dying warrior
X 90c carred standard bearer
X 1fr dkgrn Ludwig Pfyffer
X 1.20fr dkpur Juerg Jenatsch
X 1.50fr prusbl Francois de Reynold
X 2fr brnlil Joachim Forrer

1941, Mar 21
X 10c brn & buff plowing

1941, Sep 6 Bern 750th issue
X 10c multi Building city walls protected by Berchtold v Zähringen

1942, Mar 21 salvage promotion issue
X 10c multi Text by Rudolt Koch Offenbach, v. German
X 10c multi Text by diecutter Claude Garamond, v. French
X 10c multi Text of the Italian type-foundry Bodoni, v. Italian

1943, Feb 26 stamp 100th issue
X 10c blk & sal Canton Zürich stamps of 4 6 Rappen

1944, Mar 21 Olympics 50th issue
X 10c yelorg & grayblk Apollo with Olympic rings
X 20c cer & grayblk Apollo with Olympic rings
X 30c ltbl & grayblk Apollo with Olympic rings

1945, May 9 WWII peace issue
X 5c gray & grn numeral
X 10c gray & brn numeral
X 20c gray & dprose numeral
X 30c gray & viobl numeral
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