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Stamps of Netherlands, 1956

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Issuer Function Date Denom Color Issue Design Type Design Watermark Perf CV
X Colnect-2192-598-Queen-Juliana-1909-2004.jpg Netherlands postage 1956 85c brtblgrn 1953 Queen Juliana (1953) circles 13.5x12.5 a
X Colnect-169-469-Europa.jpg Netherlands postage 9/15/1956 10c rosebrn&blk Europa 1956 Europa scaffolding unwmk a
X Colnect-169-470-Europa.jpg Netherlands postage 9/15/1956 25c brtbl&blk Europa 1956 Europa scaffolding unwmk a
- Colnect-2192-089-Portzegel.jpg Netherlands postage due 1956 90c bl 1947 due numeral (1947 Netherlands) unwmk 13.5x12.75
- Colnect-169-457-Rembrandt.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/23/1956 2+3c gray Rembrandt 350th Farmer with High Hat by Rembrandt unwmk a
- Colnect-169-458-Rembrandt.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/23/1956 5+3c grn Rembrandt 350th The Young Tobias & the Angel by Rembrandt unwmk a
- Colnect-169-459-Rembrandt.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/23/1956 7+5c dkbrn Rembrandt 350th Persian with Chequered Hat by Rembrandt unwmk a
- Colnect-169-460-Rembrandt.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/23/1956 10+5c gray Rembrandt 350th The Old & Blind Tobias by Rembrandt unwmk a
- Colnect-169-461-Rembrandt.jpg Netherlands semipostal 4/23/1956 25+8c brn Rembrandt 350th Self portrait by Rembrandt unwmk a
- Colnect-2192-731-Sailing.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/27/1956 2+3c bl Olympics 1956 unwmk a
- Colnect-2192-730-Running.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/27/1956 5+3c yel Olympics 1956 unwmk a
- Colnect-2192-729-Ancient-Greek-vase-with-runners.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/27/1956 7+5c brn Olympics 1956 unwmk a
- Colnect-2192-728-Hockey.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/27/1956 10+5c gray Olympics 1956 unwmk a
- Colnect-2192-727-Water-polo.jpg Netherlands semipostal 8/27/1956 25+8c grn Olympics 1956 unwmk a
- Colnect-169-472-Children.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/12/1956 2+3c child welfare 1956 Student with Quill detail by Jan van Scorel unwmk 12.5x12 a
- Colnect-169-473-Children.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/12/1956 5+3c olgrn child welfare 1956 Family des Pierre de Moucheron detail by C de Zeeuw unwmk 12.5x12 a
- Colnect-169-474-Children.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/12/1956 7+5c pur child welfare 1956 Portrait of a Girl by Pieter Aertsen unwmk 12.5x12 a
- Colnect-169-475-Children.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/12/1956 10+5c red child welfare 1956 Portrait of a Girl by unknown painter unwmk 12.5x12 a
- Colnect-169-476-Children.jpg Netherlands semipostal 11/12/1956 25+8c dkbl child welfare 1956 Portrait of Eechje Pieters by unknown painter unwmk 12.5x12 a

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