Stamps of Romania

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
- Colnect-2000-551-Greenpeace-ship.jpg Romania postage 3/6/1997 150l multi 26 Years of Greenpeace Greenpeace ship
- Colnect-2000-552-Greenpeace-ship.jpg Romania postage 3/6/1997 370L multi 26 Years of Greenpeace Greenpeace ship
- Colnect-2000-553-Greenpeace-ship.jpg Romania postage 3/6/1997 1940L multi 26 Years of Greenpeace Greenpeace ship
- Colnect-2000-554-Greenpeace-ship.jpg Romania postage 3/6/1997 2500l multi 26 Years of Greenpeace Greenpeace ship
- Colnect-4781-748-%C8%98urde%C8%99ti.jpg Romania postage 4/21/1997 200l multi churches (1997 Romania) Surdesti
- Colnect-4781-749-Plopi%C8%99.jpg Romania postage 4/21/1997 400l multi churches (1997 Romania) Plopis
- Colnect-4781-750-Bogdan-Voda.jpg Romania postage 4/21/1997 450L multi churches (1997 Romania) Bogdan Voda
- Colnect-4781-751-Rogoz.jpg Romania postage 4/21/1997 850L multi churches (1997 Romania) Rogoz
- Colnect-4781-752-C%C4%83line%C8%99ti.jpg Romania postage 4/21/1997 3600L multi churches (1997 Romania) Calinesti
- Colnect-4781-753-B-acirc-rsana.jpg Romania postage 4/21/1997 6000l multi churches (1997 Romania) Birsana
- Colnect-4732-202-Old-City-Gate-Sighi%C8%99oara.jpg Romania postage 7/31/1997 250l multi views of Sighisoara Old city gate Sighisoara
- Colnect-4732-225-To-the-Town-Hall-Sighi%C8%99oara.jpg Romania postage 7/31/1997 650L multi views of Sighisoara To the town hall Sighisoara
- Colnect-4732-236-Town-Hall-Sighi%C8%99oara.jpg Romania postage 7/31/1997 3700l multi views of Sighisoara Town hall Sighisoara
- Colnect-2000-624-Frederick-A-Cook.jpg Romania postage 8/17/1997 650L multi Belgica Antarctic Expedition Frederick A Cook
- Colnect-2000-627-Adrien-de-Gerlache.jpg Romania postage 8/17/1997 3700l multi Belgica Antarctic Expedition Adrien de Gerlache
- Colnect-4779-100-Ion-Mihalache.jpg Romania postage 11/8/1997 500l multi Personalities (1997 Romania) Ion Mihalache
- Colnect-4779-122-King-Carol-I-of-Romania.jpg Romania postage 11/8/1997 1050L multi Personalities (1997 Romania) King Charles I of Romania
- Colnect-4779-123-King-Carol-I-of-Romania.jpg Romania postage 11/8/1997 1050L multi Personalities (1997 Romania) King Charles I of Romania
- Colnect-4779-124-King-Carol-I-of-Romania.jpg Romania postage 11/8/1997 1050L multi Personalities (1997 Romania) King Charles I of Romania
- Colnect-4779-127-King-Carol-I-of-Romania.jpg Romania postage 11/8/1997 1050L multi Personalities (1997 Romania) King Charles I of Romania
- Colnect-4733-381-American-Football.jpg Romania postage 11/21/1997 700L multi Sport (1997) American Football
- Colnect-4733-466-Oin%C4%83.jpg Romania postage 11/21/1997 1750L multi Sport (1997) Oina
- RO020.02.jpg Romania postage 3/22/2002 25500l multi United We Stand United we stand - Statue of Liberty
- RO023.02.jpg Romania postage 4/2/2002 2500l multi German fortresses in Romania Darjiu Ders
- RO024.02.jpg Romania postage 4/2/2002 6500l multi German fortresses in Romania Viscri Deutsch-Weisskirch
- RO025.02.jpg Romania postage 4/2/2002 10500l multi German fortresses in Romania Vorumloc Wurmloch
- RO026.02.jpg Romania postage 4/2/2002 13500l multi German fortresses in Romania Calnic Kelling
- RO027.02.jpg Romania postage 4/2/2002 17500l multi German fortresses in Romania Prejmer Tartlau
- RO028.02.jpg Romania postage 4/2/2002 2500l multi Easter 2002 Easter iconography
- RO043.02.jpg Romania postage 7/15/2002 10000L multi Stamp Day 2002 Birthday of Ion Luca Caragiale
- RO050.02.jpg Romania postage 9/2/2002 44500l multi butterflies (2002 Romania) Boloria pales carpathomeridionalis
- RO051.02.jpg Romania postage 9/2/2002 44500l multi butterflies (2002 Romania) Erebia pharte romaniae
- RO052.02.jpg Romania postage 9/2/2002 44500l multi butterflies (2002 Romania) Peridea korbi herculana
