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Name: person
Type list of persons

Appearing in designs:
hieroglyphics, library, person using computer Great Britain 9/8/1982 15 1/2p dt=information technology
person in cotton field Cameroun 3/26/1973 5fr issue=3rd 5-year plan
person in wheelchair (2 stamps, Great Britain & Peru, 1975-1982)
person in wheelchair inside labyrinth Netherlands 9/6/1977 40c issue=AVO 50th
person missing a leg Zimbabwe 9/23/1981 11c dt=disabilities

Appearing in design types:
famous persons (1969) (4 stamps of German Democratic Republic)
famous persons (1974) (4 stamps of Jersey)
famous persons (1987) (6 stamps of France)
famous persons (1988) (9 stamps, France & Belgium)
famous persons (1994) (4 stamps of North Macedonia)

No synonyms.

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