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Stamps of Iceland, 1986

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Colnect-3708-186-White-Wagtail-Motacilla-alba.jpg Iceland postage 3/19/1986 6k multi birds (1986 Iceland) Motacilla alba (1986 Iceland) unwmk 11.5 a
X Colnect-3708-187-Northern-Pintail-Anas-acuta.jpg Iceland postage 3/19/1986 10k multi birds (1986 Iceland) Anas unwmk 11.5 a
X Colnect-3708-188-Merlin-Falco-columbarius.jpg Iceland postage 3/19/1986 12k multi birds (1986 Iceland) Falco unwmk 11.5 a
X Colnect-3708-195-Razorbill-Alca-torda.jpg Iceland postage 3/19/1986 15k multi birds (1986 Iceland) Alca unwmk 11.5 a
- Colnect-3929-923-Nature-protection-Skaftafell-National-Park.jpg Iceland postage 5/5/1986 10k multi Europa 1986 Skaftafell unwmk 11.75 a
X Colnect-165-267-Nature-protection-J-ouml-kuls-aacute-rglj-uacute-fur-National-Park.jpg Iceland postage 5/5/1986 12k multi Europa 1986 unwmk 11.75 a
X Colnect-3930-017-NORDEN-Partner-Cities.jpg Iceland postage 5/27/1986 10k multi Norden 1986 Stykkisholmur unwmk a
X Colnect-3930-018-NORDEN-Partner-Cities.jpg Iceland postage 5/27/1986 12k multi Norden 1986 Seydisfjordur unwmk a
X Colnect-3929-939-National-Bank.jpg Iceland postage 7/1/1986 13k multi National Bank 100th headquarters unwmk 14 a
X Colnect-3708-196-Bank.jpg Iceland postage 7/1/1986 250k multi National Bank 100th unwmk 14 a
X Colnect-165-270-Reykjavik.jpg Iceland postage 8/18/1986 10k red Reykjavik 200th city seal 1815 unwmk 13.25x13.75 a
X Colnect-165-271-Reykjavik.jpg Iceland postage 8/18/1986 12k brn Reykjavik 200th unwmk 13.25x13.75 a
X Colnect-165-272-Reykjavik.jpg Iceland postage 8/18/1986 13k grn Reykjavik 200th unwmk 13.25x13.75 a
X Colnect-3929-941-Views-Reykjavik.jpg Iceland postage 8/18/1986 40k multi Reykjavik 200th unwmk 13.25x13.75 a
X Colnect-3929-932-Telephone.jpg Iceland postage 9/29/1986 10k multi telephone in Iceland 80th Morse receiver unwmk 11.5 a
X Colnect-3929-935-Telephone.jpg Iceland postage 9/29/1986 20k multi telephone in Iceland 80th unwmk 11.5 a
X Colnect-3929-950-Stamp-Day-motives-typical-for-land-Herring.jpg Iceland postage 10/9/1986 20k multi Hvita River Crossing unwmk 13.75 a
X Colnect-3929-951-Christmas.jpg Iceland postage 11/13/1986 10k multi Christmas 1986 unwmk 11.75 a
X Colnect-3929-952-Christmas.jpg Iceland postage 11/13/1986 12k multi Christmas 1986 unwmk 11.75 a

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