- RO053.02.jpg Romania postage 9/2/2002 44500l multi butterflies (2002 Romania) Tomares nogelii dobrogensis
- RO067.02.jpg Romania postage 11/11/2002 15500L multi fruits (2002 Romania) quince Cydonia oblonga
- RO068.02.jpg Romania postage 11/11/2002 20500l multi fruits (2002 Romania) Apricot Armeniaca vulgaris
- RO069.02.jpg Romania postage 11/11/2002 44500l multi fruits (2002 Romania) Cerasus vulgaris
- RO070.02.jpg Romania postage 11/11/2002 73500l multi fruits (2002 Romania) Morus nigra
- Colnect-4053-318-Dacian-Head-statue-on-Piazza-del-Popole-Rome.jpg Romania postage 2/9/1980 55b multi Dacian state 2050th Dacian Head statue on Piazza del Popole Rome 13.5
- Colnect-4053-430-Detail-from-Traian--s-Column.jpg Romania postage 2/9/1980 1.50l multi Dacian state 2050th Detail from Traians Column 13.5
X Colnect-4248-303-Little-Egret-Egretta-garzetta.jpg Romania postage 3/25/1980 1l multi European Nature Conservation Year 1979 animals (1980 Romania) Little Egret Egretta garzetta 13.5
X European_bison_on_stamps_Romania_1980.jpg Romania postage 3/25/1980 4.80l multi European Nature Conservation Year 1979 animals (1980 Romania) European bison Bison bonasus 13.5
- Colnect-741-340-Amaryllis-Vallota-purpurea.jpg Romania postage 4/10/1980 55b multi plants (1980 Romania) amaryllis Vallota purpurea 13.25
- Colnect-741-341-Common-Water-Hyacinth-Eichhornia-crassipes.jpg Romania postage 4/10/1980 1l multi plants (1980 Romania) Common Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes 13.25
- Colnect-741-342-Jacobean-Lily-Sprekelia-formosissima.jpg Romania postage 4/10/1980 1.50l multi plants (1980 Romania) Sprekelia formosissima 13.25
- Colnect-741-343-Aaron--s-Beard---St-Johnswort-Hypericum-calycinum.jpg Romania postage 4/10/1980 2.15l multi plants (1980 Romania) Aarons Beard St Johnswort Hypericum calycinum 13.25
- Colnect-741-344-Camellia-Camellia-japonica.jpg Romania postage 4/10/1980 3.40l multi plants (1980 Romania) Camellia camellia japonica 13.25
- Colnect-741-345-Indian-Lotus-Nelumbo-nucifera.jpg Romania postage 4/10/1980 4.80l multi plants (1980 Romania) Indian Lotus Nelumbo nucifera 13.25
- Colnect-4248-467-Mihail-Sadoveanu.jpg Romania postage 4/24/1980 55b multi Mihail Sadoveanu 100th Mihail Sadoveanu 13.5
- Colnect-4248-430-Battle-of-Posada-1330.jpg Romania postage 4/24/1980 1.50l multi Battle of Posada 1330 Battle of Posada 1330 13.5
- Colnect-4248-355-Tudor-Arghezi.jpg Romania postage 4/24/1980 2.15l multi Tudor Arghezi 100th Tudor Arghezi 13.5
- Colnect-4248-333-Horea.jpg Romania postage 4/24/1980 3l multi Horea 250th Horea 13.5
- Colnect-4249-205-Single-kayak.jpg Romania postage 6/20/1980 2.15l multi Olympics 1980 Single kayak 13.5
- Colnect-4249-189-Rowing-single.jpg Romania postage 6/20/1980 4.80l multi Olympics 1980 Rowing single 13.5
- Colnect-4241-083-Dacian-warrior.jpg Romania postage 10/15/1980 20b multi historical soldiers Dacian warrior 13.5
- Colnect-4265-173-Moldavian-soldier-15th-Century.jpg Romania postage 10/15/1980 40b multi historical soldiers Moldavian soldier 15th Century 13.5
- Colnect-4265-174-Muntenian-horseman-17th-Century.jpg Romania postage 10/15/1980 55b multi historical soldiers Muntenian horseman 17th Century 13.5
- Colnect-4265-172-Flag-bearer-1830-1859.jpg Romania postage 10/15/1980 1l multi historical soldiers Flag bearer 1830-1859 13.5
- Colnect-4265-171-Sharpshooter-1830-1859.jpg Romania postage 10/15/1980 1.50l multi historical soldiers Sharpshooter 1830-1859 13.5
- Colnect-4265-170-Lancer-1859-1866.jpg Romania postage 10/15/1980 2.15l multi historical soldiers lancer 1859-1866 13.5
- Colnect-4265-169-Hussar-1877.jpg Romania postage 10/15/1980 4.80l multi historical soldiers Hussar 1877 13.5
- Colnect-741-377-King-Burebista-founder-of-Dacia.jpg Romania postage 11/5/1980 2l multi Dacian state 2050th b King Burebista 13.5
X Colnect-455-408-Female-tractor-driver-plowing.jpg Romania postage 3/21/1963 40b viobl Freedom from Hunger Female tractor driver plowing
