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Watermark "mult star in shield"

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Short desc: mult star in shield
A repeating pattern of star within shield, where the top and bottom of each shield touches the ones above and below, respectively. The watermark may occur sideways or inverted.

Used by 149 stamps: (See all uses as list)

1928 5c issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Cochrane perf=13.5
1928 15c issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Prieto perf=13.5
1928 40c dkvio&blk issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Manuel Rengifo (1921)
1928 50c issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Errazuriz Z perf=13.5x14
1928 1p grn&blk issue=1928 Chile Correos d=A. Pinto
1928 2p red&blk issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Domingo Santa Maria
1928 5p olgrn&blk issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Balmaceda perf=13.5
1928 10p org&blk issue=1928 Chile Correos d=Errazuriz E
1929 5c ltgrn issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Cochrane
1929 10c bl&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=O'Higgins (1929) perf=13.5x14.25
1929 10c bl&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=O'Higgins (1929) var=redrawn perf=13.5
1929 15c vio&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Prieto perf=13.5x14
1929 15c vio&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Prieto var=redrawn perf=13.5x14
1929 20c orgred&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Bulnes perf=13.5
1929 20c orgred&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Bulnes var=redrawn
1929 25c bl&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Montt perf=13.5
1929 30c brn&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Jose Joaquin Perez perf=13.5
1929 50c dpgrn&blk issue=1929 Correos de Chile d=Errazuriz Z
7/21/1930 5c yelgrn issue=saltpeter 100th
7/21/1930 10c redbrn issue=saltpeter 100th
7/21/1930 15c vio issue=saltpeter 100th
7/21/1930 25c gray issue=saltpeter 100th
7/21/1930 70c dkbl issue=saltpeter 100th
7/21/1930 1p dkgraygrn issue=saltpeter 100th
1931 20c brn d=Bulnes
1932 10c dkbl d=O'Higgins (1932)
1934 30c cer d=Mariano Egaña
1934 30c cer d=José Joaquín Pérez 1801-1889
1934 1.20p brtbl d=Joaquin Tocornal
3/1/1936 5c ver issue=Chile discovery 400th d=Atacama Desert perf=14
3/1/1936 10c vio issue=Chile discovery 400th d=fishing boats (1936) perf=14
3/1/1936 20c cer issue=Chile discovery 400th d=coquito palms perf=14
3/1/1936 25c issue=Chile discovery 400th d=sheep perf=14
3/1/1936 30c ltgrn issue=Chile discovery 400th d=mining perf=14
3/1/1936 40c issue=Chile discovery 400th d=Lonquimay forest perf=14
3/1/1936 50c issue=Chile discovery 400th d=Port Lota perf=14
3/1/1936 1p issue=Chile discovery 400th d=Valparaiso shipping perf=14
3/1/1936 1.20p issue=Chile discovery 400th d=Puntiagudo volcano perf=14
3/1/1936 2p dkbrn issue=Chile discovery 400th d=Diego de Almagro (1936) perf=14
3/1/1936 5p brnred issue=Chile discovery 400th d=cattle (1936) perf=14
3/1/1936 10p dkvio issue=Chile discovery 400th d=saltpeter mining perf=14
1939 5c redbrn issue=1938 d=Laja Waterfall
1939 10c ver issue=1938 d=agriculture
1940 15c brnorg issue=1938 d=boldo tree
1938 20c bl issue=1938 d=saltpeter mine
1938 30c pink issue=1938 d=mineral springs
1939 40c grn issue=1938 d=copper mine
1938 50c vio issue=1938 d=mining industry
1938 1p brnorg issue=1938 d=fishing,Chiloe
1938 1.80p bl issue=1938 d=Osorno volcano

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