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Stamps of Netherlands, 1980

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
- Colnect-2213-682-Jhr-AF-de-Savornin-Lohman-1837-1924.jpg Netherlands postage 3/4/1980 45c multi politicians Lohman unwmk 12.75x13.5 a
- Colnect-2213-683-MrPJTroelstra-1860-1930.jpg Netherlands postage 3/4/1980 50c multi politicians P.J. Troelstra unwmk 12.75x13.5 a
X Colnect-2213-684-Prof-MrPJOud-1886-1968.jpg Netherlands postage 3/4/1980 60c multi politicians P.J. Oud unwmk 12.75x13.5 a
- Colnect-2213-689-British-bomber-throws-food-parcels.jpg Netherlands postage 4/25/1980 45c multi liberation 35th British bomber dropping food unwmk 12.75x14 a
X Colnect-2213-690-Family-portrait-of-Anne-Frank.jpg Netherlands postage 4/25/1980 60c multi liberation 35th Anne Frank unwmk a
X Colnect-2213-692-Queen-Beatrix-1938----church.jpg Netherlands postage 4/30/1980 60c multi Queen Beatrix installation unwmk 12.75x14 a
X Colnect-2213-695-Girl-and-boy-with-stamp-album.jpg Netherlands postage 5/1/1980 50c multi youth philately Girl & boy with stamp album unwmk 14x12.75 a
X Colnect-2213-696-Bridge-Olympiade.jpg Netherlands postage 6/3/1980 50c multi Bridge Olympiad unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-698-Road-transport-trucks.jpg Netherlands postage 8/26/1980 50c multi truck transport Road transport trucks unwmk 13.5x12.75 a
X Colnect-2213-699-Railway-transport-Silo-wagon-type-UCES.jpg Netherlands postage 8/26/1980 60c multi truck transport Railway transport Silo wagon type UCES unwmk 13.5x12.75 a
- Colnect-2213-700-Water-transport-Inland-vessel.jpg Netherlands postage 8/26/1980 80c multi truck transport Water transport Inland vessel unwmk 13.5x12.75 a
X Colnect-2213-721-Queen-Wilhelmina-1880-1962.jpg Netherlands postage 9/23/1980 60c multi Europa 1980 Queen Wilhelmina & speech excerpt unwmk 13.5x12.75 a
- Colnect-2213-722-Sir-Winston-Churchill-1874-1965.jpg Netherlands postage 9/23/1980 80c multi Europa 1980 Winston Churchill (1980) unwmk 13.5x12.75 a
X Colnect-174-628-DrAbraham-Kuyper-and--quot-seal-quot-.jpg Netherlands postage 10/14/1980 50c multi Free University 100th DrAbraham Kuyper & seal unwmk 13.5x12.75 a
- Colnect-2213-685-Dune-landscape.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/15/1980 45+20c multi charity 1980 Dune landscape unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-686-Country-estate.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/15/1980 50+20c multi charity 1980 Country estate unwmk 12.75x14 a
- Colnect-2213-687-Lake-area.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/15/1980 60+25c multi charity 1980 Lake area unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-688-Moorland.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/15/1980 80+35c multi charity 1980 Moorland unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-724-Relief-book.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/11/1980 45+20c multi child welfare 1980 unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-725-Journey-in-the-fantasy-world.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/11/1980 50+20c multi child welfare 1980 Journey in the fantasy world unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-726--The-Frog-King-.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/11/1980 60+30c multi child welfare 1980 The Frog King unwmk a
- Colnect-2213-727-Completely-occupied-reading-a-book.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/11/1980 80+30c multi child welfare 1980 unwmk a

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