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New Zealand


1960, Jul 11 1960 issue wmk. multiple NZ & star p. 15x14 (15 stamps)
X 1/2p manuka
X 1p karaka
X 2p kowhai-ngutu-kaka
X 3p kowhai
X 4p puarangi
X 6p pikiarero
X 7p multi koromiko (1966)
X 8p rata
X 9p flag of New Zealand
X 1sh timber industry
X 1sh9p aerial top dressing
X 2sh6p butter making
X 3sh Tongariro National Park and Chateau Tongariro
X 3sh Tongariro National Park and Chateau Tongariro (1964)
X 10sh bl skier on Tasman Glacier

1964, May 1 Keep Our Roads Safe issue
X 3p hand on steering wheel & map of New Zealand

1984, Nov 7 military history
- 24c multi South Africa
- 40c multi France
- 58c multi North Africa
- 70c multi Korea
- New Zealand sheet of 4 types

postage due

1939, Aug 17 1939 due issue
- 1/2p blgrn
- 1p car
- 2p bl
- 3p och



1912 Ceres issue ovpted on stamps of Portugal Ceres unwmk (13 stamps)
X 1/2c blk ovpt, Ceres
X 1c dkgrn ovpt, Ceres
X 1 1/2c brn ovpt, Ceres
X 2c car ovpt, Ceres
X 2 1/2c vio ovpt, Ceres
X 5c dkbl ovpt, Ceres
X 7 1/2c yelbrn ovpt, Ceres
X 8c sl ovpt, Ceres
- 15c plum ovpt, Ceres
- 20c viobrn, grn ovpt, Ceres (1913)
X 30c brn, pink ovpt, Ceres 10.–100 10.–100
- 50c org ovpt, Ceres
- 1e dpgrn, bl ovpt, Ceres


1912, Feb 16 Ceres issue Ceres (13 stamps)
X 1/2c blk Ceres
X 1c dkgrn Ceres
X 1 1/2c brn Ceres
X 2c car Ceres
X 2 1/2c vio Ceres
X 5c dkbl Ceres
X 7 1/2c yelbrn Ceres
X 8c sl Ceres
X 15c plum Ceres
X 20c viobrn, grn Ceres
X 30c brn, pink Ceres
X 50c org Ceres
X 1e dpgrn, bl Ceres
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