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Watermark "stars"

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Short desc: stars

Used by 2024 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Cyrenaica 5/7/1931 5l+2.50l brn issue=St Anthony death 700th d=Portrait of St Francis of Assisi ovpt=Cirenaica oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-5l+2.50l perf=14
Eritrea 1930 50c+10c issue=Royal Wedding ovpt=ERITREA oc=blk on=issuer=Italy-50c+10c perf=14
Hungary 4/9/1950 60f dpmagenta issue=World Chess Championship 1951, candidate's tournament d=chess players perf=12x12½
Hungary 4/9/1950 1fo dpblue issue=World Chess Championship 1951, candidate's tournament d=Ironworkers Union building perf=12x12½
Hungary 5/10/1950 40f olive green issue=1950 Trade Union Federation d=Statue, cogwheel & globe perf=12x12½
Hungary 5/10/1950 60f darkcarmine issue=1950 Trade Union Federation d=three workers perf=12x12½
Hungary 6/4/1950 20f blgray&brn issue=Children's Day 1950 d=inspecting baby's bath perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/4/1950 30f issue=Children's Day 1950 d=exercise perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/4/1950 40f bl&dkgrn issue=Children's Day 1950 d=Education perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/4/1950 60f yelbrn&redbrn issue=Children's Day 1950 d=boys camp perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/4/1950 1.70fo grn&graylil issue=Children's Day 1950 d=building model plane perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/17/1950 20f dkgrn issue=working youth congress d=March of the labourers perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/17/1950 30f redorg issue=working youth congress d=Foundry labourer perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/17/1950 40f brn issue=working youth congress d=Liberation Monument Budapest globes cogwheel perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/17/1950 60f issue=working youth congress d=Marching past the liberation monument perf=12x12.5
Hungary 6/17/1950 1.70fo blkgrn issue=working youth congress d=Worker farmer & student perf=12x12.5
Hungary 8/20/1950 30f dt=flowers (1950 Hungary) d=peonies perf=12.5x12
Hungary 8/20/1950 40f dt=flowers (1950 Hungary) d=anemones perf=12.5x12
Hungary 8/20/1950 60f dt=flowers (1950 Hungary) d=Pheasants eye perf=12.5x12
Hungary 8/20/1950 1fo dt=flowers (1950 Hungary) d=Geraniums perf=12.5x12
Hungary 8/20/1950 1.70fo dt=flowers (1950 Hungary) d=bluebells perf=12.5x12
Hungary 10/7/1950 40f brn issue=2nd invention exhibition d=miner (1950 Hungary) perf=12x12.5
Hungary 10/7/1950 60f carrose issue=2nd invention exhibition d=lathe perf=12x12.5
Hungary 10/7/1950 1fo bl issue=2nd invention exhibition d=prefab building perf=12x12.5
Hungary 11/23/1950 40f ltbl&viobrn issue=peace d=Signing petition perf=12x12.5
Hungary 11/23/1950 60f org&blkgrn issue=peace d=Peace demonstrator holding dove perf=12x12.5
Hungary 11/23/1950 1fo olgrn<brn issue=peace d=Mother & children with soldier perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/2/1950 10f dt=sports (1950 Hungary) d=swimmers perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/2/1950 20f orgbrn&brn dt=sports (1950 Hungary) d=Vaulting perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/2/1950 1fo olgrn&dkgrn dt=sports (1950 Hungary) d=mountaineering perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/2/1950 1.70fo brnrose&dpredbrn dt=sports (1950 Hungary) d=basketball (1950) perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/2/1950 2Ft redbrn&blkvio dt=sports (1950 Hungary) d=motorcycling perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/10/1950 40f sep issue=Bem death 100th d=József Bem perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/10/1950 60f dkcar issue=Bem death 100th d=József Bem perf=12x12.5
Hungary 12/10/1950 1fo dkbl issue=Bem death 100th d=József Bem perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 8f gray dt=5-year-plan d=Coal mining wmk 12 perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 10f cl dt=5-year-plan d=Heavy industry wmk 12 perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 12f redorg dt=5-year-plan d=Power production wmk 12 perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 20f blgrn dt=5-year-plan d=Textile industry wmk 12
Hungary 1951 30f rosevio dt=5-year-plan d=Cultured workers wmk 12 perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 40f sep dt=5-year-plan d=Mechanized agriculture wmk 12
Hungary 1951 60f red dt=5-year-plan perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 1fo graybrn&yel&lil dt=5-year-plan
Hungary 1951 1.70fo dt=5-year-plan
Hungary 1951 2Ft dt=5-year-plan
Hungary 1951 3fo dt=5-year-plan
Hungary 1951 4fo brnol&rose dt=5-year-plan perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 5fo vio&yel dt=5-year-plan perf=12x12.5
Hungary 1951 10fo dkbrn&yel dt=5-year-plan perf=12x12.5
Hungary 2/24/1951 10f dkyelgrn issue=2nd Workers Party Congress d=people & flag perf=12x12.5
(plus 1974 more)