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Stamps of Netherlands, 1954

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Colnect-2192-604-Queen-Juliana-1909-2004.jpg Netherlands postage 1954 35c dkolbrn 1953 Queen Juliana (1953) circles 13.5x12.5 a
X Colnect-2192-603-Queen-Juliana-1909-2004.jpg Netherlands postage 1954 1g ver Queen Juliana 1954 unwmk 12.5x12 a
X Colnect-2192-600-Queen-Juliana-1909-2004.jpg Netherlands postage 1954 2 1/2g dkgrn Queen Juliana 1954 unwmk 12.5x12
X Colnect-2192-601-Queen-Juliana-1909-2004.jpg Netherlands postage 1954 5g blk Queen Juliana 1954 unwmk 12.5x12 a
X Colnect-2192-594-Queen-Juliana-1909-2004.jpg Netherlands postage 1954 10g viobl Queen Juliana 1954 unwmk 12.5x12 e*3o2
X Colnect-2192-688-St-Bonifatius-672-3-754-missionary-in-Frisia.jpg Netherlands postage 6/16/1954 10c bl St. Boniface 1200th St. Boniface unwmk a
X Colnect-2192-680-Queen-Juliana-1909-2004.jpg Netherlands postage 12/15/1954 10c scar Charter of the Kingdom circles a
- Colnect-2192-693-Martinus-Nijhoff-1894-1953-poet.jpg Netherlands semipostal 5/1/1954 2+3c prusbl Summer 1954 Martinus Nijhoff circles a
- Colnect-2192-692-Willem-Pijper-1894-1947-composer.jpg Netherlands semipostal 5/1/1954 5+3c olbrn Summer 1954 Willem Pijper circles a
- Colnect-2192-691-Hendrik-Pieter-Berlage-1856-1934-architect.jpg Netherlands semipostal 5/1/1954 7+5c Summer 1954 Hendrik Pieter Berlage circles a
- Colnect-2192-690-Johan-Huizinga-1872-1945-historian.jpg Netherlands semipostal 5/1/1954 10+5c dkyelgrn Summer 1954 Johan Huizinga circles a
- Colnect-2192-689-Vincent-van-Gogh-1853-1890-painter.jpg Netherlands semipostal 5/1/1954 25+8c Summer 1954 Vincent van Gogh (1954) circles a
- Colnect-2192-687-Boy-with-model-plane.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/23/1954 2+2c dkgrnol National Aviation Fund boy with model plane circles a
- Colnect-2192-686-Albert-E-Plesman-1889-1954-aviation-pioneer.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/23/1954 10+4c graybl National Aviation Fund Albert Plesman circles a
- Colnect-2192-685-Children-making-a-paper-chain.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/15/1954 2+3c sep child welfare 1954 Children making a paper chain circles 12x12.5 a
- Colnect-2192-684-Girl-brushing-her-teeth.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/15/1954 5+3c dkol child welfare 1954 Girl brushing her teeth circles a
- Colnect-2192-683-Boy-playing-with-moel-ship.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/15/1954 7+5c graybl child welfare 1954 Boy playing with moel ship circles a
- Colnect-2192-682-Nurse-playing-with-infant.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/15/1954 10+5c brnred child welfare 1954 nurse playing with infant circles a
- Colnect-2192-681-Boy-drawing.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/15/1954 25+8c dkbl child welfare 1954 boy drawing circles 12x12.5 a

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