X Colnect-455-409-Country-woman-with-sheaf-of-grain--amp--combine.jpg Romania postage 3/21/1963 55b olbrn Freedom from Hunger Country woman with sheaf of grain combine
X Colnect-455-410-Child-drinking-milk-in-front-of-cow--amp--milking-machine.jpg Romania postage 3/21/1963 1.55l red Freedom from Hunger Child drinking milk in front of cow milking machine
X Colnect-455-411-Graper-picker-with-wine-cradle-in-front-of-vineyard.jpg Romania postage 3/21/1963 1.75l dkblgrn Freedom from Hunger Graper picker with wine cradle in front of vineyard
- Colnect-455-435-Swimmer-starting.jpg Romania postage 6/15/1963 25b multi swimming swimmer starting
X Colnect-455-436-Front-crawl.jpg Romania postage 6/15/1963 30b olgrn&gray&yel swimming Front crawl
- Colnect-455-437-Dolphin-swimming.jpg Romania postage 6/15/1963 55b multi swimming Dolphin swimming
- Colnect-455-438-Backstroke.jpg Romania postage 6/15/1963 1l multi swimming Backstroke
- Colnect-455-439-Breaststroke.jpg Romania postage 6/15/1963 1.35l multi swimming Breaststroke
- Colnect-455-440-Springboard-diver.jpg Romania postage 6/15/1963 1.55l multi swimming Springboard diver
- Colnect-456-295-Two-men-bobsled.jpg Romania postage 11/25/1963 1l dkyeloch&viobl Winter Olympics 1964 Two-men bobsled 14
- Colnect-456-304-Two-men-bobsled.jpg Romania postage 11/25/1963 1l Winter Olympics 1964 Two-men bobsled imperf
X Colnect-456-307-Fir-branch-with-cone--amp--fir-tree.jpg Romania postage 12/5/1963 55b reforestation Fir branch with cone fir tree
X Colnect-456-308-Beech-with-beech-nut--amp--beech-forest.jpg Romania postage 12/5/1963 1.75l reforestation Beech with beech-nut beech forest
X Skap-romania_09_ins.jpg-crop-176x233at306-19.jpg Romania postage 12/12/1963 20b multi commercial insects Cocoon of hte silkmoth caterpillar
X Colnect-447-999-A-Saguna-1808-73-bishop--amp--Orthodox-Cathedral-in-Cluj.jpg Romania postage 1945 25b carrose 1945a liberation A Saguna 1808-73 bishop Orthodox Cathedral in Cluj cross&crown mult
X Stamp_1945_Andrei_Muresanu.jpg Romania postage 1945 50b org 1945a liberation A Muresanu 1816-63 poet Cluj Opera House cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-017-IIM-Clain-1816-63-bishop--Archita-Churchcastle.jpg Romania postage 1945 4.50l dkbrn 1945a liberation IIM Clain 1816-63 bishop Archita Churchcastle cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-018-G-Sincai-1764-1816-historian--amp--philologist--Cheile-Torzii.jpg Romania postage 1945 11l ultra 1945a liberation G Sincai 1764-1816 historian Cheile Torzii cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-022-Ruler-Michael-the-Brave-1558-1601--amp--seal.jpg Romania postage 1945 15l blgrn 1945a liberation Ruler Michael the Brave 1558-1601 seal cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-023-G-Lazar-1779-1823-author--amp--educator--Cluj-University.jpg Romania postage 1945 31l dlvio 1945a liberation G Lazar 1779-1823 author Cluj University cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-026-A-Lancu-1824-72-freedom-fighter--Vidra-de-Sus-birth-house.jpg Romania postage 1945 35l graybl 1945a liberation A Lancu 1824-72 freedom fighter Vidra de Sus birth house cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-028-S-Barnutiu-1808-64-author--Blaj-Chapel.jpg Romania postage 1945 41l grayol 1945a liberation S Barnutiu 1808-64 author Blaj Chapel cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-029-Horia-Closca--amp--Crisan--1785-freedom-fighters--Cimpeni-Tow.jpg Romania postage 1945 55l redbrn 1945a liberation Horia Closca Cimpeni Tow cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-031-P-Maior-1761-1821-historian--amp--philologist--Viscri-Churchc.jpg Romania postage 1945 61l redlil 1945a liberation P Maior 1761-1821 historian Viscri Churchc cross&crown mult
