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Name: Mir
Type: spacecraft

Space Station Mir Burundi 2012

Appearing in designs:
Mir (1986) Antigua 5/6/1999 $6 issue=Space Exploration 1999
Mir (1995) Russia 6/29/1995 1500r issue=Russian-American Space Co-operation
Mir and Soyuz TM-5 Russia 6/7/1988 15k issue=Soviet-Bulgarian Space Flight
Mir and Soyuz TM-6 Russia 8/29/1988 15k issue=Soviet-Afghan Space Flight

Mir Space Station
Mir Space Station (2 stamps of Papua New Guinea, 2013)
Orbital station Mir
Orbital station Mir Russia 7/22/1987 50k issue=Soviet-Syrian Space Flight
Space Station Mir
American astronaut and Space Station Mir Russia 5/29/1992 25r issue=International Space Year
Devoted to the Space Station Mir Kazakhstan 4/12/2003 40.00te

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