Stamps of Yugoslavia - Bosnia & Herzegovina/Yugoslavia, 0 perf

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1918 1918b issue (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 2h ultra girl
- 6h vio girl
X 10h rose girl
X 20h grn girl

1919 1919 issue ovpted on stamps of Bosnia & Herzegovina unwmk
X 45h on 80h orgbrn Franz Josef
X 80h orgbrn ovpt, Franz Josef
X 90h dkvio ovpt, Franz Josef

postage due

1918 ovpted on stamps of Bosnia & Herzegovina numeral (9 stamps)
X 10h red ovpt, numeral
- 15h red ovpt, numeral
X 20h red ovpt, numeral
- 25h red ovpt, numeral
X 30h red ovpt, numeral
X 40h red ovpt, numeral
X 50h red ovpt, numeral
X 1k dkbl ovpt, numeral
X 3k dkbl ovpt, numeral

1919 1919 due a issue ovpted on stamps of Bosnia & Herzegovina arms of Austria wmk. MARKEN (5 stamps)
X 10h red ovpt, arms of Austria
- 20h on 5h grn arms of Austria
- 25h on 20h rose arms of Austria
- 30h bisbrn ovpt, arms of Austria
- 3k on 25h bl arms of Austria


1918 ovpted on stamps of Bosnia & Herzegovina (no wmk info)
- 5h grn on type=semipostal-5h-grn (0)
X 10h blgrn on type=semipostal-10h-blgrn (0)
- 10h mag on type=semipostal-10h-mag (0)
X 15h redbrn on type=semipostal-15h-redbrn (0)

1919 ovpted on stamps of Bosnia & Herzegovinascenic (1906) unwmk
X 10h+10h on 40h orgred mail wagon
X 20h+10h on 20h sep Old Bridge, Mostar
X 45h+15h on 1k mar Carsija, Sarajevo

special delivery

1918 ovpted on stamps of Bosnia & Herzegovina (no wmk info)
X 2h on type=special delivery-2h (0)
X 5h on type=special delivery-5h (0)

1 to 30 of 30