X Colnect-1092-406-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 50b blgray 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-1092-407-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 1l sep 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Link Romania postage 1945 2l sep 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-1092-408-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 2l vio 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-1283-728-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 4l yelgrn 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Link Romania postage 1945 5l 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4081-051-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 10l 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Link Romania postage 1945 15l 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-2541-764-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 20l bl 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-1327-501-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 25l org 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Link Romania postage 1945 35l 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Link Romania postage 1945 40l bl 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-963-480-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 50l ltbl 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-1092-412-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 55l red 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Link Romania postage 1945 75l 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Link Romania postage 1945 80l org 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Link Romania postage 1945 100l brn 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4228-155-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 160l grn 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-1890-799-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 200l dkgrnol 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4228-152-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1945 400l vio 1945b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Link Romania postage 1946 20l 1946 King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-4228-123-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1946 300l 1946 King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-4228-119-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1946 600l ol 1946 King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-4228-116-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1946 1000l grnbl 1946 King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-1327-505-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1946 1500l graybl 1946 King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
X Colnect-4228-149-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1946 2400l 1946 King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-1092-409-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1947 10l redbrn 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-1327-506-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1947 20l 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-4228-107-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1947 80l bl 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-4228-115-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1947 200l ver 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-2454-112-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1947 500l redlil 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Link Romania postage 1947 860l 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-4228-178-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1947 2500l 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Link Romania postage 1947 5000l 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Link Romania postage 1947 8000l 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-4228-176-King-Michael-I-of-Romania-1921.jpg Romania postage 1947 10000L 1947b King Michael King Michael cross&crown mult
