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Stamps of Netherlands, 1978

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Colnect-2213-546-Postcode.jpg Netherlands postage 3/14/1978 40c new postal code unwmk a
X Colnect-2213-547-Postcode.jpg Netherlands postage 3/14/1978 45c new postal code unwmk a
X Colnect-2213-553-City-Hall-Haarlem.jpg Netherlands postage 5/2/1978 55c Europa 1978 Haarlem city hall unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-552-Human-Rights.jpg Netherlands postage 5/2/1978 45c European Treaty of Human Rights 25th unwmk 12.75x14 a
X Colnect-2213-554-IBM-Chesstournament--18e.jpg Netherlands postage 6/1/1978 40c IBM chess tournament unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-555-Korfbal-organisation.jpg Netherlands postage 6/1/1978 45c korfball 75th unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-556-Donated-kidneys-save-lives.jpg Netherlands postage 8/22/1978 40c kidney transplants unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-557-Heart-with-torch-clouds.jpg Netherlands postage 8/22/1978 45c multi anti-hypertension Heart with torch clouds unwmk 12.75x14 a
X Colnect-2213-559-Shoulder-straps-of-historical-cadet-uniforms.jpg Netherlands postage 9/12/1978 55c Royal Military Academy 150th unwmk 12.75x14 a
X Colnect-2213-560-Rutger-Verkade-1878-1961-actor-and-director.jpg Netherlands postage 10/17/1978 45c multi Eduard Verkade 100th Eduard Verkade unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-548-Anna-Maria-van-Schuurmann-1607-78-scientist.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/11/1978 40+20c multi summer 1978 Anna Maria van Schuurmann unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-549-Fragment-of-a-letter-written-by-Belle-van-Zuylen.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/11/1978 45+20c multi summer 1978 Fragment of a letter written by Belle van Zuylen unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-550-Ceramics-from-Delft.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/11/1978 55+20c multi summer 1978 Ceramics from Delft unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-551-Ceramics-from-Makkum.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/11/1978 75+25c multi summer 1978 Ceramics from Makkum unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-558-Red-cross-in-front-of-world-map.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/22/1978 55+25c multi Dutch Red Cross 1978 Red cross in front of world map unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-561-Peddling-boy.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/14/1978 40+20c multi child welfare 1978 Peddling boy unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-562-Child-reading.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/14/1978 45+20c multi child welfare 1978 child reading unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-563-Boy-writing.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/14/1978 55+20c multi child welfare 1978 Boy Writing unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-564-Girl-calculating.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/14/1978 75+25c multi child welfare 1978 Girl calculating unwmk a

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