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Jimi Hendrix

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Name: Jimi Hendrix
Type: person

Jimi Hendrix Antigua 2016

Appearing in designs:
Jimi Hendrix (1995 Central Africa) 7/21/1995 385fr issue=Entertainers 1995
Jimi Hendrix (1995 Gambia) 12/1/1995 3d issue=History of Rock 'n' Roll Music and the 100th Anniversary of Cinema
Jimi Hendrix (1996) Liberia 8/23/1996 35c issue=History of Rock 'n Roll
Jimi Hendrix (1997) Montserrat 8/29/1997 $1.15 dt=Rock Legends
Jimi Hendrix (2011) Burundi 12/30/2011 1090fr issue=Famous Singers
Jimi Hendrix (2014) United States 3/13/2014 forever

Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix Grenada Grenadines 10/9/1989 25c issue=Musicians

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