- Colnect-556-312-The-Florist-by-Stefan-Luchian.jpg Romania postage 10/25/1990 2l multi paintings damaged in revolution The Florist by Stefan Luchian
- Colnect-745-381-Springtime-by-Peter-Brueghel-the-Elder.jpg Romania postage 10/25/1990 4l multi paintings damaged in revolution Springtime by Peter Brueghel the Elder
- Colnect-745-382-Madonna-and-Child-by-G-B-Paggi.jpg Romania postage 10/25/1990 5l multi paintings damaged in revolution Madonna & Child by G B Paggi
- Colnect-5015-975-Constantin-Cantacuzino-1640-1716-chronicler.jpg Romania postage 11/27/1990 50b multi famous Romanians Constantin Cantacuzino 1640-1716 chronicler
- Colnect-5015-997-Ienachita-Vacarescu-1740-1797-poet.jpg Romania postage 11/27/1990 1.50l multi famous Romanians Ienachita Vacarescu 1740-1797 poet
- Colnect-745-386-Titu-Maiorescu-1840-1917-author.jpg Romania postage 11/27/1990 2l multi famous Romanians Titu Maiorescu
- Colnect-745-387-Nicolae-Iorga-1871-1940-historian.jpg Romania postage 11/27/1990 3l multi famous Romanians Nicolae Iorga 1871-1940 historian
- Colnect-745-388-Martha-Bibescu-1890-1973-poet.jpg Romania postage 11/27/1990 4l multi famous Romanians Martha Bibescu
- Stamp_Romania_1990_Procopiu.jpg Romania postage 11/27/1990 5l multi famous Romanians Stefan Procopiu
- Colnect-478-297-Japanese-with-blossomhat.jpg Romania postage 3/23/1970 20b multi EXPO 70 Japanese with blossomhat 13.5
- Colnect-478-308-Greek-silver-drachma-5th-century-BC.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1970 10b multi coins (1970) Greek silver drachm 5th century BC 13.5
- Colnect-478-309-Getic-Dacian-silver-didrachm-2nd-1st-century-BC.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1970 20b multi coins (1970) Getic-Dacian silver didrachm 2nd-1st century BC 13.5
- Colnect-478-310-Emperor-Trajans-copper-sestertius-106-AD.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1970 35b multi coins (1970) Emperor Trajans copper sestertius 106 AD 13.5
- Colnect-478-311-Mircea-ducat-1400.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1970 60b multi coins (1970) Mircea ducat 1400 13.5
- Colnect-478-312-Stephen-the-great-silver-groschen-1460.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1970 1.75l multi coins (1970) Stephen the great silver groschen 1460 13.5
- Colnect-478-313-Brasov-klippe-taler-1601.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1970 3l multi coins (1970) Brasov klippe-taler 1601 13.5
- Colnect-570-950--quot-The-Five-Senses---Seeing-quot--by-Gonzales-Coques.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1970 10b multi Coques paintings The Five Senses - Seeing by Gonzales Coques 13.5
- Colnect-570-951--quot-The-Five-Senses---Hearing-quot--by-Gonzales-Coques.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1970 20b multi Coques paintings The Five Senses - Hearing by Gonzales Coques 13.5
- Colnect-570-952--quot-The-Five-Senses---Smelling-quot--by-Gonzales-Coques.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1970 35b multi Coques paintings The Five Senses - Smelling by Gonzales Coques 13.5
- Colnect-570-953--quot-The-Five-Senses---Tasting-quot--by-Gonzales-Coques.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1970 60b multi Coques paintings The Five Senses - Tasting by Gonzales Coques 13.5
- Colnect-570-954--quot-The-Five-Senses---Touching-quot--by-Gonzales-Coques.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1970 1.75l multi Coques paintings The Five Senses - Touching by Gonzales Coques 13.5
- Colnect-570-955-Sibiu---Brukenthal-Museum.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1970 3l multi Coques paintings Sibiu - Brukenthal Museum 13.5
