Stamps of Rhodesia (British South Africa Company), overprinted on stamps of 92

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1891, Mar ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 1/2p on 6p ultra arms of BSAC
- 2p on 6p ultra arms of BSAC
- 4p on 6p ultra arms of BSAC
- 8p on 1sh graybrn arms of BSAC

1896, Apr 1896b issue ovpted
- 1p on 3p gray & grn arms of BSAC
- 1p on 4sh gray & ver arms of BSAC
- 3p on 5sh yelorg arms of BSAC

1909 1909 issue ovpted (18 stamps)
X 1/2p yelgrn ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 1p rosered ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 2p brn ovpt, arms of BSAC
X 2 1/2p ltbl ovpt, arms of BSAC
X 3p cl ovpt, arms of BSAC
X 4p olgrn ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 5p on 6p lil arms of BSAC
X 6p lil ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 7 1/2p on 2sh6p blgray arms of BSAC
- 10p on 3sh pur arms of BSAC
- 1sh bis ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 2sh6p blgray ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 3sh pur ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 5sh ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 7sh6p ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 10sh blgrn ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 1lb ovpt, arms of BSAC
- 2lb redbrn ovpt, arms of BSAC

1917, Aug 15 ovpted
- 1/2p on 1p red King George V
- 1/2p on 1p red King George V

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