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Name: destroyer
Type: ship

Appearing in designs:
destroyer & 3 names of soldiers death Pitcairn Islands 4/23/2010 $4.00 issue=65th Anniversary of the End of World War II
destroyer & navy officer Pakistan 12/25/1965 15p issue=Armed Forces
destroyer (1942) Canada 7/1/1942 $1 issue=war effort
destroyer (1998) Grenada 4/26/1998 $1 issue=Famous Ships dt=famous ships (1998)
destroyer (1999) Greece 12/13/1999 70dr dt=Greek military vehicles
destroyer in action First Battle of Narvik 1940 St. Vincent Grenadines 4/2/1990 10c issue=50th Anniversary of Second World War
eagle & destroyer Poland 10/1/1963 40g issue=Polish People's Army 20th
Sailer with flag destroyer Romania 10/2/1958 1.75l issue=Armed Forces Day 1958

No synonyms.

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