X Colnect-1440-563-Rooster-with-savings-book.jpg Romania postage 2/15/1962 40b multi Savings Day rooster with savings book
X Colnect-4196-115-Bee-with-savings-book-symbols-for-agriculture--amp--building.jpg Romania postage 2/15/1962 55b multi Savings Day Bee with savings book symbols for agriculture building
X Colnect-4417-848-Commemorative-medal.jpg Romania postage 4/27/1962 55b multi agriculture collectivization completion Medals laurel branch costume ribbon
X Colnect-4417-849-Wheatsheat-and-hammer-and-sickle-emblem.jpg Romania postage 4/27/1962 1.55l multi agriculture collectivization completion Hammer sickle & sheaf of grain
- Colnect-4417-850-Handball-player-in-front-of-globe.jpg Romania postage 5/12/1962 55b yel&blvio 2nd Women's Fieldball Championships handball player in front of globe
- Colnect-4417-853-Coxed-rowing-eight.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1962 40b redbrn&turqbl boating Coxed rowing eight imperf
X Colnect-4417-862-Coxed-rowing-eight.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1962 40b brtbl&brn boating Coxed rowing eight 14x13
- Colnect-4417-855-Sculling.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1962 55b dpbl&turqbl boating Canoe double imperf
X Colnect-4417-863-Sculling.jpg Romania postage 5/15/1962 55b brtbl&ultra boating Canoe double 14x13
X Colnect-4417-893-Child-with-Butterfly.jpg Romania postage 8/25/1962 20b multi children child with butterfly
X Colnect-4417-894-Girl-feeds-a-Pigeon-.jpg Romania postage 8/25/1962 30b multi children girl feeds a pigeon
X Colnect-4417-895-Boy-with-model-sailing-boat.jpg Romania postage 8/25/1962 40b multi children boy with model sailing boat
X Colnect-4417-897-Children-making-homework.jpg Romania postage 8/25/1962 55b multi children Children making homework
X Colnect-4417-898-Children-making-music.jpg Romania postage 8/25/1962 1.20l multi children Children making music
X Colnect-4417-899-Young-pioneers-in-tent-camp.jpg Romania postage 8/25/1962 1.55l multi children Young pioneers in tent camp
X Colnect-4417-900-Pottery--horse-and-vase.jpg Romania postage 10/12/1962 5b multi 4th Sample Fair Handicrafts wooden horse vase
X Colnect-4417-901-Foodstuffs-canned-food--amp--wine-bottle.jpg Romania postage 10/12/1962 10b multi 4th Sample Fair Foodstuffs canned food wine bottle
X Colnect-1440-627-Ceramics--vase-teapot-and-cup-and-saucer.jpg Romania postage 10/12/1962 40b multi 4th Sample Fair China porcelain
X Colnect-4417-902-Leatherware--glove-bags-and-shoe.jpg Romania postage 10/12/1962 55b multi 4th Sample Fair Leatherware
X Colnect-4417-904-Household-furniture--chair-table-lamp-and-cabinet.jpg Romania postage 10/12/1962 1l multi 4th Sample Fair Household furniture
X Colnect-4417-905-Office-equipment--VDU-table-lamp-and-computer.jpg Romania postage 10/12/1962 1.20l multi 4th Sample Fair Electric devices radio table lamp refrigerator
X Colnect-4417-906-Needlework-sewing-machine-cloth-and-pin-holder.jpg Romania postage 10/12/1962 1.55l multi 4th Sample Fair Household devices sewing machine pots scoop
- Colnect-458-520-Rider-at-the-start.jpg Romania postage 4/25/1964 40b multi horse show events Rider at the start 13.5
X Colnect-458-521-Jump-off.jpg Romania postage 4/25/1964 55b multi horse show events Jump-off 13.5
X Colnect-458-522-Jump-off.jpg Romania postage 4/25/1964 1.35l multi horse show events Jump-off 13.5
X Colnect-459-471-National-coat-of-arms-in-front-of-national-flag.jpg Romania postage 8/23/1964 55b multi liberation 20th National coat of arms in front of national flag 13.5
X Colnect-459-493-Contest-poster.jpg Romania postage 9/5/1964 10b dkblgrn 3rd Enescu Festival Contest poster 13.5
X Colnect-461-227-Canoeing---Melbourne-Olympics-1956.jpg Romania postage 11/20/1964 20b multi Olympics gold medals (1964) canoeing - Melbourne Olympics 1956 13.5
- Colnect-461-235-Canoeing---Melbourne-Olympics-1956.jpg Romania postage 11/20/1964 20b multi Olympics gold medals (1964) canoeing - Melbourne Olympics 1956 imperf
X Colnect-4398-468-Motor-racing.jpg Romania postage 1959 35b multi sports (1959 Romania) Motor racing
X Colnect-786-594-Sunflower-Helianthus-annuus-with-bee.jpg Romania postage 6/1/1959 55b ver collective farming 10th sunflower Helianthus annuus with bee
X Colnect-4398-464-Sugar-beet-Beta-vulgaris-var-altissima--amp--sugar-factory.jpg Romania postage 6/1/1959 55b lil collective farming 10th Sugar beet Beta vulgaris var altissima sugar factory
X Colnect-4398-460-Cattle-Bos-primigenius-taurinus-Cow-with-Calf.jpg Romania postage 6/1/1959 55b carbrn collective farming 10th cow with Calf cattle
X Colnect-4398-462-Rooster-Gallus-gallus-domesticus-Poultry-Farm.jpg Romania postage 6/1/1959 55b dkyelbrn collective farming 10th rooster poultry farm
X Colnect-4398-461-Domestic-Sheep-Ovis-ammon-aries-Ram.jpg Romania postage 6/1/1959 55b dkol collective farming 10th ram & flock of sheep
- Colnect-786-611-Nicolae-Balcescu-Street.jpg Romania postage 9/20/1959 40b Bucharest 500th Nicolae Balcescu Street
X Colnect-786-612-Athenaum.jpg Romania postage 9/20/1959 55b grayblk&yelbrn Bucharest 500th Athenaum
- Colnect-786-613-Casa-Scinteii-Print.jpg Romania postage 9/20/1959 55b grayblk&redpur Bucharest 500th Casa Scinteii Print
X Colnect-786-614-Opera-and-Ballett-Theatre.jpg Romania postage 9/20/1959 1.55l blvio&grayblk Bucharest 500th Opera & Ballett Theatre
X Colnect-786-627-Stamp-album-magnifier-torch-with-inscription.jpg Romania postage 11/15/1959 1.60l+40b viobl Stamp Day 1959 stamp album magnifier torch with inscription
- Colnect-786-630-Mentha-x-piperita.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1959 40b multi medicinal plants (1959) Mentha x piperita
X Colnect-786-632-Centaurea-cianus.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1959 55b multi medicinal plants (1959) Centaurea cianus
- Colnect-4398-484-Aconitum-napellus.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1959 1.20l multi medicinal plants (1959) Aconitum napellus
- Colnect-4398-486-Tilia-tornentosa.jpg Romania postage 12/15/1959 1.60l multi medicinal plants (1959) Tilia tomentosa
X Colnect-4398-466-Folk-dancing-woman-in-costume--amp--inscription.jpg Romania postage 7/15/1959 1.60l redlil 7th World Youth Festival Folk dancing woman in costume inscription
- Colnect-786-606-Steel-worker--amp--farmer--s-wife-with-flags--amp--buildings.jpg Romania postage 8/23/1959 55b multi liberation 15th Steel worker farmers wife with flags buildings
X Colnect-471-661-Avram-Iancu-1824-72-freedom-fighter.jpg Romania postage 7/25/1968 1.20l gold&multi 1848 revolution 120th Avram Iancu 1824-72 freedom fighter unwmk
- Colnect-471-662-Vasile-Alecsandri-1821-90-poet.jpg Romania postage 7/25/1968 1.60l gold&multi 1848 revolution 120th Vasile Alecsandri 1821-90 poet unwmk
- Posta_Romana_-_stamp_-_Church_Moldoviata_-_2715.jpg Romania postage 11/25/1968 40b historic monuments Moldovita monastery unwmk
- Posta_Romana_-_stamp_-_Church_Cozia_-_2716.jpg Romania postage 11/25/1968 55b historic monuments Cozia monastery unwmk
- Colnect-471-684-Tirgoviste.jpg Romania postage 11/25/1968 1.20l historic monuments Tirgoviste unwmk
X Colnect-471-685-Culture-Palace-Jassy.jpg Romania postage 11/25/1968 1.55l historic monuments Culture Palace Jassy unwmk
- Colnect-471-686-Corvin-castle-Hunedoara.jpg Romania postage 11/25/1968 1.75l historic monuments Corvin castle Hunedoara unwmk
- RO153.17.jpg Romania postage 11/17/2017 8.00l multi Windows' Smile - Geraniums Pelargonium grandiflorum
- Colnect-4711-017-Hotel-Lebada-Cri%C8%99an---surcharged.jpg Romania postage 7/6/1998 1500l multi 1998 surcharges c ++on=5l 13.25
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